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How to Affordably Fix a GMC Envoy's Failed Rear End Air Suspension

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How my GMC Envoy looked when the rear air suspension failed.

How my GMC Envoy looked when the rear air suspension failed.

Affordable Air Suspension Repair

My husband took my Envoy for a spin, and when he came back something was wrong with the rear end of my car. I thought it might have something to do with the 60lbs. of Lake Erie perch in the hatch. But after careful inspection, there was only one rear air suspension system had failed. As soon as I heard the diagnosis, I began to see dollar signs. My Envoy had 115,000 miles on it and is ten years old, I was afraid this repair meant it was time to retire it for good. Luckily, my brother made a few taps on his smartphone and ensured me this was a quick and easy repair. Instead of fixing the failed air suspension system in the Envoy, my husband decided to replace the air suspension system with a coil suspension conversion kit.

The photos were taken before, during, and after the coil conversion kit on my 2005 Envoy.

Rear Air Suspension Coil Spring Conversion Kit Choices

When you are shopping for a coil spring conversion kit, it is important to consider all your choices. I found several options when shopping for my coil spring conversion kit. I opted to order the conversion kit and shocks bundle from

Why Consider a Conversion Kit Instead of a Replacement Air Suspension System?

When my Envoy's air suspension first failed, I went online to find out if this is a common problem. Unfortunately, it is. In one forum, a mechanic stated it wasn't a matter of "if" your Envoy's rear end air suspension failed, but a matter of "when" the system failed. This is one of the most common failures that the Envoy is known for. With this in mind, it doesn't make sense to even bother with a replacement air suspension system. With a replacement system, you aren't eliminating the problems with the Envoy's design. Instead, you are setting yourself up for another eventual failure. Not to mention the replacement parts to replace the air suspension system are more expensive and take a bit more effort to install. A coil spring conversion kit permanently fixes the air suspension problem on a GMC Envoy. In my opinion, the coil spring conversion kit has made my SUV easier to handle and has made taking corners much smoother as well. As a bonus, a coil spring conversion kit can be purchased at a fraction of the cost and installs easier.

Choose your conversion coil spring kit wisely

Choose your conversion coil spring kit wisely

Choosing Your Envoy Real End Replacement Parts

After my husband decided the coil spring conversion kit was the right choice for my Envoy, it was time to find affordable parts. After careful consideration, I chose to buy a rear air suspension kit from Strutmasters. Strutmasters has an excellent reputation and the parts are American-made. Additionally, we choose a bundle pack that offered coil springs and shocks. We wanted to buy the shocks at the same time because it would be easy to replace them when the coil springs were added. Since the car is ten years old, it was a wise choice.


Installing a Coil Spring Replacement Kit on a GMC Envoy is Easy

The replacement time took about 20 minutes. I'm grateful and lucky my husband can complete most car repair jobs himself, which saves me lots of money. The installation of the GMC coil spring replacement kit requires nothing but the parts and requires no modification to the car. It took two men 20 minutes to install the coil spring replacement kit and new shocks. To see how easy this installation is, check out the YouTube videos featured below.

Rear Air Ride Suspension Conversion Kit Installation Videos

In these videos, you can see coil spring conversion kits from many different manufacturers being installed on various vehicles. As you watch the videos, you will find that converting an air ride suspension vehicle to coil spring suspension is easy and cost-effective.


Delivers a Smooth, Reliable Ride

I was anxious to drive my GMC Envoy after the coil spring replacement kit was installed. As soon as my husband pulled the car in, I was ready to try it out. I'm happy to report that the conversion kit was a huge success. Not only has my SUV returned to factory height, but it also rides extremely smoothly as well. If your GMC Envoy's air suspension system has failed, I would recommend a coil spring conversion kit rather than a replacement. Not only are you going to receive a better ride, but you can also save yourself money and frustration.

6 Months Later

It's been six months since my rear-end suspension failed on my 2005 GMC Envoy, and I had a Strutmasters coil spring conversion kit installed. All in all, I'm happy with the ride. When we opted for a coil spring conversion rather than spending a ton of cash to repair the Envoy's air suspension system, I was skeptical. A little over six months after the conversion kit was put in place, my Envoy is still riding smooth. The only thing I've noticed is that my SUV is a bit noisy. Every once in a while, it will get squeaky, but it isn't anything that would hold me back from doing it again.

1 1/2 Years Later and Envoy Is Still Going Strong

I'm happy to report that it's been over 1 1/2 years since my husband and BIL repaired the failed air suspension on my Envoy by replacing it with a spring coil conversion kit and the SUV is still going strong. The only thing I have noticed since the coil conversion kit has been installed is that my car is a bit squeaky at times. The squeaking doesn't bother me. But sometimes a passenger will mention it, which reminds me that it is there. With the money I saved by opting for a conversion kit, I'm happy to accept the squeaking.

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