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Tesla, the Greatest Automobile Ever Created

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Self-driving, automatically updating, controllable via an app, safest vehicle ever made, no oil changes, no gas needed: yes, all the positive things you may have heard about Tesla cars are true, and they are so far ahead of the competition, there really is no hope of them catching up now.

Take it from someone who was a non-believer, but after a year of driving a Tesla Model 3, is more convinced than ever that Tesla is the future (video below).

Tesla Accolades Abound

  • Time magazine's Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012
  • 2013 World Green Car of the Year
  • 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year
  • Detroit News Magazines 2018 Car of the Year
  • Car of the Year by Popular Mechanics *Multiple
  • Automotive Excellence Awards 2018
  • AutoExpress Car of the Year 2019

To name a few, in fact in 2015, Car and Driver magazine awarded the Model S with Car of the Century, a bold claim considering there were still 85 years left to go in the century.

The Tesla started out being a car only the well-to-do could afford, priced as it was at over $100k. Today a new Tesla can be bought for under $40k, not an insignificant amount for most people for sure, but when one factors in that a Tesla owner will likely be saving thousands of dollars a year not paying for gas, the additional cost of a new Tesla, compared to a ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle that could be purchased new for a few thousand less, more than makes up for the difference.

Tesla the Safest Car ever built

The Tesla Model 3 earned the highest safety assist score ever awarded by Euro NCAP under its newer 2018-2019 testing protocols.

Model 3 achieves the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle ever tested by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – 2018 testing.

The Model 3 achieved a perfect 5-star rating in every category on the NHTSA's crash tests.

Tesla's Model S and X cars hold the second and third place, making Tesla the highest rated car company by the agency. The producer of the safest automobiles in the world.

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Is There a Conspiracy Against Tesla?

If Tesla is making the most advanced and safest vehicle in the world, one not reliant on oil or gas, one that would help alleviate ‘global warming’, why isn’t it the world’s best sold vehicle? Why isn’t it getting government backing and support?

Well lets consider some of the obstacles. First there is the established auto industry giants, like GM and Toyota, they aren’t exactly capable of competing with Tesla in the EV field, Tesla is in a partnership to make its own batteries, has its own updating and auto driving software, they are years ahead of the likes of GM.

And then there is the Oil Industry. Currently the world consumes 100 million barrels of oil each day. 20 million in the U.S. alone. At $55 a barrel that is $5.5 billion per day, a $2 Trillion world market business.

As the percentage of EV (and alternative transportation) grows, the demand for oil will diminish. Approximately 50% of all oil goes to road transport. That is half of the $5.5 billion per day. If Tesla vehicles are the future, for every day that future is delayed, that is $2.75 billion made by the oil industry.

There are trillions of dollars at stake, the clock is literally running at about $2 million per minute just on the use of ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

Tesla Could Change (Save?) the World

Tesla’s goal is to make self-driving electric vehicles that last a million miles. Tesla’s future business model differs greatly from current automobile companies. These companies make vehicles with planned obsolescence in mind, they have significant costs to maintain and repair, far more so than electric vehicles.

Tesla’s vision for the world is a near 360-degree solution to our energy and carbon (global warming) problems, in which the power source for every home and business across the country is long-lasting, rechargeable batteries capable of storing massive amounts of solar energy and propelling everything from EVs to the simplest LED.

In addition, Tesla's 'self-driving' technology could reduce driving fatalities by as much as 90%. These changes could create trillions of dollars of disposable income as people give up their cars for extremely affordable, safe, stress free rides in self-driving taxis.

Air pollution is a major global problem and the majority of air pollution in developed countries is caused by traffic which is especially prominent in cities due to congestion. Air pollution associated with gas fueled vehicles includes Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Particulate Matter (PM10) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). Diesel emits four times the amount of NOx and 22 times the amount of PM10 than the average gas vehicle does. EVs on the other hand, do not produce any exhaust emissions, making them capable of reducing urban air pollution.

The reduction in global warming emissions converting from ICE vehicles to EV could bring, would buy humanity an additional 50 years to come up with solutions to our growing energy needs and climate change isues.

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