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The 1995 Belgian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 16th Career Win

With just eleven points separating him from Damon Hill, could Schumacher win the Belgian GP and extend his lead? Let’s find out.


The 2006 Chinese GP: Michael Schumacher's 91st and Last Win

The Red Baron’s 91st win came up at the Chinese Grand Prix. But how easy or difficult was it? Read on to find out.


Surprise F1 Wins and Poles

Everyone likes the underdogs pulling a surprise result.


The Senna-Prost Battles: The Other Side of the Story

Two legends battling for supremacy set up one of the biggest battles in Formula 1 history. This is that story from a different perspective.


The Fascinating Stories Behind the World's Most Infamous Automobiles

Here are some of the most infamous vehicles in existence, still available for viewing even after the infamous people who owned them are gone.


The 2006 United States GP: Michael Schumacher’s 87th Career Win

With the top spot eluding him in the last four races, could Michael win the 2006 United States GP? Let’s find out.


Review of the Tsumbay Two-in-One Car Vacuum Cleaner

I was searching for an inexpensive car vacuum that could quickly and effectively clean my vehicle. Tsumbay’s TS-CV05 appeared to be a good choice.


The 2000 Japanese GP: Michael Schumacher’s 43rd Career Win

A win at the Japanese GP would seal the season for Schumacher, but Hakkinen wouldn’t make it easy. Could Michael win? Let’s find out.


Racing Flag Colors and Their Meaning During the Race

In all forms of car and motorcycle racing the track crew uses flags to signal the riders. Learn what the colors are and what they mean.


Austin and Ty Dillon: Brothers With Different Stories

While the two are brothers, Austin Dillon and Ty Dillon are at different places in their lives right now.

S13.5 - 180sx with an S15 front end

S15 Conversion: Fitting an S15 Front End to a Nissan S13 or S14 240SX/Silvia/180SX

In the land of automotive conversions, the S15 Silvia front-end conversion is certainly one of the most popular. Fitting an S15 front end to a Nissan S13 or S14 240sx/Silvia/180sx is a relatively simple task.


5 Exotic Supercars on Ebay for Less Than $50,000

Here are five cars that can be yours for 50k or less.


Review of the Toyota Aqua (Prius C)

The Toyota Aqua is a hybrid vehicle developed for the Japanese market. It is a mini-hatchback with class-leading fuel economy. It is re-branded as Prius C in Western markets.


How to Open Your Toyota Prius Trunk (a.k.a Boot) When Your Battery Is Dead

Just discovered that your Prius's trunk lid doesn't open because the battery is dead? Here's a photographic step-by-step guide (because your Prius owner manual sucks).


Why Electric Vehicles Are Worth It

Electric cars are growing in popularity, but are they worth it?


Are We Going to Convert Our Classic Cars to Electric?

Converting a classic car to electric may be the future of owning a vehicle as governments clamp down on emission-pumping diesel and petrol cars. It's not a classic car if you get rid of the engine, or is it?


Michael Schumacher vs Damon Hill in the 1996 F1 Season

Schumacher had an eventful end to the 1994 season after colliding with Hill. Hill collided twice in 1995 with Schumacher. 1996 was a new year but would the contest continue?


Weights Guide for Nissan R32 Skyline Parts

For those interested in removing excess weight from the R32 Skyline, here is a list of parts and their weights.


10 Real Facts You Didn’t Know About Electric Cars

Interested in electric cars? Learn about 10 real facts you didn't know about electric cars or vehicles. See categories for each type of car and know their costs and energy consumption levels.


The 2006 French GP: Michael Schumacher’s 88th Career Win

After his victory at the 2006 U.S. GP, Michael would want to keep up the winning momentum. Could he win the 2006 French GP also? Let’s find out.


Audi S2 Coupe

Here's a little about one of the greatest ever unsung heroes with regards to rally cars (in my opinion).


Sweet 15: The Anniversary of an Automotive Legend

The Chevy Cavalier, a classic that GM retired way too early.


The 1981 Canadian GP: Jacques Laffite Wins, but Gilles Villeneuve Steals the Show

Gilles Villeneuve was known to be a risk-taker bordering on craziness. With levels of safety enforced in F1 today, what Gilles Villeneuve did in 1981 could hardly be replicated. What did he do? Let’s find out.


200+ Cute Car Names for Girls

These 200+ female and feminine car name ideas range from cute to sexy to badass to silly. Find the perfect name for your new ride here.


The 2000 Canadian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 40th Career Win

Despite leading the Monaco GP, Michael had to retire because of a suspension problem. He would like to make up in Canada. Could he win? Let’s find out.


The Difference Between Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

They're both hybrids, but what's the difference?


Car Modding, Car Tuning, and the Science of Horsepower: Running in Open Loop

When you're serious about tuning your hot rod, the factory fuel delivery algorithm isn't going to cut it anymore. Learn how to achieve the most stable and flexible fueling model for your power-adders that will put gasoline on tap, for when you need it most! OPEN LOOP MODE will get 'er done.


Ayrton Senna – The Tragic Loss for F1

Ayrton Senna was one of the bests to grace the F1 world. A tragic event cuts short his career. What happened? Let’s find out.


Houston Auto Show 2018 Celebrates 35 Years

The Houston Auto Show 2018 was a fun event at the NRG Center. Collectible & antique cars, as well as the latest ones, were on display. See pics and videos.


Understanding the Automotive Chassis System

The term "chassis" is used to designate the complete car minus the body. The chassis, therefore, consists of the engine, power-transmission system, and suspension system all suitably attached to, or suspended from, a structurally independent frame.


The 2006 German GP: Michael Schumacher’s 89th Career Win

Another win by Michael Schumacher would set the championship ablaze. Could he win the 2006 German GP and set the championship on fire? Let’s find out.


The 1994 Hungarian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 9th Career Win

Michael Schumacher came back from a disqualification and a retirement. Could things be different in Hungary? Let’s find out.


The 2001 Australian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 45th Career Win

The 2000 World Champ, Michael Schumacher, wanted to start the 2001 season with a win. Could he do it? Let’s find out.


Understanding NASCAR: A Guide to Common Terms and Phrases

A list of some of the most commonly used terms and phrases in America's most popular motorsport, NASCAR.


The 2004 French GP: Michael Schumacher’s 79th Career Win

The win at the US GP would give Michael the license to continue his domination in France. Could he win the 2004 French GP? Let’s find out.


Building a Race Car: A Chat With Racer X

For nearly three decades, Racer X competed in sportsman-class racing events at drag racing strips in Texas. This is the story behind amateur racer 454X's first race car buildout.


Powershift Automatic Transmission Faults

Powershift automatic transmissions are growing in popularity, but they can be a pain to diagnose when they go wrong. Read on for some of the more common faults.


The 2004 Bahrain GP: Michael Schumacher’s 73rd Career Win

With two wins under his belt, Michael Schumacher would want to leave his mark at the new Bahrain circuit. Can he do it? Let’s find out.


Car Modding, Car Tuning and the Science of Horsepower: The Mods

It's time for the fun stuff. Let's have a look at the awesome mods and power-adders that'll make your car a terror on wheels. Add some horsepower and have fun doing it!


The 1994 French GP: Michael Schumacher’s 8th Career Win

Michael Schumacher's juggernaut saw him win five out of six races so far in the 1994 season. Could he win his sixth race too? Let’s find out.


3 Popular Automatic Transmissions With Common Faults

These transmissions are prevalent on today's roads, but they aren't all they're cracked up to be.


Audi 80 B4 Specifications

The Audi 80 model B4 was built from 1991 until 1996 to compete in the luxury mid-sized market dominated by the likes of BMW and Mercedes.


The World's Fastest Cars and Bikes: A Combined List

Cars and bikes have been pitted against their own kind, but how would they fare when pitted against each other? Let’s have a look at the list of fastest cars and bikes together.


Painting a Classic Car With Cellulose

I have resprayed a number of classic cars at home myself and achieved excellent results.


The 2000 Italian GP: Schumacher Equals Senna’s Record of 41 Wins

So, what happens when Schumacher equals the late legend, Senna’s record? He bursts into tears. Read on to find out.


ATV Vs UTV - What's the Difference?

The major differences between an ATV and UTV and some advice on what to buy.


The 2004 Spanish GP: Michael Schumacher’s 75th Career Win

Michael’s reign in the 2004 season was similar to his juggernaut of the 2002 season. Would he continue his juggernaut in Spain too? Let’s find out.


The 2000 Brazilian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 37th Career Win

With much luck on his side and a win at Australia, Michael would be hoping to win again in Brazil. Could he win the Brazilian GP? Let’s find out.


The Total Novice's Guide to Dirt Track Racing

A comprehensive fan's guide to the exciting world of dirt track racing in the United States.


Tesla, the Greatest Automobile Ever Created

Tesla makes the greatest automobile ever created, and just may produce the answers we need to save the planet as well.