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4 Unique Jeep Names (You’ll Wish You Thought of Yourself)

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4 Unique Jeep Names (You’ll Wish You Thought of Yourself)

4 Unique Jeep Names (You’ll Wish You Thought of Yourself)

Names That Reflect Your Jeep's Personality and Gender

Some people argue that big, powerful trucks are alpha males, while small, sleek sports cars are unmistakably female.

What about Jeep names then? Jeeps have a long history of being renowned for their strength, toughness, and off-road capability. Although the concept may be traditionally masculine, empowering women is a subject that motivates all of us to work toward a more sustainable future. Others may prefer a non-binary name for their Jeep that reflects its color and personality over its perceived gender.

Check out these four creative suggestions if you're looking for some unique Jeep names that are masculine, feminine, or non-binary. Each one has a convincing backstory and an oddball twist to make it special.

1. Batman

The most unique and sensational name for any black Jeep is "Batman," for two very clever reasons:

  • "Batman" is an anagram and interesting twist on the name "Bantam." American Bantam was the inventor of the original Jeep in 1940.
  • The American comic superhero character Batman is most famous for being an absolute badass, which is why "Batman" surpasses all other Jeep names as the most badass one there is.

American Bantam Car Company

In August 1935, during the liquidation of the company, Roy Evans and William A. Ward, Jr. pooled their funds to buy the assets of the failing American Austin Car Company. Under the name Evans Operations Inc., the new business started making cars in 1935 using American Austin tooling.

In June 1936, the new business was incorporated under the name American Bantam Car Company. In order to introduce a completely revamped selection of American Bantam roadsters and delivery vans in 1937, the new company started a public fundraising campaign and completely redesigned their entire vehicle line.

Until all of its manufacturing efforts were dedicated to the production of World War II weapons, including the manufacture of torpedo engines, aircraft controls and parts, torpedo tail gearing, amphibious trailers, and cargo trailers, the company continued to produce vehicles well into 1943.

Batman the Superhero

The Batman character is more than capable of competing with and outsmarting the majority of other superheroes despite being a human. He is not only the world's top investigator, but he is also a highly dangerous fighter and an excellent master manipulator.

A Jeep named Batman is therefore not only badass but also of sound character just like the comic book hero himself: his yearning for self-knowledge, growth, and development of skills knows absolutely no limits.

2. Eugene ("Yuge")

"Eugene" (or "Yuge") is undoubtedly one of the coolest Jeep names to have a story and a twist behind it.

Wha's a Jeep?

Popeye's comic strip features a character named Eugene the Jeep. The Jeep first appeared in the Thimble Theatre comic strip (now known as Popeye) on March 16, 1936. The Jeep in the cartoon was not a vehicle, though; it was a mysterious yellow animal with magical or supernatural abilities. The unfolding of Eugene's superpowers was most intriguing.

When Popeye queried Professor Brainstine as to what a Jeep actually is, he explained that a Jeep is an animal living in a three-dimensional world but belonging to a four-dimensional world. A number of Jeep life cells somehow made their way through the dimensional barrier into our world. The uniting of similar cells caused a transmutation, the result being a strange and mysterious being. Popeye repeated, "Wha's a Jeep?" when asked if he had any other questions because he was completely enlightened by this explanation.

A Multi-Dimensional Vehicle

It's a well-known fact that the Jeep Wrangler can traverse obstacles and terrain that many other vehicles must avoid. You might even say that it's a three-dimensional vehicle capable of traversing a four-dimensional world, just like the animal Eugene. Its impressive approach, departure, and break-over angles that make off-roading simpler are delivered by its short wheelbase, short front and rear overhangs, and superior ground clearance.

Jeeps can maneuver around obstacles that would otherwise be challenging, if not impossible, to do in other vehicles. They can traverse every continent in every type of terrain, including tundra, jungles, forests, and deserts. There are even Jeeps that can swim. So you might also say that your Jeep has superpowers, just like Eugene!

You can also take one step further with the name by shortening "Eugene" to "Yuge," creating a catchy, significant, and non-binary name for your Jeep that encapsulates its characteristics as a vehicle capable of thriving in (almost) every dimension.

"Eugene" ("Yuge")

"Eugene" ("Yuge")

3. Jeppi

The word "Jeppi" is an Icelandic word, believed to have originated from the English term "jeep," which described tough vehicles used by the American Army in World War II. So if you're looking for a name for your Jeep that says "sturdy" and "tough," Jeppi might be the name for you.

According to Arna Magnusson's Foundation in Icelandic Studies, in the Icelandic dictionary (2002), there are two meanings of the noun "Jeppi.":

  • The first definition describes a vehicle that is robustly constructed with high shoulders, all-wheel drive, and a transfer case to change the driving force and was originally designed for navigating rough or unpaved roads.
  • Jeppi's second meaning is understood to be slang, and the synonyms "gaur" and "mannkert" are often used in its place. The colloquial collection of the university's dictionary mentioned that the slang words are primarily reserved for ambitious individuals, perhaps those who are looking to "show off" a bit.

The play Leynimelur 13 by Emil Thoroddsen and Harald Sigursson, which had its premiere in 1943, contains the earliest known instance of the word "Jeppi" in the sense of the word "car." In Icelandic newspapers at around the same time, the word "Jeppi" started to appear alongside the word "Jeep."

The Jeep Wrangler is likely to be one of the few vehicles ever imported to Iceland that is well-enough suited for off-road driving on Icelandic roads. One Icelandic farmer reportedly saw a Jeep pass by and exclaimed that he was so impressed that "it would be possible to graze entire mountains with such a tool."

4. Stella

As one of the most modern female Jeep names, "Stella" perfectly captures the character of the progressive Jeep owner who is concerned with building a sustainable future.

A leading global automaker and mobility provider that provides clean, connected, cost-effective, and secure mobility solutions, the name "Stella" is a shortened version of the company name "Stellantis."

Stellantis was created in 2020 to focus primarily on the design, development, manufacture, and sale of automobiles under its 16 brands, including Jeep. Its Latin root "stello" means "to brighten with stars."

In its 2020 sustainability report, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) describes the innivative business as a company with the size, resources, diversity, and expertise to seize the opportunities of the new era ahead of us and offer customers clean, safe, and affordable mobility.

Achieving sustainable economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability all depends on empowering women. So "Stella" is a remarkably timely feminine name for the modern Jeep owner.

Summary of Jeep Names



Badass; a force without limits


Eugene / Yuge

Multi-dimensional; easily overcomes obstacles

Masculine or non-binary


Tough; ambitious



Empowering; progressive; opportunistic


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