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Volvo Drivers and Why They Are Dangerous!

Cindy has a strong opinion based on personal experience about the safety of Volvos and Volvo drivers.

The Volvo is a car many people enthusiastically rave about, but in my experience, this is the one car you want to avoid either driving or coming into contact with on the roads. I have good reasons for this that I intend to prove in this article, and I am confident that many will agree with me based on their own experiences.

Now, take a perfectly good driver, and put them behind the wheel of a Volvo. They instantly go into 'control freak' mode. A Volvo is a very stable car, and will more often than not come off better in a crash than most other cars. This seems to lead to the driver of a Volvo thinking he or she is actually driving an invincible tank, so they appear to battle their way through every road expecting all the other drivers to get out of their way.

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A good friend of mine had two nasty accidents caused by Volvo drivers, one of which drove her off the road and caused her car to roll (before he drove off and left her there). She ended up with such a hatred for these cars that she later phoned into her local radio station and started a phone-in debate, with very interesting results. Apart from the fact the phone lines were jammed, the results included various 'posh, well spoken' Volvo drivers, stating they were happy with their Volvos and could see nothing wrong, as well as Lorry and car drivers who complained that the Volvo drivers were the worst on the roads. One lorry driver went so far as to say he and his fellow colleagues referred to them as 'Ovlovians' who came from the planet 'Ovlov', because they were 'backwards'.

Now, my personal experience has backed this up as a passenger, a normal car driver, a bus driver and a taxi driver. In fact, things got so bad I actually tried to refuse to get into a taxi with an ex of mine, simply because it was a Volvo. When he finally persuaded me to get into the car, it promptly turned right into a 'no right turn' road, and the driver jumped a set of changing traffic lights. To say I regretted getting into it was an understatement!

When my mother talked about buying a Volvo, I talked her out of it, saying there was no way I would travel in her car if she did. Thankfully she listened to me, and went on to buy a Ford Granada Scorpio instead.

The problem with Volvo drivers, is that they seem to have no consideration for other road users. They drive selfishly, erratically, and nowhere near the highway code in general. Even the best drivers seem to deteriorate once you put them in a Volvo. I, for one, would rather sell one than drive it, if I were lucky enough to win one in a competition. They seldom indicate (or so it seems), they pull out in front of you, brake without warning and ignore road signs, nearly causing accidents, or worse, causing accidents, much of the time.

What are your experiences with Volvos, be it as a driver or as someone on the receiving end of their erratic driving?

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