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The 2006 United States GP: Michael Schumacher’s 87th Career Win

With the top spot eluding him in the last four races, could Michael win the 2006 United States GP? Let’s find out.


The 1981 Canadian GP: Jacques Laffite Wins, but Gilles Villeneuve Steals the Show

Gilles Villeneuve was known to be a risk-taker bordering on craziness. With levels of safety enforced in F1 today, what Gilles Villeneuve did in 1981 could hardly be replicated. What did he do? Let’s find out.


The 5 Best Drives of Jenson Button

The 5 best drives of the man who beat Hamilton.


How to Install a Hardtop on a 1991-94 Mercury Capri

You can install a hardtop yourself on a 1991–94 Mercury Capri, for longer car life, better visibility, and a more comfortable ride.


Racing Videos: Formula 1 Car vs. Road Car vs. Boat vs. Jet

A Formula 1 car is one of the fastest in the world. But how fast is fast? How would it compare to a road car or other vehicles? Let’s find out.


Annual Car Show at Towne Lake in Cypress, Texas

My hubby and I attended the 7th annual car show at Towne Lake in Cypress, Texas, in Feb. of 2016. We had a wonderful time. See photos of this free event.


Best Station Wagons of All Time

Many have abandoned the plain old station wagon since the rise of the SUV and the Mini Van, but some of us still see its virtues. And these ten station wagons lead the pack.


Considering an Audi TT? Read This Before You Buy

This article details my experience with buying a 2008 new Audit TT V6 Quattro, including things you should consider before buying.


How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car?

How long does it take to charge an electric car? Having an electric car is better for the environment, but before purchasing one, make sure you know details like how long it takes to charge one.


A Little Car Humor From Another Era: Vintage Ads That Would Never Make It Today

A few years ago I was shocked by a sexist ad for Volkswagen. It made me look at other ads and I found many that were even worse. Can you imagine proposing to use these ads today? Not a chance. So here is a look back at a time when an inappropriate ad was seen to be perfectly acceptable.


The 2006 San Marino GP: Michael Schumacher’s 85th Career Win

After a dismal 2005 outing, Ferrari was back on the podium in the 2006 season. They were yet to win, though. Could the 2006 San Marino GP work in Schumacher's favour? Let’s find out.


The Most Ridiculous Car and Truck Accessories and Ornaments

There are a lot of ridiculous or funny car accessories you can get (like eyelashes, decals, truck nuts, and other appendages). Here's a list of some of the weirdest car ornaments on the market.


Ultimate Guide to Truck Wheel Finishes

To help you narrow down your choices of wheel finishes, equip yourself with the knowledge about the aspects to consider, the different types of finishes, shine options, and various colors.


The 1994 Canadian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 7th Win

In the first five races of the 1994 season, Schumacher managed to win four and come up second in one. Could he win the Canadian GP, the sixth race of the season? Let’s find out.


Moves That Made Michael Schumacher Controversial

Why the great Formula One driver Michael Schumacher was seen at times as being aggressive, unsportsmanlike, and less than supportive of his team.

"Sandy", our 2006 Prius

How to Get Better Fuel Economy From Your Prius

This article is dedicated not to the hardcore hypermiler, but rather to the everyday Prius driver that wants better fuel economy, or higher mpg, from their Toyota Prius.


The 2004 San Marino GP: Michael Schumacher’s 74th Career Win

Schumacher remained unstoppable in the 2004 season. Would he make it four wins in a row at San Marino? Let’s find out.


Top 5 F1 Debuts

Some of the most impressive rookies of Formula One's history.


Weights Guide for Nissan R32 Skyline Parts

For those interested in removing excess weight from the R32 Skyline, here is a list of parts and their weights.


Whatever Happened to Miss Belvedere, Tulsa's Ruined Classic Car?

Miss Belvedere is a local legend. A '57 classic car buried for 50 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it was a time capsule beneath the courthouse lawn. Now with the fanfare over and the rusted, rotted car unearthed, nobody wants it.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car Detailed?

Auto detailing consists of thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of your automobile. During the process of auto detailing, your car is rejuvenated to the point where it looks and feels like a brand new car, including that new car smell.


List of Michael Schumacher's 91 Career Wins and the Story Behind Each

One of the all-time greats of Formula 1 also has one of the most career wins. When and where were these 91 victories? Let's find out.


Why Do Birds Always Poop on Certain Cars?

Do birds always poop on your car? A new study knows why. Find out what color vehicles birds find most tantalizing to birdie bomb. Yes, it turns out birds really do have a color preference. New car shoppers will want to be armed with this information before they sign on the dotted line.


Cost of Limos and Limousine Service

Learn all about limos and limousine service: How much does it cost for limousine service? How much does a new or used limo cost to buy? Could you buy a cheap used limo and make money renting it out?


The 2000 United States GP: Michael Schumacher’s 42nd Career Win

Having made a comeback to winning ways in Italy, Michael Schumacher wanted a back-to-back win at the U.S Grand Prix. Could he do it? Let’s find out.


DSG Transmission Variants

The DSG transmission is a very popular gearbox, but many don't realise it comes in a number of flavours.


Review of the Tsumbay Two-in-One Car Vacuum Cleaner

I was searching for an inexpensive car vacuum that could quickly and effectively clean my vehicle. Tsumbay’s TS-CV05 appeared to be a good choice.


The Best-Selling Cars in Japan

Do you drive a Japanese car? Most Japanese drive Japanese cars. Why? The Japanese are proud of their automobile industry and it's quite expensive to drive and maintain foreign cars. Here are the best-selling cars in Japan.


How To Choose the Right Tinting Film for Your Car

To choose the right tint film for your car, consider the climate you live in and your personal preference.


All About the Audi S2 Coupe

Thinking about buying an S2? Here's a little about one of the greatest ever unsung heroes with regards to rally cars. You should buy an Audi! They are great cars and won't let you down.


10 Reasons to Give Up Owning a Car

There once was a time when I really loved owning and driving a car. However, there are many benefits of not having a car, like reduced stress and spending. Here are more reasons to consider not having a vehicle.


Why People Love Nodding Dogs for Their Cars

Nodding dogs are a popular car accessory in the UK. A nodding dog has an oversized head connected to the rest of its body by a spring or hook, thus allowing the head to move in a nodding motion.


The 2001 Malaysian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 46th Career Win

Michael had a rocking start to the 2001 season with a win, and now it was on to the Malaysian GP. Could he win again? Let’s find out.


The 1996 Spanish GP: Michael Schumacher’s 20th Career Win

Michael arrived at the Ferrari camp as a world champ but was unable to win even after six races of the season. Could he do it in Spain? Let’s find out.


Car Modding, Car Tuning and the Science of Horsepower: The Mods

It's time for the fun stuff. Let's have a look at the awesome mods and power-adders that'll make your car a terror on wheels. Add some horsepower and have fun doing it!


The 2002 Japanese GP: Michael Schumacher’s 64th Career Win

Ferrari’s dominating season was coming to the final race in Japan. Would it be another Schumacher win? Let’s find out.


Review of the Toyota Aqua (Prius C)

The Toyota Aqua is a hybrid vehicle developed for the Japanese market. It is a mini-hatchback with class-leading fuel economy. Here's a guide to the Toyota Aqua's pros and cons, problems and solutions, and other helpful hints.

S13.5 - 180sx with an S15 front end

S15 Conversion: Fitting an S15 Front End to a Nissan S13 or S14 240SX/Silvia/180SX

In the land of automotive conversions, the S15 Silvia front-end conversion is certainly one of the most popular. Fitting an S15 front end to a Nissan S13 or S14 240sx/Silvia/180sx is a relatively simple task.


Is NASCAR a Sport? A Beginner's Guide to the Strategy and History of the Sport

There is much more to NASCAR than just racing around in a circle for a few hours. Explore the history, strategy, and basics of this famous motorsport.


The Best Leather Driving Gloves Online for Women and Men

Because I appreciate vintage styles, leather driving gloves are definitely on my list of things that make life worth living. Here's my guide to driving gloves for both men and women driving gloves.


2014 Chevy Volt Review

A review of the 2014 Chevrolet Volt from an owner's point of view. Styling, comfort, operation and operating costs are all reviewed.


The Four Most Iconic Muscle Cars of All Time

Start your engines: Here is a rundown of 4 of the most iconic American muscle cars from the glory days of the American Automobile Industry. Thinking about buying a muscle car? Know what to look for in a muscle car.


The 1995 Belgian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 16th Career Win

With just eleven points separating him from Damon Hill, could Schumacher win the Belgian GP and extend his lead? Let’s find out.


Winning Driving Styles: Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna

Though of different eras and having different personalities, there were some similarities between Michael and Ayrton Senna. Interestingly, it has to do with their driving styles. Read on.


Top 50: Most Memorable Movie Cars

Take a look back over the years and enjoy the top 50 most memorable cars made famous by their roles on the silver screen.


Smart Car Body Kits: Wicked Kuhl Body Kits and Mods

Adding wide body kits to your Smart Car can really give it that sporty look. Find body add-ons or custom kits to boost the cool factor of your Smart Fortwo.


What Is a Semi-automatic Transmission?

Semi-automatic transmissions can be a confusing prospect. Are they automatic? Why only semi? Let's take a look


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Cars

Interested in electric cars? This article will discuss 10 fun facts about electric cars and vehicles that might surprise you. See categories for each type of car and know their costs and energy consumption levels.


How to Prepare for Dyno Day

It's dyno day and, therefore, a happy day. The smell of exhaust and PCV vapour is in the air. The gurgle of V8 idle is music to the ears. Are you prepared to use this opportunity to improve your car's performance? See how dyno day can be both fun and productive!


10 Popular Types of Car Body Styles

What are the different body types for cars? Learn to differentiate between popular car types like the sedan, convertible, crossover, SUV, coupe, hatchback, landaulet, limousine, roadster and station wagon.