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Racing Videos: Formula 1 Car vs. Road Car vs. Boat vs. Jet

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S K is an F1 Enthusiast and a Michael Schumacher Fan. He has grown to respect Ayrton Senna and is discovering past masters in F1.

How fast is an F1 car? F1 car vs  Bugatti

How fast is an F1 car? F1 car vs Bugatti

F1 vs Sports Car

When we see incredibly fast cars like the Bugatti Chiron, capable of doing speeds over 300 mph [483 kmph], we tend to wonder why would we call a Formula 1 car the fastest. Fair question: after all, a Formula 1 car’s speed tops out at around 230 mph [370 kmph]. So does an F1 car hold its own against hypercars like the Bugatti Chiron?

The answer is yes. Why is that? Because while the Bugatti can touch 300 mph in a straight line, it would struggle to manage a turn at that speed. Forget making a turn, the Bugatti wouldn’t even be able to handle a slight curve on the road at its top speed. The Bugatti’s speed is not practical in everyday conditions or even on tracks.

A Formula 1 car, on the other hand, can handle crazy twists and turns, and even hairpin turns without breaking a sweat. It would be nimble around the corners and would still be able to do an average speed of over 186 mph [300 kmph].

Here is one video comparing a Bugatti to an F1 car on a straight line. To level the field, the F1 is on a wet track so that the brutal acceleration of the F1 car is at check in the beginning.

While the race did not take place side-by-side, we do get an idea of how fast the F1 car is. Barring the initial acceleration to 100 kmph, the F1 still beats the Bugatti to every other milestone - 200 kmph and 300 kmph. Of course, if it is a competition of top speed then beyond 350 kmph, the Bugatti will go ahead.

Simulated Race

Here is another video which shows an F1 and a Bugatti (simulated not real) racing around the Top Gear test track. The Bugatti here is a Veyron (erst-while numero uno speedster), not a Chiron. The F1 just zooms around the turns while the Bugatti has to slow down enough.

So, if the Formula 1 car can easily take on the fastest of the road cars, how do we think it would fare against other road cars? The answer could be a foregone conclusion on a straight road, but what about a proper race track? How would the cars perform?

Let’s find out.

Formula 1 Car vs Road Cars

The very first comparison of a road car and a Formula 1 car that I had witnessed was back in 1998. This particular video, which we will see soon, came in as a filler between two programs. Not being more than 5 minutes, it fit in well between the programs and was a fantastic comparison.

Let’s take a look at the video:

Ferrari F1 vs Ferrari Supercar vs Fiat Road Car

The F1 car is being driven by the legendary F1 racer, Michael Schumacher. It is a three-way race between an F1 car, a Ferrari 575 supercar and a FIAT road car. What is interesting is that the F1 car gives nearly a minute and twenty seconds lead to the road car and then storms across to catch and overtake the vehicle.

While the time difference and the eventual win do give an idea of the speed of the F1 car, I would recommend taking a look at the video from the three-minute mark. That’s where all three vehicles are seen on a straight road and viewers can see how quickly the F1 car passes both the other cars.

Since then there have been many similar races between F1 cars and road cars. Here we look at one more video.

Red Bull F1 Car vs Merc AMG vs V8 Supercar

This is another epic battle where the other two cars are quite matched in performance, and the F1 car has to do some amount of work to catch up with these cars.

Much like the previous video, most of the action, in my opinion, is on the last straight. So, watch from 2:40 to see the F1’s acceleration. Mind you, here both the other cars are nearly 600 hp strong and yet the F1 car makes a quick task of them.

F1 Car vs Bike vs Boat

Just to make things a bit more interesting, we have added a boat to the mix. As readers would have guessed, this is a competition between Honda-powered vehicles and see how fast each stands up against the other. From the video, we know that the F1 car is the quickest and easily beats the other two vehicles. So, not really a contest.

Or is it? If readers are like me, you would question a Honda bike against an F1 car and so also a Honda boat. Why? Because the fastest motorcycle is a Ninja H2R while the quickest boat for drag race is the “Problem Child”; well, that’s the name of the boat.

Here, take a look at the fastest boats. Problem Child is third on the list and can accelerate to 248 mph [400 kmph] in approximately three seconds. Would have smoked the road vehicles, wouldn’t it? I am sure it would have.

So, let’s make the competition a bit more even. Take a look at the next video

F1 vs Road Cars vs F16 vs Ninja H2R

This race was held at the newly opened airport in Istanbul, Turkey. We finally got the fastest bike, an F1 car and even a jet together. Interesting race this one! The F1 car starts with a small lag, which costs it going over the line. Despite that, it almost catches up with the Ninja and is only 0.04 seconds behind at the finish line. The F16 is third while the road cars fill in the rest of the places.

The second position notwithstanding, see how fast the F1 car is? It really fires up the tarmac!

Back to the Garage

If competing with road cars weren’t enough, the F1 cars were pitted against bikes, boats and even jets to see how it goes. Of course, now we know that F1 cars prevail.

So, that was a small comparison between the F1 cars and other vehicles. I hope readers enjoyed the comparison!

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