Volvo Drivers and Why They Are Dangerous!

The Volvo is a car many people enthusiastically rave about, but in my experience, this is the one car you want to avoid either driving or coming into contact with on the roads. I have good reasons for this that I intend to prove, and I am confident that many will agree with me based on their own experiences.


Fastest Cars in the World: Top 10

Super Cars are capable of super charging our imagination and emotions. This article captures the top ten cars.


How to Build an LS/VTEC Frankenstein Motor

A step-by-step guide to building an LS/VTEC motor from scratch and getting the most time and use out of it.


A History of the Jaguar Car

The Jaguar car is world famous for its stylish designs, thrilling performance, luxurious and comfortable interiors, outstanding handling and ride, quality engineering and state-of-the-art technology.


800+ Good Car Names Based on Color, Style, Personality & More

New car? Here is a huge list of over 800 awesome car name ideas, sorted by type of car, personality, color, and more to help you name your sweet set of wheels!


The 1995 Belgian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 16th Career Win

With just eleven points separating him from Damon Hill, could Schumacher win the Belgian GP and extend his lead? Let’s find out.


Going Electric: When Should You Buy an Electric Car?

Green Mobility: electric cars (EVs) are gradually becoming mainstream. What you need to know about EVs when considering jumping on the bandwagon.


Dale Earnhardt: Quick Facts

This article explores the life and legacy of former NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt.


Nascar Races: A Look at Fan Deaths and Spectator Injuries

Even with all the safety features, Nascar still deals with fan injuries at Nascar events. From Daytona 2013 to Allison's famous 1987 wreck, here's a brief look at some of them.

Land Rover series 2

Top 10 Coolest Classic 4x4s

Although new trucks and SUV's can be pretty cool, I don't think any of them have as much character or are as easy to fix yourself as these 10.


The 1994 San Marino GP: Michael Schumacher’s 5th Win and Senna’s Loss Forever

Arriving at San Marino with a perfect 20 points from 2 races, Schumacher was poised for a battle with Senna. However, neither knew what they were about to encounter.


The “Green Hell” of the Nürburgring Racing Track

On several occasions, Germany's Nürburgring is open for the public to drive around; sometimes with tragic results.


The 1995 Japanese GP: Michael Schumacher’s 19th Career Win

Already a world champion, Michael had to win the Japanese GP to help his team win the constructors’ championship. Could he do it for the Benetton team? Let’s find out.


Top 8 Fastest Formula 1 Pitstops

Can a car’s tires be changed in 1.82 seconds? Apparently, yes. Read on to find out.


Aqua, Prius, Fit, or Vezel: Guide for Buying Hybrid Vehicles at Japanese Auctions

The Toyota Aqua and Prius and the Honda Fit, Insight, and Vezel are the most popular Japanese hybrid vehicles bought from auctions. This is an independent buying guide.


How to Plasti Dip Car Emblems or Grilles

This is a guide to applying Plasti Dip to car emblems and grilles to temporarily change the look of your car and protect surfaces.


The 2000 Canadian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 40th Career Win

Despite leading the Monaco GP, Michael had to retire because of a suspension problem. He would like to make up in Canada. Could he win? Let’s find out.


The 1994 European GP: Michael Schumacher’s 10th Career Win

The 1994 season was filled with victories and bans for Michael Schumacher. He came out of a disqualification and two race bans for the European GP. Would he taste another victory?


Smart Car Body Kits: Wicked Kuhl Body Kits and Mods

Adding wide body kits to your Smart Car can really give it that sporty look. Find body add-ons or custom kits to boost the cool factor of your Smart Fortwo


The 2003 United States GP: Michael Schumacher’s 70th Win

Schumacher had to win the US GP to ensure that his grip on the world championship prevailed. Would he be able to do it? Let’s find out.


Top 50: Most Memorable Movie Cars

Take a look back over the years and enjoy the top 50 most memorable cars made famous by their roles on the silver screen.


Sync With MyFord Touch: How to Pair a Phone and Load Contacts

This article walks you through how to pair a phone and also load your phone's contacts to a Ford vehicle's Sync with MyFord Touch operating system.


Chips & Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Improving gas mileage doesn't require buying a fuel-efficient vehicle. Gas mileage performance chips can reduce the consumption of fuel by communicating with your engine to deliver fuel for optimal performance.


The 2003 Austrian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 67th Career Win–in a Burning Car

Two horrible pitstops, the car set on fire and a lost lead position. Would Michael manage to come back from these to win the Austrian GP? Well, read on to find out.


10 New Automotive Technologies for 2017

A roundup of ten emerging technologies set to disrupt the automotive industry the most in 2017 and beyond. From autonomous vehicles to 3D printed manufacturing to electric axles and more.


The Senna-Prost Battles: The Other Side of the Story

Two legends battling for supremacy set up one of the biggest battles in Formula 1 history. This is that story from a different perspective.


Painting a Classic Car With Cellulose

I have resprayed a number of classic cars at home myself and achieved excellent results.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car Detailed?

Auto detailing consists of thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of your automobile. During the process of auto detailing, your car is rejuvenated to the point where it looks and feels like a brand new car, including that new car smell.


The Cursed 1973 Indianapolis 500

The 500-mile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a calamity even before the green flag waved.


The Importance of Car Detailing

Car detailing is very different from car washing. I explain what a car detail should include, why you should get your vehicle detailed and when, and how much it should roughly cost.

Dealer's blue Smart Car Side View

Everything You Want to Know About Smart Cars and Their Gas Mileage

If you're considering buying a Smart Car, you'll want to know what gas mileage to expect, how fast and far you can drive, how they impact the environment, and what they look like inside and out.


The 1994 French GP: Michael Schumacher’s 8th Career Win

Michael Schumacher's juggernaut saw him win five out of six races so far in the 1994 season. Could he win his sixth race too? Let’s find out.

"The Snake" & "Mongoose" 1971

"The Mongoose" vs. "The Snake": The Greatest Rivalry in Drag Racing

The announcer over the radio conjured dramatic visions in a voice-over. In the background you could hear the roar of nitro-burning funnycars, dragsters, and "diggers."


101 Cool Car Names for Guys

Whether you’re a guy looking to name his car or even a girl looking for badass car names, here are 101 cool name ideas for your ride!


Best Selling Cars in Japan

Most Japanese drive Japanese cars. Why? The Japanese are proud of their automobile industry and it's quite expensive to drive and maintain foreign cars.


The 2003 Italian GP: Michael Schumacher’s 69th Career Win

Plagued by reliability issues, Schumacher had been unable to finish any better than the fourth position in his last five races. Could he still win the Italian GP? Read on to find out.


How to Prepare for Dyno Day

It's dyno day and therefore a happy day. The smell of exhaust and PCV vapour is in the air. The gurgle of V8 idle is music to the ears. Are you prepared to use this opportunity to improve your car's performance? See how dyno day can be both fun and productive!


The 1996 Spanish GP: Michael Schumacher’s 20th Career Win

Michael arrived at the Ferrari camp as a world champ but was unable to win even after six races of the season. Could he do it in Spain? Let’s find out.

S13.5 - 180sx with an S15 front end

S15 Conversion: Fitting an S15 Front End to a Nissan S13 or S14 240SX/Silvia/180SX

In the land of automotive conversions, the S15 Silvia front-end conversion is certainly one of the most popular. Fitting an S15 front end to a Nissan S13 or S14 240sx/Silvia/180sx is a relatively simple task.

My BMW Sucks - How's Yours?

My BMW Sucks: A History of My Experience With a 2005 BMW 325l

Though I really wanted to love it, my 2005 BMW 325l severely let me down. This article will detail my struggles with the German car.


Powershift Automatic Transmission Faults

Powershift automatic transmissions are growing in popularity, but they can be a pain to diagnose when they go wrong. Read on for some of the more common faults.


10 Reasons to Give Up Owning a Car

There once was a time when I really loved owning and driving a car. I got my first car before I even turned 16. I held jobs that required me to drive hundreds of miles each week.


The 1992 Belgian GP: Michael Schumacher's 1st Career Win

Driving the fourth best constructor’s car, on a track dominated by Senna, Mansell and others, did Schumacher stand a chance to win the 1992 Belgian GP? It didn't seem that way, but he won. How? Read on.


Weights Guide for Nissan R32 Skyline Parts

For those interested in removing excess weight from the R32 Skyline, here is a list of parts and their weights.


The 2002 British GP: Michael Schumacher’s 60th Career Win

Barrichello took the chequered flag at the European GP and Michael came in second. Michael would want to turn the tables at the British GP. Could Michael win? Let's find out.


The Best Leather Driving Gloves Online for Women & Men

Because I appreciate vintage styles, driving gloves are definitely on my list of things that make life worth living, but leather driving gloves do more than just look good, they feel good and keep your hands a little warmer.


The Difference Between Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

They're both hybrids, but what's the difference?


Volkswagen Golf TDI: Long-Term Costs and Reliability

I have an ongoing love affair with my VW Golf TDI. It is amazingly fun to drive and the fuel economy is a wonderful added bonus.


10 Best Bike Racks for Car Trunks

If you're in the market to buy a trunk bike rack, there are plenty of great, well-made, long-lasting options out there. I will highlight the 10 best bike racks for car trunks.


The 2002 San Marino GP: Michael Schumacher’s 56th Career Win

After the Brazilian GP victory, Michael would want to keep the momentum going at San Marino. Can he win there against a resurgent Williams team? Let’s find out.