Weights Guide for Nissan R32 Skyline Parts

Updated on January 17, 2019
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Every Ounce Counts When Modifying a Car for Speed

I have compiled a fairly significant list of R32 Skyline part weights for those who are interested in possibly removing some excess weight from their Skyline, or for those who are just interested in where the weight is.

More than a few Skyline veterans were shocked by just how much weight can be removed from the interior of an R32 Skyline without completely stripping both the front and back. All weights listed in the first list are from the rear interior and trunk weight only. Nothing removed from the front of the car.

The second list of parts are parts that are not "interior specific". This includes things like the AC system, washer bottle, and a few more items. These are items that can be found mostly in the engine bay. They may be simple to remove, or they may be a major pain to remove.

Not included in picture:  Spare wheel and bag of sound deadening
Not included in picture: Spare wheel and bag of sound deadening | Source

Every item pictured was painstakingly weighed three times each to ensure there was no variation in the final number that the scale was coming up with. A few of the smaller parts seem to have surprising numbers, but other people have seen similar numbers, so I'm assuming it is accurate. If you find any weights you feel are inaccurate, leave a comment to let me know so I can rectify the problem!

Weights of Items From Rear Interior and Trunk

  • Rear seat belts (minus retractors), rear floor mats, underseat fuzzies, rear trunk carpet, 2 rear rubber strut top covers, OEM scissor jack mount (not the jack itself) = 12.6 lbs/5.7 kgs
  • Rear wood spare wheel cover = 3.8 lbs/1.7 kgs
  • Rear speaker tray cover = 3 lbs/1.4 kgs
  • Rear firewall cover = 4.6 lb/2.1 kgs
  • Rear upper trim = 4 lbs/1.8 kgs
  • Rear lower trim = 6 lbs /2.7 kgs
  • Trunk trim side pieces = 1.6 lbs/0.7 kgs
  • Trunk cardboard piece behind firewall cover = 0.6 lb/0.3 kgs
  • Upper rear seats = 18 lbs/8.2 kgs
  • Lower rear seats = 13.6 lbs/6.2 kgs
  • Both rear speakers, oem amplifier, one front speaker = 4.6 lbs//2.1 kgs
  • Trunk jack mount + random bracket = 2.2 lbs/1 kg
  • OEM radio, coin slot DIN, drivers side circular vent = 3 lbs/1.4 kgs
  • Both rear seatbelt retractors + all bolts and washers = 4.4 lbs/2 kgs
  • Spare wheel = 32.4 lbs/14.7 kgs
  • Foam pads stuck to rear chassis pieces = 1lb/0.5 kgs
  • Various rear bolts and screws = 0.2 lbs/0.1 kgs
  • All rear sound deadening (under rear seats and all trunk) = 9.6 lbs/4.4 kgs
  • Rear wiper assembly + motor = 4.5 lbs/2 kgs

Total weight removed from rear interior = 129.5 lbs/58.7 kgs

Note: It is worth mentioning that all OEM wiring remains intact on my car. There is significant weight that can be removed should you chose to optimize the wiring in the rear of the car. This includes things like rear wiper motor wiring, speaker and amplifier wiring, etc.

Miscellaneous Front Interior Part Weights

  • Center console with metal bracket = 3.8lb / 1.7kg
  • Both front floor mats = 6.4lb / 2.9kg
  • Glove box + the piece it swivels on + interior fusebox cover = 3lb / 1.4kg

A/C related components.  AC matrix, radiator, radiator fan, AC pump.
A/C related components. AC matrix, radiator, radiator fan, AC pump. | Source

A/C System Part Weights

  • All A/C Engine bay lines up to the AC matrix = 1.6 lbs/0.7 kgs
  • A/C pump and engine block bracket = 20.8 lbs/9.4 kgs
  • A/C Radiator fan = 2.8 lbs/1.3kgs
  • A/C Radiator = 7.8 lbs/3.5kgs
  • A/C Matrix (in passenger side dash) = 5.4 lbs/2.4 kgs

Total: 38.4 lbs/17.4 kgs

Update: I realized after that I had weighed everything but the belt pulley and the belt itself. The official number here on this article is 38.4 lbs, when in fact it's more likely close to 41 lbs, taking into account the missing parts.

Removing the A/C is a one-man job that will take, at bare minimum, about three hours if it's your first time. When removing the A/C, drop the compressor out the bottom of the car. Remember to remove the bracket, too.

HICAS System Weight

  • All fluid, lines, front and rear solenoid = 30.5 lbs/13.8 kgs

OEM Nissan R32 GTS-t
OEM Nissan R32 GTS-t | Source

Exterior Parts

The exterior of the R32 GTS-t doesn't share the same aluminum front fenders and hood as the R32 GTR. Significant weight can be decreased by converting a GTR front end. This section is a work in progress.

More parts and assosciated weights will be added to this list when possible. Check back later.

  • R32 GTS-t OEM metal hood = 51 lbs/23.1 kgs
  • R32 GTR OEM Rear Wing = 12 lbs/5.4 kgs
  • R32 GTR OEM Wheel (no tire) = 16 lbs/7.3 kgs
  • R32 GTR OEM Hood = 21 lbs/9.5 kgs

Engine Bay Part Weights

  • OEM front strut tower bar = 6.4 lbs/2.9 kgs

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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