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How to Get the Cheapest Moving Truck Rental

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Moving can already be expensive. Here's how you can save on a moving truck rental.

Moving can already be expensive. Here's how you can save on a moving truck rental.

How I Saved over $300 on a Moving Truck Rental

Having recently made a cross-country move using two large rental trucks, I discovered several tips to help get the cheapest moving truck rental which I want to share with you.

These tips are simple, so anyone can use them. It just takes a little effort, planning, and time. But saving a few hundred bucks on renting a moving truck can be huge for many people.

Please note, these rental tips are here to help people save money during a costly time—moving! It also can be used by almost anyone in many situations beyond renting a moving truck. While some people may already use a few of these tips, many others can also benefit from this knowledge. Please take these tips as they are: just suggestions for ways to save money in challenging economic times.

And now, how to get the best deal on a moving truck rental:

U-Haul is one of several options for Moving Truck Rentals

U-Haul is one of several options for Moving Truck Rentals

How to Rent a Moving Truck for Less

To get the best deal, I would suggest following all the steps below. But it is not necessary, and following even a few of them can help you save money.

The basis for these money saving tips is bargaining. What you will do is get a moving truck rental quote from one company, and take it to another and see if they will beat it. I will outline exactly how I was able to save over $300 on a 26 ft truck rental below.

Begin by getting a quote from a moving truck rental company. Some of the most common companies are Budget, Penske and U-Haul.

To get a really good first quote, try taking this extra step:

If you go to, you can enter a change of address request (which you probably need to do anyway right?). It only costs $1 to change your address with the US Postal Service and it is fast and easy.

When you complete the change of address, you will be given an option to view a number of ads relating to moving. One of these ads is a 20-25% off coupon for Budget Truck Rentals.

So take your coupon and get a quote from Budget for whichever size or type of truck you are looking for.

Also negotiate any other items you might need, like a trailer to tow a car behind the truck.

After getting a quote from Budget, with the 20-25% discount, call or visit another truck rental company (such as Penske or U-Haul) and get them to beat your first quote.

While they may not always give you a better price, they will certainly try to as long as they can still make a profit.

Once you have a second quote, hopefully much cheaper than the first, try going to another moving truck rental store and see if they can beat your second quote.

Again, if they can still make a profit, they will try as hard as they can to beat all other offers.

And so with this method of bargaining and having the companies compete with each other, you are able to save hundreds of dollars.

If you have a moving truck company that you prefer, always try to go to them last and see if they will beat your previous offers, or at least match it.

In my experience, I got a quote from Budget, then Penske, and finally U-Haul. Each company offered a better price than the one before and saved me over $300.

Credit for These Money-Saving Tips

I must give credit to my father for showing me how easy it can be to bargain and get great deals. Whether it's a Dairy Queen Blizzard or renting a moving truck, he is always ready to save a little money.

Using This Method to Get the Cheapest Anything

Amazingly, this method of making companies compete for your business works in many different scenarios. For example, if you are planning to stay at a hotel while you move you can get prices from 2-4 hotels and have them compete with each other, giving you the best price, and saving you some money.

This can also be done with Cable and Internet services, Car buying or leasing, etc. So how much money can you start keeping in your pocket?

Got any more tips or would you like to share how this worked for you? Leave a comment below.

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