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Mitsubishi Evo X MR: The Best AWD Sedan?

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Manual vs. Automatic

In a nutshell, yes. Some would argue with me because it's the MR variant, which means it has the 6-speed dual clutch SST with column mounted paddle shifters. Fear not, lads, I'll be doing a review on its manual counterpart, the GSR. But for now, let's talk about the automatic.

I've already stressed in some of my auto blogs that I'm not a fan of manuals. I can drive them when absolutely, positively, definitely necessary, but I prefer automatics. It doesn't matter if it's the traditional torque converter automatic or automated manual or dual clutch—as a matter of personal preference, I'll take an automatic over a manual anytime, anywhere.

Moving on, goodness me, this blue color - called Octane Blue - is, without question, the best color you can get for the Evo X. Not only does it look classy (because blue is the color of business), it also looks like it's ready to take on supercars like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

Just take one look at that front end and you'll see what I mean. Yes, in the US, the only engines available are a 291 horsepower turbocharged 2.0L inline-4. But the engine is customizable.

In the UK, they even have a 400 and 440 horsepower version called FQ-400 and FQ-440 (FQ stands for F***ing Quick). But that's across the pond and we don't have that unless we heavily modify the car.


Checking Out the Evo X

And again, we'll argue about what the best year of Evo X was. Most of you would say "from 2007 to 2014 because they had the Recaro seats" and you're probably right. If you were a teenager.

I'm getting old and I need comfort and convenience now more than ever, and Recaro racing seats are going to make me loosen a vertebrate. Also, the Recaro seats don't seem to have an adjust function, so I'll be sticking with the 2015 Evo X aight?

These things cannot be bought new anymore, as production has stopped for nearly a decade, so I'm simply borrowing this from a colleague of mine. Seems to have modified brakes from Brembo, though judging by the tires he's using, the brakes are fake. The tires are from a company I've never heard of and can't even pronounce, so it looks like this car's been run on a tight budget. A very tight budget. Yikes!

Opening the door, we can see the upholstery has been well maintained, at least. Seats seem to be comfortable enough to seat the Queen herself. What about the stuff in front of you that turns dinosaurs into noise?

I can see a few upgrades like a new intake manifold and headers and what looks like a supercharger from Rotrex, though I'm not entirely sure they make Evo X superchargers.

OK, I've seen what I have to see, so let's take it out on the track and see what she's made of.


Mixing It Up With a Huracan

We seem to have a few competitors on track today, which will totally humiliate me. Activating launch control, turning on Sport Plus, activate manual mode so I have control of the car, put it into first gear and rev the engine up to three thousand and...

OH GOD'S TRUTH! It's been a while since I've felt this kind of savagery. I've never known such power from a 4-cylinder motor! It's simply biblical! OK, downshifting into a corner with a Huracan in front of me and mash the throttle on the exit and...oh, my giddy aunt, I'm keeping up with a Huracan!

Can I overtake him? Nooooo, I've gotta slow down for another turn and mashing the throttle again and we're neck and neck! Can I make it through? My snout is just in front of his snout and now he's using all 610 horsepower to move back in front of me. Bollocks, I don't believe this!

AAAAAHHHHH, I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH FUN THIS IS! Whoa, hello, did I feel some understeer? All Evo X's come with Mitsubishi's S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control), so how's that happened? I suppose it's my tires? Nonetheless, lemme get outta the way of this Aston Martin V8 Vantage because he flashed me twice. Oh, dearie me!

Ok, I guess I've had enough fun on track now, so let's see how this thing does off track. I don't normally do this, especially since my recent blogs have been about BMWs and we know the luxury drive they have is immaculate.


Comfort Levels

I'm at a stoplight now and just bought a McDonald's Big Mac and some iced coffee and I have to say that the ride is relatively tame. I suppose that's because of the "different" seats. Mitsubishi had to change seats because of something about safety, and I actually prefer these over the Recaros.

They are very comfortable, so much so that, dare I say it, this could be a rival to the BMW M235i or Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA 35/45 Coupe. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Mind you, I'm in normal and automatic mode so the computer has one hundred percent control of the car - which is where I prefer it, because I won't be using all the horsepower all the time.

So is this car comfortable? Oh, yes, although you can hear a bit of the twin fart cannons every now and then. The steering is a little bit hard-ish because it was built during a time when electric power steering was reserved only for luxury exotic cars. Oh, there's power assistance alright in the shape of hydraulic assisted steering, just not as soft as electric steering assistance.

I have to warn you though: leaving the Evo X's gearbox in normal and automatic can severely damage the clutches. Because the clutches are somewhat slipping more during normal mode than Sport or Sport Plus mode, the clutch tends to wear faster. Of course, there are aftermarket multi-plate clutch packs available that negate this problem. Expensive, but doable.


Should You Buy the Evo X?

So now that you know, should you buy this car? Well, yes and no. If you intend to use it as a track day car and have a backup daily, why not? It's literally the perfect used car for the track and it's not bad on the road either.

However, if you want a used luxury daily, you might consider the F30 BMW 330i xDrive. They cost pretty much the same at a used car lot but the BMW gets you a second look in Vegas whilst the Evo makes you look like an overgrown teenager.

One thing's for sure, though. I'm definitely getting an Evo X.

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