How to Fix the Remote Central Locking on Your BMW Mini 2004-2006

Updated on October 19, 2017

The Problem

You press the button to lock or unlock your Mini and it does nothing. This can happen all of a sudden, sometimes affecting one key, sometimes both.

Cars This Advice Applies to

All first-generation ("facelift") Minis between 2004 and 2006: This means Mini One, Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S and Mini One D.

If your car has the three-button key, this will work for you. If your car has the two-button key or the round "UFO" key; then it will not.

The middle key with 3 buttons is the correct one for this procedure.
The middle key with 3 buttons is the correct one for this procedure.

Fix It...

TIP! Make sure you've got ALL the keys for the car. If you program one, it will de-program the others. This works perfectly with new keys too.

1. Get inside and close all doors on the car.

2. Switch the ignition to the first position; within 5 seconds, turn back and remove key.

3. Within 30 seconds of removing the key, press and hold the lock and unlock buttons at the same time (the "Mini" button in the middle is the lock button, and the button nearest the key blade is the unlock button).

4. Whilst holding the unlock button, press and release the lock (centre Mini logo) button 3 times, within 10 seconds.

5. After the third press release both buttons and the doors should lock and then unlock.

6. If you have another key to program, start from the pressing both buttons at step 3.

7. To finalise, insert key and switch ignition to position one. Both keys should now work perfectly.

If this does not work, try again two or three times, sometimes the timings can be tricky to get right.

If it does not work after multiple attempts there may be a problem with the receiver, for which you will need to contact your BMW Mini workshop.

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    • profile image

      mike c 2 years ago

      re my previous question, I seem to be able to reactivate either of these keys but cannot get both working correctly

    • profile image

      mike c 2 years ago

      have just reactivated central locking on one of the keys to my 2004 mini cooper s using this method, however the key that was previously working ok has now been de programmed,any suggestions please