Smart Car Body Kits: Wicked Kuhl Body Kits and Mods

Updated on March 30, 2018

Carlsson, Kuhl and Lorinser

Are body kits for your Smart Car at the top of your to do list this year? If so check this out because these cool aftermarket kits add a little more style and performance to your already unique car.

Adding some new tires or Genius rims really up the style factor of your cool ride. As you know Smart Cars are massively popular, if you need a distraction from work just do a search on youtube for smart car and kapow! See what I mean? Now add a custom body kit and a few extra mods and you have one wicked little car. Emphasis on little (sorry couldn't help myself).

To see what I mean take a look at the video below where a Ferrari and a Smart do a quarter mile drag race... now that's a fast Smart!

Look for featured Smart car body kits below from Kuhl, Carlsson, Vertical Doors Inc. and more as well as cool vids and pics of customized cars.

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Carlsson Sport Smart Car Lowering Kit - Sport springs lower your ride height by around 25mm

Smart Car with Body Kit from Carlsson
Smart Car with Body Kit from Carlsson

You will generally find this kit for under $400 making it a "smart" investment. This Smart Fortwo Carlsson Sport Lowering Kit will give your car the look and feel of a true sports car. The lower center of gravity and wider tracks you get using this lowering kit will give you a better steering response, lower roll and will significantly enhance the cornering ability of your car. Since the standard Smart car is prone to under steer when pushed hard into tight bends increasing the mechanical grip is particularly beneficial at the front axle.

Racing or lowering springs are a great suspension modification for your daily driving or if you want to improve the look of your vehicle without spending mega bucks on coilovers. Shopping around and grabbing this lowering kit while it is on sale is always a good idea as well.

Smart Car Kits and Mods

View More Fortwo Body Kits and Mods Below

Buy Wheels Today offers some of the best online deals on Smart Car Wheels and Tires
Buy Wheels Today offers some of the best online deals on Smart Car Wheels and Tires

Lorinser Smart ForTwo Body Kits

Customize your Smart Car roadster with these cool Lorinser Body Kits.

Above is the Lorinser Fender Flares Rear Set and the Lorinser Fender Flares Front Setfor for model years 98-07.

Adding a set of body panels add a bit more style that makes your Fortwo stand out from the rest.

This simple body modification is an easy to install option to change the overall look without detracting from the aerodynamics.

Another option is to give your Smart a wicked new set of rims and performance tires - take a peek below.

Smart Car Tires and Wheels Upgrades

Add a low cost upgrade that really makes your car stand out

Wheels really make your car stand out - throw on some super slick rims and you get noticed, plus with a high performance tire upgrade you really notice an improvement in ride and handling. I just got an email the other today for an eBay promotion from "Buy Wheels Today" one of the top sellers of, you guessed it tires and wheels on eBay. That special promo is over but they often run good sales. What I really like most about Tires and Wheels is that they always ship for free - those tires and rims are heavy so that is a huge savings that has always prevented me from ordering my tires online.

Even better they offer free mounting, chrome valve stems, nitrogen inflation and balancing with each set of rims you pick up. If you snag 4 wheels with tires you get a chrome locking lug installation kit and hub-centering rings as well.

Smart Car vs. Ferrari Video - a little smart hot roddin

Ok when someone told me about this video I had to see it for myself. I mean a Ferrari races a Mercedes Benz Smart Car over 400m and gets totally douched. Maybe they should have a Daytona Smart Car 500... I didn't really understand the Smart car craze until I looked at some of these videos. There are millions of views on some of these babies - guess Mr. Smart actually was pretty smart eh?

Who Makes the Smart Car?

The project, started by Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch, was nicknamed the "Swatchmobile". The name Smart is an acronym for Swatch Mercedes ART.

Adding a Lambo Doors kit to your Smart can really set it up right. The above video shows a 2009 Smart ForTwo with some might cool upgrades:

  • Lambo doors
  • 35% tint on the side windows
  • Limo tint on the back window
  • Smart Madness smoked headlight and taillight cover
  • Powder coated gloss black wheels with red stripe

Smart Fortwo Lambo Vertical Doors Kit

Lamborghini Style Vertical Door Conversion Kit

When I spent some time talking to Smart Car enthusiasts at local shows one of the most talked about add-ons is to spruce up your car with a Lamborghini style gull wing door kit. These smart car body conversion kits fit your 2008 or later Smart Car Fortwo.

These cool Smart Car auto body kits give you some wicked wings Lambo style! The Smart Fortwo 451 - Lambo Vertical Doors from Vertical Doors Inc. is custom designed specifically for your Smart Fortwo 451 (model years 2008 and above).

You can easily attach this Lambo style gull wing door kit (Manufacturer part number VD-VDCSMART420810) with a precise bolt-on installation. List Price: $1599.99

With a sale price starting under $900 you can get them much lower than the suggested MSRP.

Smart Forvision Concept Car Art

Wicked Smart Car concept art print - one of four unique angles
Wicked Smart Car concept art print - one of four unique angles

Have you seen the Smart Forvision Concept Car? This is one cool Smart Car and if you like to show off your love for your Smart all over your wall this is a hard to pass up high quality archival print.

Four very cool angles to choose from show off various features Smart lovers would be thrilled to see in future designs. What would be cool is to get one of each angle and make a large wall art collage.

Top down on the Smart Forvision concept showing the cool solar panel roof.
Top down on the Smart Forvision concept showing the cool solar panel roof.

Look down on the Smart Forvision concept car and you'll see a cool textured gold roof. Not only is this an esthetically pleasing pattern but it is also loaded with transparent solar cells! Simply from the power of the sun this Smart Fortwo gets free power to it's multimedia system and internal climate control system even under low light conditions. As the full sun beats down on the car it is kept completely cool inside - now that is a feature I wish every car had!

But wait, that's not all (insert infomercial voice here) under the solar cells are transparent OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) which is a fancy name for, well, lights. All interior lights are solar powered and offer an amazing clear glass roof effect during the day, yet an opaque pleasently illuminated interior at night.

Kuhl FX Complete Body Kit for the Smart Fortwo

Customize Your Smart Car With This Hot Body Kit

New from Kuhl FX is this complete aerodynamic body kit for the Smart car. This adds a wicked unique style to your already unique car. The Complete kit includes Front Bumper, pair of Side Skirts, and Rear Bumper. You can also add the exhaust to go with this body kit for some extra cool exhaust notes.

These fiberglass body kits help streamline your car even further creating more down force which lowers resistance, improves handling and even gas mileage - the best part though in my opinion is that it makes your Smart ForTwo stand out from the rest!

Right now this body kit is available from Vivid Racing. VR offers the body kits, ground effects, carbon fiber hoods and spoilers you need to up the style of your ride. They often have deals on kits and mods from VIS Racing, Lorinser, Kuhl FX and Carlsson.

If you have a Smart car or a Smart car with a sweet body kit let us know all about it below. If you'd like to have photos of your Smart car featured here just point me in the right direction and I'll put them up.

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