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Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Coupe: Better than the BMW 228i xDrive?

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A Car Worthy of Royalty?

This is a refinement of the first generation of CLA Coupe. I mean, the old model looked like a baby GLA class and the old GLA was absolutely dreadful. The ride was bouncy, the steering slow and the brakes nonexistent. But is this newer model any better than the outgoing model?

That's why I'm here and that's why you're reading my blog.

Again, typical of luxury brands, they always come with a mandatory sunroof. Ugh. Disgusting. Just wait till hail breaks it and see how luxurious your interior will be.

Now then. The car in question looks like someone took an unpolished samurai sword and decided to make it sharper. I know some of you have been on YouTube to check for samurai swords and the process is biblical. Making a true Japanese samurai sword can take a year and fetch a hefty price tag.

The same can be said of this car. It looks.... refined. Cultured. Civilized. A car worthy of royalty. Makes you wonder why the German Prime Minister, Olaf Sholz, isn't ferried about in an armored version. I suppose it's because it's got a tiny engine.

No matter, Mr. Sholz has the Mercedes-Benz Pullman Guard or whatever he armored car he fancies.


The car comes standard with a 7-speed DCT, though I heard some markets offer a 6-speed manual. However, I'm not sure they're offered in the U.S. market. No matter, I have a preference for DCT, so no problems there.

Bear in mind that the test unit I'd gotten and requested wasn't the AMG CLA 45 or 45S. So I'm not sure this can compare to the M235i. This CLA 250 4Matic standing on my driveway is more akin to the BMW 228i xDrive.

So there it is. My review's done. Back to the studio again so soon? Er, I'm begging your pardon but we haven't even discussed the luxury features it has. Nor have we discussed its track performance. Though, I am hard pressed to say that I probably shouldn't take it to the track. That's a job for the AMG variants.

Well, this car still has its own ways of giving you thrills. Perhaps I can take this on a long drive? Maybe fly it over a cliff's guard rails? Or ram it into a gas station and see what happens?

No matter, I shall get to the review in the next chapter; however, being a luxury sports coupe, I might have to be boring.


Right, so I'm greeted with LED DRLs or Daytime Running Lights the instant I turn on the engine. Which is a 2.0L single turbocharged inline four that produces 221 horsepower and 258 pounds feet of torque. Paired with either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed DCT, it can hit 60 miles an hour from a standstill in about 6.3 seconds.

If you have the available asphalt, you can travel all the way to an electronically capped top speed of 155 miles an hour. I know. You're talking to yourself and telling me: "Why've you chosen the luxury model, you petulant half wit?"

Well, being a luxury brand, I decided to go for something luxurious. Think of doing the typical run from the house to the grocery store then back. Boring, but when you get older, you feel like time is already slipping so why bother hurrying at all?

When you drive a car like this, what are you saying about yourself? You're cultured and refined and are not hellbent for the horizon. I know, I was like that too. Until I grew up.

But of course, men never really grow up. Our toys just get bigger.


Most people like driving fast, but sometimes driving fast just isn't the right thing to do. I'm in my 30s now and I guess you can say I'm having a mid-life crisis deciding whether I should drive like Michael Schumacher or drive like my grandma.

I suppose the answer to that would be both, as I'm at a stoplight headed for my local thrift shop and I'm sorely tempted to race this measly Honda Civic ricer car next to me. But then again why? I'll just waste fuel and probably get a ticket. I mean, I can swear the car behind me is an unmarked cop car.

Light's green and the Honda's letting VTEC kick in yo, but unfortunately, the car behind me isn't a cop car at all. The next thing I know, I see the Honda man at the fuel station with his hood open.

Yup, that's what I thought. I'm still only just halfway there and I have to say, driving this is quite relaxing. It's a very comfortable ride especially since this has adaptive dampers, which lets you choose between Comfort and Sport.

Rumble strips up ahead and I can hear them but thankfully, because the suspension is adaptive, I didn't feel any of them at all. You have got to buy this car. You have definitely got to buy this car or a car like this. It's far better than having your spleen torn out from behind you as the G forces of rapid acceleration make you squeal.

I'm lost for words right now. I haven't got any more words to say, if I'm honest.

It's like driving a Rolls-Royce on a very tight budget.

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