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Z3Pro Dash Cam Review: Best Dual-Lens Security Camera for Uber and Lyft Drivers

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Z-Edge Z3Pro Dual Lens Car Camera

Z-Edge Z3Pro Dual Lens Car Camera

Z-Edge Z3Pro Dual Lens Car Camera

The Z3Pro Dual Lens Car Camera ($129.99) is an HD dash cam that can record audio and video, take snapshots, and make any Uber or Lyft driver feel much safer.

The Z3Pro is one of the best rideshare dash cams around because its discreet 2" screen has motion detection & IR night vision, it records your car's interior, and it'll lock in data if there's an accident, courtesy of its built-in G-sensor.

Plus the setup couldn't be easier.

How to Set Up the Z3Pro

  1. Slide car mount into slot on top of the cam until it clicks.
  2. Connect USB cable from mount into cam.
  3. Remove protective plastic backing from suction cup.
  4. Press cup against windshield and rotate level clockwise to secure.
  5. Plug one end of USB cable into car mount and the other into the car adapter.
  6. Insert the car adapter into lighter socket and turn vehicle engine on to power the camera.

More detailed instructions regarding setup and the menu controls are included in the user guide.

Notes: Don't install on a tinted window; the car mount nut can be loosened to swivel device left/right and tightened to secure in place.

The Z3Pro may seem like a pricey investment, but when a car accident inevitably occurs, you'll be very thankful you bought it.

Product Information

Product info taken from user guide, product page, and item box

Product specificationsDescription

Image Sensor

Sony IMX323


NTK 96663


Full HD 1920 x 1080P

Storage Media

Micro SD Class 10 up to 128GB

LCD Display

2.0" Color TFT


F/1.8, F/2.0, 150 Degrees Wide Angle (Front & Rear)

Focus Range

1.5m (4.1ft)

Movie Clip

Front & Rear Cam: 1920 x 1080P - 30 fps

Still Image

Resolution: 12m (4032 x 3024) JPEG







Night Vision

Yes - 4 IR LEDs

Motion Detection



Micro USB


Super Capacitor

Operating Temperature

-10 to 60C (14 to 140F)

Storage Temperature

-20 to 70C (-4 to 158F)


3.74 x 2.05 x 1.24in (95 x 52 x 31.5mm)


2.65oz (75g)

Car Charger Input/Output

DC 12-24V - DC 5V

GPS Logger


What's Included

Z3Pro Dash Cam - Car Mount w/Built-in GPS - Car Charger w/USB Cable - Micro USB Cable - Micro SD Card (32GB) - Hand Tool - 6 Cable Clips - User Guide - Thank You Card

10 Amazing Z3Pro Features

The dash cam market has soared as of late due to improvements in image resolution, an increase in insurance costs, and a decrease in dash cam prices, so now's the perfect time to invest in a Z3Pro.

It has everything you need plus some cool, new tricks that buyers will appreciate.

The Best of Z3Pro

  1. Full HD
  2. 2.0" LED Screen
  3. 150 Dual Wide Angle Lenses
  4. Built-in G-Sensor
  5. Motion Detection
  6. Audio Recording
  7. GPS Logging
  8. IR Night Vision
  9. Loop Recording
  10. Included 32GB Micro SD Card & Car Adapter

1. Full HD

The product has full HD resolution (1920 x 1080P) and a 30fps frame rate, which is able to show crisp, visual recordings.

None of the footage was stilted or laggy, and the video never went in & out during real-time recordings.

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At 1.5m the focus range is quite good too, and I can easily make out the license plate/s of the vehicles in front of me; that's a welcome sight during unorthodox transgressions.

2. 2.0" LED Screen

For some a 2" screen could be a con, but I think it's ideal for Uber/Lyft drivers because it makes the cam much more discrete.

And 2.0" is plenty for recording and playing back collisions and other accidents. The LCD color screen is great too because it will last long and show more detail than a black & white screen ever could.

3. 150° Dual Wide Angle Lenses

Both the front and rear lenses have a 150° wide angle view, which means they can see everything happening inside the car and to the front/side of you.

It's excellent for recording front and rear collisions with terrific video quality due to the full HD res. The interior view is particularly useful for rideshare workers who tend to come across rowdy passengers every now and then.

Note: Video quality can be adjusted via the dash cam's menu screen.

4. Built-in G-Sensor

One of the most important features is the built-in G-sensor.

The G-sensor is able to detect unusual movements and/or collisions, which will subsequently tell the Z3Pro to lock in any video files.

These locked files cannot be overwritten or erased; they can only be manually deleted. This is very important when you're trying to present evidence regarding an accident.

Unfortunately the G-sensor is useless during passenger disputes, however you can manually protect a video file by short pressing the power/menu button. Just hope your disgruntled passenger/s doesn't see you do it.


5. Motion Detection

With motion detection enabled your dash cam won't start recording until there's movement. The auto-record will pause if there's no movement detected after 10 seconds.

I like this feature because it prevents wasted video files and it saves me space on my card, but it can also miss some important events and it's a no-go when parked.

Luckily you can turn off this feature though that still won't help with parking as I'll explain further down.

6. Audio Recording

What good would recording a passenger dispute be if you couldn't hear what they were saying.

This is a must-have and it's great for things like vlogging, capturing family road trips, and for solving verbal disputes.

Note: Please check to see if your state has two-party consent laws in place. Under two-party, both parties need to be aware that they're being recorded.

You can turn off audio by short pressing the down button.

7. GPS Logging

The car mount comes equipped with a GPS receiver that can pinpoint your car's location.

In addition, you can view tracking data including speed, direction, and the time via the cam's GPS player with logged telemetry displayed alongside location on Google Maps.

The player can be downloaded from and installed on PCs/Macs with Windows/macOS.

Please make sure you run and click import files to playback your videos with the integrated data sets, and keep in mind that you'll only receive GPS data if the car mount's USB cable is connected to the Z3Pro.

8. IR Night Vision

The cam has 4 embedded IR LEDs, a NTK 96663 processor, and dual Sony IMX323 image sensors with F1.8 aperture to produce impeccable visuals at night.

The internal cam really shines here, and it makes the Z3Pro one of the best night dashboard cameras around. Everything comes out smooth with stunning light/dark balance due to the wide dynamic range (WDR), and it's also adjustable if need be.

The IR lamps can be set to off/on or auto by going to menu > Infraredlamp

Note: If IR lights are on, then the video footage will turn black + white.


9. Loop Recording

One of my favorite features is loop recording, which overwrites older files on your memory card to make room for new ones in set 1, 3 (default) or 5 minute video intervals.

The exception is emergency files, which are saved either manually or when the G-sensor gets activated. Furthermore if emergency files fill most of your SD card's space then the card will have to be formatted to clear out G-sensor data.

Memory card formatting is recommended every 2-3 weeks unless you're using a large storage card.

10. Included 32GB Micro SD Card & Car Adapter

Finally I love that the product included a 32GB Micro SD card, a car adapter, and an extra USB cable.

These accessories make setup so much easier, and they save a lot of time & effort. With 32GB you'll get 3 hours worth of recording data but you can always opt for higher storage; files can be manually deleted via cam settings.

The SD card slot is located on the side of the cam and the USB connector is on the side of the mount. You'll have two choices for USB cables with one short and one long that can be stringed along your windshield using the 6 car clips.

The Z3Pro doesn't skimp out on accessories - they even included a hand tool to remove the suction mount or car clips - and it shows that they care about their customers.


Is Z3Pro Good for Non Uber Drivers?

Most people aren't Uber/Lyft drivers, so you might be wondering, what's in it for me?

Well if none of the features discussed above convinced you then I don't know what else to tell you. On the other hand I'm more than willing to discuss some of the flaws I've encountered.

Top Z3Pro Cons

  • No Parking Mode
  • No Touchscreen
  • Small Screen Size
  • SD Card Formatting

No Parking Mode

Turning off motion detection still won't solve this issue.

Because the product doesn't contain a lithium-ion battery it won't be able to record while your car's engine is turned off, and that could be a problem.

A lot of things happen when your car is parked and not being able to record any of it isn't great. This cam is mainly for people on-the-go, so if you want to keep track of things while parked, then look for other options.

No Touchscreen

I had trouble figuring out the controls on the very small camera screen and you may too if you're unfamiliar with physical screens.

It took some time learning the buttons, what they do, and how to get the settings you want. Installing the camera was easy for me but learning the ins & outs of it took a lot more effort.

Small Screen Size

You'll either love the small screen or wish it was bigger.

For rideshare drivers a 2" screen probably works best as it almost hides the camera from passengers, which is what you'd want.

For anyone else especially vloggers, 2" won't cut it and you'll be begging for something that looks like your smartphone. Personally I didn't mind it, but I could understand why some may not like it.

SD Card Formatting

Generally you'll only need to format your card if it's full and can't be overwritten though some cards may have to be formatted before inserting.

To format you'll have to hook the card up to your PC/Mac, find the drive, and run its software program. In the manual they recommend formatting your card every 2 weeks.

If you really want to avoid this issue then definitely go for the 64 to 128GB card as those will rarely need to be cleaned out, and please only use Class 10 Micro SD cards to avoid possible damage to the card or camera.


Z-Edge Z3Pro Dash Cam: Final Review

Testing the Z-Edge Z3Pro cam has been a wonderful experience, and this is coming from a non rideshare driver.

I will give the Z-Edge Z3Pro Dual Lens Car Camera 4.5 out of 5.

It's a unique, high tech dash cam with a multitude of features that Uber/Lyft drivers will love and everyone else will enjoy.

The wide angle dual lenses are excellent for interior/exterior viewing, I'm grateful for the inclusion of a memory card, the G-sensor and motion detection controls are excellent, and it's a product that a lot of us don't think about until it's too late.

Just think about those times you've been in an accident and knew you were innocent but wished you had the evidence to prove it. A cam like this could literally save you 1000's of dollars and prevent your insurance from skyrocketing.

On the downside, you won't get much data if someone hits your car while it's parked. You may also find navigating the cam's software on its tiny screen more challenging than you're used to; thank goodness for user manuals.

Still, don't let the small things this product can't do stop you from trying it.

The Z3Pro Dual Lens Car Camera may not be the perfect dash cam but if you're an Uber driver caught in a sticky situation or a maligned crash victim, then you'd be wishing you had this item to record what really happened.

Your Thoughts!

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