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Nissan Z: The Japanese AMG C 43 Coupe?

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A Strange Look

It looks awful. Let's be clear on that. I mean, it looks like a child designed the front in his kindergarten art class. A large, rectangular air intake and eyes that look like enlarged peanuts. I saw an anime some time ago and the face of the character when he opened a curtain to reveal a female undressing - shocked down to the bone.

It's the same expression I can say of the new Nissan Z (Z34). But I doubt anyone will bother with the way the car looks and will be more concerned with the way the car drives. I mean, it's got a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 that produces 400 horses and 350 pounds feet of torque, which equates to an acceleration of 4 seconds flat for the 9 speed automatic and 4.3 seconds for the 6-speed manual.

Yes, you purist petrolheads heard me right - it comes in manual. I've said this before and I'll keep saying it till I die: I dislike manuals but I think we shouldn't get rid of it altogether. It's nice to know that some makers are still building manuals for the folks that prefer it.


Lime Green?

When I asked for a test unit to be delivered, I specifically asked for the 9-speed automatic, as I've stated above. However, due to someone who reads my blogs who wanted to punish me for preferring automatics to manuals, the bleeding sod gave me the manual. Not only that, but they gave it to me in a color I despise— lime green.

I mean, I don't actually despise lime green color in general. On the contrary, it's one of my favorite colors for sports cars. Think of the Mitsubishi Evo VII hero car in 2 Fast 2 Furious - it was in lime green and one of the most beautiful cars ever made. It's just that the particular shade Nissan chose for their take on lime green isn't to my taste. Why has my life gone so wrong?

No matter, I'm learned in the art of manual driving and so I shan't be a crybaby. Though I must admit, when I saw the car in my driveway and the manual, I actually said aloud "You utter bastard."

Right, no time to shilly-shally. It's here, so let's rock and ride.


The Test Drive

Upon sitting down into a relatively comfortable chair, I'm greeted with three gauges on top of the center console. I'm told that the left most is the voltage meter and the one in the center and right are the boost pressure from the two turbos.

No idea if what I said was correct and I don't care. I'm loving the all-digital dashboard, though. It's got a crispness and sharpness that rivals Italian exotics. Yes, my unit has a 9-inch infotainment display, but I don't see the need for it, as I'll be taking this on the track and thus it'll be pointless.

Especially when you hear the noise the engine makes. Oh, my goodness me! The sound of a V6 is unrivaled. It's not as good as a V8 or V12 or even an inline six *coughs* Skyline R34! *coughs* but God above, it sends chills down my spine. Every. Single. Time.

The clutch is a little bit in the middle. Not too hard, not too soft, just right. Well done, that, Nissan. Put it into first gear and, cocking Nora. Hold on, I stalled. Ok, take two.

What an embarrassment stalling for a car review. Ha!

Oh, my gentle Jesus, this thing is fast! I'm on public roads and I'm already doing 50 in a 35 zone and that was just first gear! I admit, I kept it in first and the car exhibited the dreaded death wobble, but it was so much fun speeding.

Changed to second and it's as smooth as silk, but mind you, I'm doing 40 in second gear. Now lemme try it in third. Still pulling. Wow, so this is what 350 pounds feet of torque will allow you. Let's try the ultimate torque test. See if it can pull the full weight of the car in fourth gear from a dead stop.

There's nobody behind me and I can hear the brakes squealing, but I come to a stop. Now, let's go to fourth gear, rev up to at least one thousand, then release and slam the clutch repeatedly and rapidly until I start moving. Ready? Steady.

Bloody hellfire, I'm moving. I'm actually moving! Well, there it is. It's got a boatload of power.



I'll be honest: the manual is great fun. But I still prefer the automatic. However, that's not the issue I have with this car. The only issue I actually, genuinely have with this car is the fact that it doesn't have AWD.

I mean, the BMW M240i comes standard with xDrive. The Audi TT RS Coupe comes standard with Quattro. Granted, they don't come in manual, but so what? I prefer automatic/DCT sedans with AWD.

The benefits are pretty clear. It provides better traction and handling and also gives you more confidence on the drive. Come on, Nissan. Bring back the ATTESA. That being said, would I buy one? I hate sugarcoating things, so my answer is no.

Only cause it doesn't have AWD.

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