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Troubleshooting Car Front Suspension and Wheel Problems from Noises or Rumbling Sounds

Updated on March 21, 2016

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Unusual sounds when the car is moving.

An unusual noise or sound coming from your car when you are driving usually means one thing. Money!

Before you rush off to the dealership or workshop mechanic to troubleshoot the problem, consider this.

Many mechanics are just lousy trouble-shooters, so it is a good idea to have a bit of information yourself first.

You have probably had this experience before.

Your car makes a noise, and the mechanic keep replacing parts without finding the source of the problem, or replaces several parts that do not need replacing before he finds the problem.

Most motor mechanics who do this will tell you your car needed all those parts replacing when the truth was that he just kept replacing parts at your expense until he found out what was wrong.

This happens often unfortunately with suspension and engine/drive-train problems.

It is also common after an accident when guesses are made as to which components are bent or have been stressed.

Is this your motor mechanic?
Is this your motor mechanic?

My biggest challenge in running my mechanical businesses was always finding top mechanics.

To give you an idea of how hard that is, one business I rebuilt for a client had 13 mechanics. I replaced 9 of them!

That's the real world. I needed quality mechanics and had to source them even from other countries. Incidentally I was able to replace the 9 mechanics with 7 who did twice as much work in half the time, and the repair quality saved the business from certain bankruptcy.

After many years in this industry I still marvel at the pure bulldust mechanics tell their customers and get away with.

If you are a follower of my car articles you will know that I try to teach non-mechanically minded people how to avoid getting ripped off by the motor industry.

It is very useful to be able to troubleshoot your car problem from the noises it makes. It is not as hard to do as it seems if you understand it.

Firstly, look for the obvious,

  • Have you driven over something that could have damaged your car?
  • Have you been the only driver ... or could someone else have bumped something?
  • Have you hit a curb a bit hard?
  • Hit a really big bump that made your suspension make a loud "thunk" noise?

Any of these events could cause your wheels to go out of alignment. When the wheels are not aligned you will get a lot of tire noise.

Two totally different tire noises are common.

  1. A normal tyre rumbling noise on the highway, but much loader than usual, or coming from one side of the car only, usually the one closest to the curb.
  2. A screeching sound when you go around corners even slowly.

Other suspension noises.

If you hear a constant rumbling noise coming from one front wheel, that changes as you go faster or slower, it will often be a worn wheel bearing. No big deal to repair except on 4wd vehicles, where it can be expensive.

The other cause of this noise is exclusive to front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive vehicles, and is a bit tricky to pick.

Drive joint noise. CV joints or short shafts. They all have universal joints that can make noise when worn out.

A quick way to see if a front wheel drive vehicle has worn out CV joints is to drive the car in a tight circle and listen for a clicking sound. The clicking sound means that the CV joint needs replacing. Usually 3 to 4 hundred dollars for both sides. (Always replace both sides)

Tire pressure.

If tire pressure is too low the tire will make a large rumbling sound that will seem to be coming through the vehicle.This will be more pronounced as you increase speed.

This is because the tire is having it's walls destroyed! Put air in it now!

Keeping front tire pressures identical for both sides is essential for good braking.


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    • SomewayOuttaHere profile image

      SomewayOuttaHere 6 years ago from TheGreatGigInTheSky

      so....I know you have many hubs...are you writing about 'bike repairs too?'...I find I'm not taken seriously because I'm a woman...that's my feeling...In the spring, I had my bike in for the same problem 4 times...and they kept replacing things and charging me..the 3rd and 4th repairs they didn't charge me for because they knew they were 'goofing up'. I finally said, please listen to what I'm telling you, etc. etc....and then they finally fixed it and they lost me to another mechanic at half the price too......a friend of mine in Texas and I'm in Canada, told me about this mechanic who works out of his home and really close to where I live - sheesh! He's a mechanic for his employer, but also does work from home...anyway, he's my new guy and I'm so happy with him! You're simple advice rings true to what I went through - it was a totally ridiculous experience. My new guy takes me seriously!....I luv him...LOL!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks for the wise comment SOH.

      I had motorcycle shops amongst my business mix for 30 years, and a lot of my experience of mechanics have been in motorcycles as well as cars.

      We had so many female customers, as we treated them with respect. We also discovered that women could be taught quickly how to look after their motorbikes because they were more attentive listeners. Loved my female customers!

      I have written a couple of hubs about motorcycles and will write more now that you have mentioned it.

      I am certainly able to answer any questions you may have and even suggest some ideas. I have been riding .... and repairing motorcycles since I was a little kid.

      I am happy you found a good mechanic. Your means of finding him was first class. Who knows a good motor mechanic? Another good motor mechanic of course!

    • SomewayOuttaHere profile image

      SomewayOuttaHere 6 years ago from TheGreatGigInTheSky

      Thanks Ernest.....but....I'm riding one of those...what did you call it....a tractor or something like that; a while ago you posted something about my kind of bike, that it rides like it's hauling logs...HD...just poking fun at you! I will take you up on your offer from time to time...pump out those motorcycle hubs too! I'll be your no. 1 fan! Later....

    • jill of alltrades profile image

      jill of alltrades 6 years ago from Philippines

      What an informative hub!

      I have a friend who can "diagnose" what's wrong with a car just by listening to the sound. Unfortunately, I lost touch with him so I don't have anybody to consult anymore. I am now at the mercy the kind of mechanics you are talking about.

      Now I learned some tips in this hub.

      Thanks for sharing Earnest!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      You are most welcome SOH. You have a Harley! That's OK! I know Harleys quite well providing it's not one built before 1928!

      I have written my first motorcycle repair and maintenance hub, it is just a pup, but I will build it into a useful hub in a day or two.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks Jill, there are a lot more tips coming in this hub and the next.

      I am going to cover every major vehicle make worldwide, and that's a lot.

      In the meantime, feel free to ask me anything you like. :)

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for this tip and I will pass it on to my son.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      You are most welcome Hh. Thank you for reading. More tips to come.

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 6 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      Hey Earnest! Have you ever heard the radio show on National Public Radio on Saturday mornings? It's a blast-fun and informative, and mostly about weird noises.

      Sorry I can't remember their names, but it's 2 guys that give real automotive advice with a huge dose of humor.

      Those noises spook me sometimes, but my kid is a mechanic, thank God. It's kinda like having a doctor in the family!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Hi Lorlie. I have never heard the show you mentioned, I am in Australia, but that won't stop me from hearing it I shouldn't think.

      NPR? I'm pretty sure I can get that show off the internet, but it may be on at 3 in the morning here. Nice to have a son who can fix your car problems if you have any.

    • Sa`ge profile image

      Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

      hi earnest; i do no town a car or any vehicle at this time but back when and even now with others peoples cars, I can tell by the sounds coming out of it what area a problem is in although i do not know the names of these areas under the bonnet/hood. this is a very god hub with much information to an area people to do think about. thank you much ~aloha~

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 6 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      I know a lot of people do not even know the different sounds of their brakes.

      Keep on hubbing!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thank you Sa'ge, hearing and recognising car faults takes a lot of learning doesn't it?

      I'm very happy that you liked the hub.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks eovery. I will keep hubbing about cars for as long as my fingers work.

      I already have more hubs finished on troubleshooting car problems.

    • laurika 6 years ago

      hey there, i drive a VW golf 5 1.6 automatic, this night i was driving and i heard coming from the passenger side a funny noise, similar to a clock ticking very fast, but with a more lower pitch. what could that sound be.


    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Hi Laurika. I would need a bit more info as it could be several things. The worst being a CV or constant velocity joint on the way to destruction or a pebble caught in the tread of your tire, it could be other things as well.

      Does it change with road speed? does it get worse when your steering is on full lock? Is it constant? I will be happy to help if you can give me enough data.

    • DYI-GUY 5 years ago

      Hi Earnest, Thanks for the article/hub. I have a 94 Camry that is making a lot of noise in the tire area when costing and the gas peddle is released, but not when accelerating or braking. It is really loud when little bumps in the road are gone over, but again only when costing or when the gas peddle is not pressed. It is not the CV Shaft and the brakes are new (but the rotor). When I jack up the car and try to wiggle the tire it really doesn't move much (it does have some rotational play, but so does my other 2000 Toyota Camry but it does not make any noise) so it does not seem to be the wheel bearing. The noise really is loud and you can feel that vibrating.

      Any ideas?

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      It sound like a loose or worn component in the front end assembly.

      These sort of problems can be very simple or as hard as hell to find.

      First thing I need to know is did it happen suddenly?

      Has someone else been driving the car and hit a curb too hard? (look for bruising of the tire wall, and scuffs on the edge of the rim)

      Because the problem seems amplified when forces are inert, wheel balance and wheel alignment are also possible causes, but is usually although not always felt as a chattering of the wheels with associated noise.

      IS it a droning sound? Check wheel bearings and make sure the disc pad wear is even.

      Let me know how you make out. If none of the above are applicable let me know, and we will attempt to track it down further.

    • Brent Duncan 5 years ago

      Thanks Earnest, it's hard to find someone to trust.

      I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado 2WD. About 3 months ago I noticed a faint thumping sound, seemingly coming from the front driver side wheel area. It has become progressively worse during those 3 months, where there is now a slight vibration in the ride of the truck. The noise speeds up as I go faster, and slows down when I do. I don't recall hitting any large potholes, and the air pressure is correct.

      Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks Brent,

      I'm thinking a couple of things.... and they all revolve around what you said about the sound speeding up when you do which means it involves only that which rotates.

      As there is no drive to the front wheels, you only have the disc pads and the wheel bearing that are moving parts that would contribute to the sound, making it easy to track down.

      If you are sure which side the noise is on, jack that wheel up and see if it spins quietly. Look at the disc for any mark in one spot only and see if the wheel is running quietly on the wheel bearing. If the disc pads have some thickness left in them, (see my hub on brakes for pics) and they are not the cause of the sound, check the wheel bearing nut tension, and if it is incorrect from the factory it will probably need a new bearing, as they wear out quickly if set at the wrong tension, or if the bearing has been badly packed with grease.

      Don't replace the bearing if it is warn unless you know how to deal with the sensors. You will need to disconnect the battery and take fluid out of the brake reserve cylinder if you do it yourself and a manual would be a good idea. If I've missed it, stay in touch, we can work it out, but from what you explained it is brakes or wheel bearing.

    • Chris 5 years ago

      Hi Earnest, I have a VW Golf Mark 4 which sometimes drifts a little to one side. At first I thought the tracking was out. I noticed the insides of the front tyres are worn and on the passenger side, if I run my hand round the tyre, one way is smooth, the other way it has ridges. I jacked the car up and the wheel moves slightly from side to side so I suspect a worn bearing, but there's no noise. That wheel did hit a curb hard a while back but it's had new tyres since then, so it's not tyre related. Any thoughts?

      Great article by the way.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Absolutely! I would be looking for a tie rod end or ball joint that is loose or worn.

      The wheel alignment is probably changing under load, thus the tire feathering.

      This sort of feathering usually means toe-out. The wheels are pointing out when you are traveling. Get someone to sit in the car and move the wheel from side to side while you look at the ball joints to locate any movement. Check the front end to ensure it is not loose anywhere else. You should be able to find this problem easily enough.

    • Chris 5 years ago

      Cheers Earnest. I'll checked that out.

      Thanks for quick reply.

    • Dawn 5 years ago

      My car sounds like an air plain when I drive - only when tires rotate. I put two new tires on and rotated however it still sound like I'm ready for take off please advise

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Dawn which aeroplane noise are you hearing? What type of car is it?

      A wheel alignment may be needed if it is tire noise.

    • Owen 5 years ago

      Hi Earnest,

      I really hit the curb very hard before, and now i can hear the noise coming from the right passager side( rear one) when the car slowly go over the curve or something uneven. But when the car speed go up ( after 30 km/hr), the noise is gone. I drive Benze ML 500. Some one in the indpendence shop said it is bushing problem. And a guy from dealer said it is ball joint problem.( by the way, i pack my car and shake it I can hear the same noise. Please give me your advice. Thanks a lot!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I would be looking under the car while someone shakes the wheel. If the wheel itself has movement then you have probably damaged the wheel bearing.

      It is more likely that the ball joint has collapsed than a bush damaged. Examine the aluminium suspension unit itself, as they have been known to break.

      If a suspension bush is damaged you will see that it looks a little different to the other two bushes, and you will be able to see it by putting a lever against it and moving it.

      Good luck, if you have any more data such as mileage I can offer some other possible suggestions.

      High mileage introduces more factors.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Just one more thought. Check the shock absorber.

    • owen 5 years ago

      Thanks for your advice, the mileage is 85000 km; I drove around 10000km after I hit the curb before; I did not hear the noise since I always close the window.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      You are most welcome any time Owen

      85000 is not a very high mileage, so I would think the suggestions made should cover it.

    • tw 5 years ago

      hi earnest,

      i hit a pothole the other day while during a corning going 5-10 km/h and how when i turn my steering wheel there's a cracking sound from my front passenger side. It only really happens when im turning from a complete stop. I was thinking i may have knocked it out of alignment, but im not sure?

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      If the car is front wheel drive, I would check the constant velocity joint. (CV joint) It may be damaged.

      A good way to test to see if it is the CV joint is to drive the car on full steering lock both left and right. If the noise is louder on the wheel you hit you may have damaged the joint. If your car is rear wheel drive I would check the disc shield plate (if it has one) or look for crushed rollers in the wheel bearing or a crack in the bearing sleeve.

    • marviann 5 years ago

      I have a rumbling sound only when I have the car moving. Had it checked out and was told the tires are worn on the outside edges. That doesn't seem right to me. I fear it sounds like it is coming from the wheels.

    • melmen 5 years ago

      hey i was having trouble with my vs commodore when when i reverse out of parking bay and do full turn out it makes a loud screeching sound like somethings rubbing, im not sure what it is

    • CLIFF 5 years ago

      Hello, I have a '02 Hyundia Sonata. Driving down the road at speed it sounds like it is reving really high but the RPM;s are normal. This noise goes away when I turn the wheels to the right. The breaks feel like the pump when appling the breaks also. Any ideas?

    • SEOdigg profile image

      SEOdigg 5 years ago from Berlin

      You are now prepared to obtain even wanted recent sports car. You may have figured out how nowadays that purchasing a replacement automobile gets a large amount of studies and therefore preliminary prep work, while you maintain you spend the right few hours weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of many models in regards to your needs and spending.

    • seth 5 years ago

      when I make a left turn my wheel hub makes a sound as if "someone is shifting in a leather couch".. it also makes this sound when going over a bump..what is it

    • Jay 5 years ago

      I have a 2007 Camry that has started making some noise at higher speeds similar to the sound a washing machine drum makes. My first thought is that it is either the wheel bearings or CV joint. When I drive it in a tight circle it does make a slight grinding noise but no "clicking" or "clanking" sound. However it does feel like it leans a bit more than it normally would. A mechanic that drove it seems to think it could bs the tie rod, but I'm not so sure. Suggestions?

    • erica 5 years ago

      Hello sorry from my English .Il try be as understandable i can i can. I hear a noise from in my car, its like coming from the back when you put things, shopping bags etc and they moving , but its not, its like coming front right side car especially in lower speed.its not the suspensions. the noise is not big more annoying i guess.something something moving or something not in its place.

    • Jay Risner 5 years ago

      If I have a bad wheel bearing on the right side of my car, would the rumbling noise be somewhat inconsistent? The reason I ask is that the right tire is rubbing and wearing faster than normal and its causing unusual wear patterns on the outside edge of my front tires. Does this sound right or is it something else? I've replaced several parts on my front and I have had 3 new sets of tires along with 3 front end alignments. Please help me!

    • amber 5 years ago

      Hi Earnest im hearing a noise like a sqeakn on a bed and it sounds out when im going over a bump and its coming from my front wheels,so please could you tell me what that is?Thank You.

    • Sue 5 years ago

      I drive a 2002 Jeep Liberty with just under 200,000 km’s. Over the last few months I noticed a noise that appears to be coming from the front end when driving a low speed (50km/h and less). Noise sounds like a loud “whoop whoop” and only occurs after vehicle has been driven for a while, i.e. after I've driven it for at least 30 minutes. It’s especially bad after I’ve driven the vehicle on the highway and then start slowing down again. Took it to the dealership a few times, they first suggested it was a noisy wheel bearing which I had replaced but made no difference. They then thought it was tire noise as my tires were starting to wear down. Just put a brand new set of winter tires on and noise is still there. Service suggests that everything is ok with my car, except passenger balljoint has some play which they recommend replacing in next 6 months. Any suggestion what this noise could be related to?

    • harry 5 years ago

      my vw jetta when the wheels are straight & u watch the car from the front the left wheel is more out by lets 1/4 of an inch what U suggest bro the ball joints cradle bushins & tie rods are good

    • ZAS profile image

      ZAS 5 years ago

      I just had a nightmare situation with my car that I believe is winding down to a happy ending, so this was great timing to run across this awsome hub. What I just could not get past without commenting though was your choice in photos! It is perfect! I believe you have the actual photo of my former mechanic. I will be able to laugh now every time I think of this most recent "bad mechanic" experience I had just by visualizing this photo.

    • angie1125secret 5 years ago

      Hello, I have a 2000 chevy prism and it is making a huge thump when I go over any even really small bumps in the road. Its a really loud noise and it is coming from the rear. If it is the shocks? Is this expensive to fix? Also recently my muffler fell off when I was coming off an exit on the highway. A kind person stopped and tied it up for me so I could get it home. The next day I took it to a gas station and the welded the metal together for me. Wasn't sure if this could be related. Id really appreciate any advice you can give me. I also failed inspection but that is another story. I think that problem is one of my sensors... Every so often when I press on the gas to accelerate the car will pause for a few seconds then kick in. Doesn't happen very often though...Very overwelmed, please help!

    • starclif51 5 years ago

      i had a flat tire on the road state trooper call for tow and they fix the tire i took the car and had a tire put on it and drove the car and noise was loud like i had a flat again check tire and none of the bolt were tight and one lug and post that lug go on is missin - i tighten lugs and noise stop but now i have no post to put lug on it is broken should tire place be responsible or is this just something i have to deal with

    • PAUL 5 years ago

      I have a 98 Honda Accord Coupe that is making a loud squeeking noise on the front driver side. I have changed the bushings on both sides and was wondering if it could be the links or the struts? If I press down on the hood it makes the noise, and if I turn my steering wheel as well. It will also make the noise when I am driving. Any ideas what this could be?

    • Randy 5 years ago

      I have a 2006 GMC 1500HD that has a rub sound coming from the front end. It does not guess worse or better as I drive but if I turn to the left even slightly it stops??? I let it go back and it starts again. Any ideas?

      Thanks for the time,


    • Front end noise 5 years ago

      I have a 2003 Dodge ram 4x4, it was fine until I engaged the 4wd unit to show my wife and when I put it back into 2wd its making a rattling noise like something is loose..its worse when I hit rough road or a pot hole! I can only explain it as like excessive shaking but just the sound not the vibration..ive had the wheels rebalanced and rotated, Im confused!!

    • Woman driver 5 years ago

      E, your article is great. I hit a kerb doing u turn; scraped alloy trim, passenger front wheel. Now have a clunking noise which accelerates & decelerates with speed. Booked into garage next week. Hubby says I shouldn't admit to mechanic, as just had service done & they changed brake pads & discs. Maybe he thinks they will sort something for nothing. But I see no point in not being honest. Any idea what I may have done. (Nissan Note)

    • pearcy66 5 years ago

      I have replaced the front wheel bearing drivers side right hand drive and there is still a noise but not as noisey as before

    • pearcy66 5 years ago

      Oh its a bmw E36 rear wheel

    • Linda 5 years ago

      I just had the upper ball joints on both sides of my car (2000 Plymouth Breeze) replaced and a front end alignment. The car was making a groaning sound in the front left wheel area. The sound disappeared for a couple days, now it is back. I paid over $700 to get these repairs done. Any suggestions as to why the noise continues.

    • Amber 5 years ago

      My 2001 Ford Explorer was running fine this morning, then out of the blue this afternoon whenever I turn left or right, it makes a thumping noise "loud" that I can feel. What might this be?

    • mevans611 4 years ago

      I have ford five hundred which has been sitting for two months, I was happy it started right up, could see rust on brake pads, then started driving and could hear noise from wheels (scraping noise) then apply brakes and noise got worse. I know the brakes are fine but could the rust on then from not driving be making the noise and how do i get rid of that sound.

    • Wiki 4 years ago

      Hi I have a 2006 ford mustang and it makes this rumbling sound when I drive it on an uneven road or a bumpy road but no sound when I drive it on a straight road, I changed the front suspensions but the noise is still there....any help....

    • peruanita 4 years ago

      hi Ernest. i took my 2007 honda fit to the dealer for a service. they have this deal to check your car to see is everything is okey and give you a free writing vehicle inspection print out, they told me i need to replace the 2 lower control arms, front suspension. you have to understand that this dealer always saw my car car from day 1. had all service that need it because of the honda care i purchase when i bough the car. well i ask him how bad it is and he didn't want to tell me but he gave me the consecuenses if i don't fix it. and i ask him to explain to my with i picture where is this part located. he take me to the part departament wich is in the same building. the parts manager told him that the part he is requesting to explain to my is not only the lower controling arm, this part is one unit. so they where talking about complete unit for the 2 side of the front car. the service guy mention on his recommendation about " compliance bushing". I ask him how bad is this. and he didn't want to tell me . and i ask him if is leaking and he said not. that's the only answers. well i am taking my car for a second opinion where i bough my tires, i don't know if they will tell me. they usually do balancing and rotation for my tires for a long time. the thing is when i talk to my service advisor at the dealer he told me that i am so lucky this parts last me this long time. are those parts usually need to be replace sooner or is about time to consider changing them? can you please give me you opinion. are they very dangerous that need to be replace? i forgot to tell you that my car have 2 bed wheels i remember. that's another issue but for you diagnose may help. thank you

    • donald weston 4 years ago

      My car is a 2007 pontiac g6 and my problem is I have left to right wobbleing in my front end at any speed. What is my problem? I even can feel it in the steering wheel. It starts slow and speeds up as speed increases.

    • brian 4 years ago

      i have a 95 thunderbird that when i turn to the left i hear a clunk and my drivers wheel shifts out of alignment. my tie rod end is bent a little but when watching it as tire is turned it don't sound like its coming from there and i see nothing shift. what could be another possible cause? email is if you could email me suggestions also

    • leeanna559 4 years ago

      i hav loud squeaking noise on 94 lincoln towncar. sounds like a bed that needs 2 b greased. changed da shocks n still he noise is ther. please help i dnt kno much bout crs

    • Cindee77 4 years ago

      Hi, my Dodge Ram 1500 is making a noise that sounds like the hood is loose but it's not. The only thing that's been done to the truck is my boyfriend changed the brakes and caliper on the rear drivers side and forgot to bleed it. The noise only happens when driving, is not constant and doesn't get worse or better while pushing on the gas or brake. Hope you can help. Thanks

    • Abraham 4 years ago

      I have replaced my turbocharger for Audi A4 2000 model 1.8 with a brand new one When I release my accelerator i hear a thud noise on the side where the turbo is mounted. Under 2000rpm i don't hear the noise. The turbo is boosting bt the noise worries. May you advise

    • brandy 4 years ago

      I have a slight vibratiom in the front end when I go 40_ 50 ,miles what could this be? My gas nozzle is loose can the mechanics tighten it?

    • joe lee 4 years ago

      i curbed my car, and i replaced the tire, but now the drive shaft clicks when i turn right and theres rumbling noise when the car is going straight or turning right, what to do?? please help its my first car :(

    • mayet 4 years ago

      hi ernest. ive read ur artice. maybe you can help me. You are wright about troubleshooting of some mechanics without finding the main problem. I had problem with my car that can be find by my mechanic and just keeping relacing parts but don't fix the problem. Theres a sound coming from under that sounds like i don't know a metal bumping to each other or a rolling metal whenever passing bumpy road specially on slow speed. what could it be? ball joints and shocks have been replaced but the problem remains. What should i do? Thanks in advance and More power.

    • James 4 years ago

      Im having problems with my 2008 dodge charger 3.5 l. I hear and feel a Loud snapping sound coming from underneath the car It feels like it is coming from right infront the driver seat but underneath I took to dealership and had the front end of the frame repositioned and bolts re torque as they told me that was the problem and it has been fixed and they advised me to put new tires on so I did. Drove the car off lot got a few blocks and the snapping sound is still there I called

      The dealer and told them they told me to drive for a few days see if problem goes away? There is clearly a problem and I don't trust any one but dealerships to work on my car what could this problem be mostly happens when I'm changing lanes break hard or turn to the left. New ball joints and tie end rods and they say everything is tight and good

    • Ddugan 3 years ago

      There is a noise in my front passenger lower dash. I hear it when turning. It sounds like a can of spray paint. The ball inside that mixes it. I also have a rushing water sound in the dash upon accelerating and when turning. Is my heater core broken? Could there be a piece of it rolling around in there?

    • shirley 3 years ago

      I had my car works on today at pep boys. it was very quiet before and when I picked it up, I felt a difference when I started it. I could feel it in the gas peddle and the noise is really loud. I took it back and they said everything is fine. not? what can I do?

    • Santos Ramil profile image

      Santos Ramil 3 years ago from Cairns, Queensland, Australia

      Hi Ernest,

      I have a Hyundai IX35 2010 model making noise (not so loud but you can hear inside the car) while running over speed bumps (thug thug) also when turning left in low speed (5km) ,been to the dealership 5 times they changed strut mouting tighting up bolts and nuts of subframe that's according to the tech report that they gave it to expected the problem didn't fix and the mechanic foreman told me that the running over speed bump noise is normal which is "BS" and un accepted. I sprayed silicone grease (upon my desperation to solve the problem) on both sway bar bushing but didn't fix the problem. Do you think the running over speed bump noise and turning to the left noise are related? I jack up the car checked the left front wheel (3 o'clock and 9) moved side to side there is a little bit of movement and very little (thug thug) noise Im not sure if coming from the tie rod. do you that's the culprit?

      Please give me some advise, thanks in advance.

    • Jz 2 years ago

      I bought a used 2010 Q5--- I noticed there is thumping noise that's coming from the driver side in thr front , then when I turn the steering wheel turning left, it makes a crackling noise-- it comes & goes that to me is odd! Brought it to the dealer but unfortunately it would do it while I was driving with the mechanic! I noticed though that there's scratches on thr front rims

    • New to Canada 2 years ago

      Hi Ernest! My car is making a propeller like sound. It sounds louder when it goes to faster velocities, no matter what gear it is on (yes, it is a manual car). The car is a 2003 Toyota echo, and just got serviced on Friday. They told me it needed some pieces to pass the inspection. They replaced both front control arms and the rear axle assembly bushing. I brought it back to the garage today, they filled up the tires which were a bit low on air and told me it was fixed. I left when they closed and went for a ride. The noise is more subtle now but it is still there. I am bringing it in tomorrow. Any advice or theory about what can be the problem? I really think it is from something in the suspension that is not well installed, but I would appreciate to have an expert opinion from somebody that is not trying to rip me off... New in the city and don't have a trust worthy mechanic yet...

    • Kayla 21 months ago

      I just had struts shocks and cv joints changed in front of my Nissan Altima the front wheel on drivers side bounces when I'm in drive what could be wrong

    • Lori 19 months ago

      My daughter had a seizure and wrecked her car. We are wanting an idea to find out if its fixable and if it will be too much to fix it. She drove a 2007 Scion TC. She had her seizure and went up the concrete median a bit. They had to use a wench to get her car off the wall. It isn't driveable. The front 2 wheels are going outward and 1 of the wheels is dangling. What are your ideas on this?

    • Norm 18 months ago

      My 2002 Honda Accord shakes when i apply my brakes. I change the front rotors and pads and the car still shakes when i try to stop. i also rotate the tires and i'm still having the same problem. This vehicle only vibrates when i'm stopping.

    • Norm 18 months ago

      Can anyone help?

    • Joe 16 months ago

      I hit a pothole in my 06 Bmw330xi HARD on my front passenger side . Now every time I turn left I hear a thudding noise when I drive straight no problems . A mechanic drove it and said its my axle. I've heard everything a bush control arm along with other things what do you think and how pricey will it be?

    • chafex 9 months ago

      I replaced my engine mounts sometime back after they went bad, actually I got my car with 1 broken mount , and vibration, so I decided to change all the mounts but till today I can't figure out the problem with the vibration which is still there. Could it be that the mounts bolts wernt fitt on their exact possition?

    • Don 9 months ago

      I have a2000 Plymouth voyager I change the ball joint arm and strut an chock and still have a popping noise in the front wheel

    • Pam 8 months ago

      Hi. I bumped a big pothole years back on the passanger side which left both rear nd front tyres teared of and reams badly bend beyond repair. A month ago I replaced front shocks only not the springs, now the car makes the worst noise when I turn like somethingsis falling off from under the car. Its a opel astra 2litre ( 1998. Pls assist it scares me a lot.

    • Helen68 profile image

      Helen68 8 months ago

      Hi, I keep getting a rumbling sound at the back of my Freelander when I go round a corner, not every corner, but it's getting more frequent, I was told it was the tyre wearing unevenly, so changed it, but the noise is still there. Now Iv'e been told it could be the prop shaft and to have it removed as most owners do, or wheel bearings. Who do I trust and is it safe to keep driving?


    • Muriel 5 months ago

      I recently had my front brake discsreplaced and wheel alignment done etc, But when I got my car back it was not the same. When stepping on the brake pedal lightly while going slowly, I can hear a very bad grinding noise coming from the front left wheel. Here is the snag. this ONLY happens if there is no passenger in the car. If there is a passenger in the front, the noise does not happen. I have taken my car back to the brake specialists 6 times! Each time I am told there is absolutely nothing wrong and it might just be a little rust layer forming. Etc. but it is definitely not that. I am beyond frustrated, and very worried that it might be bigger problem that could affect the safety of my vehicle. Do you have any idea what this could be please?

    • Cwallace000 5 months ago

      I was driving one night and I didn't see a turn and I hit the curb and I drove in some bushes and trees idk what exactly but when I got back on the road my car was rattling and shaking felt like my tires were flat and I would hold the wheel and it would not stay straight it kept movingredients side to side and I couldn't drive faster than 15 mph I looked at my car but there was nothing that lookEd to be wrong with it

    • Travis 4 months ago

      I have a 2007 jeep compass and as of the last month I have noticed quite a quick and loud thumping noise (similar to the noise your car makes when hitting the outside emergency white lines on a highway)

      It seems to be coming from the front left passenger side and is mainly heard when the car is at a very low speed and up to around 80km/h, so pretty much all the time. I noticed the noise increased when turning right and the pressure of the car goes to the left tyre, but in saying that, it still makes the noise but less when turning left but it's still constant when driving straight.

    • Brandie 3 months ago

      Hi i have an 01 acura tl was driving home the other night....took the corner too tight and ran over the median (it sticks out too far hard to see even in the day) popped both drivers side tires....parked the day replaced both tires....wasnt parked on a flat surface and the jack fell over while taking off front we jack it back up finish amd drive home....this was 4 days ago no real issues since but today while driving to work (on highway) i hear a lot of rubbing from front passenger wheel....gets worse almost sounds/feels like a flat tire pull off highway to flat....go back on highway noise keeps getting louder now it sounds and feels like im riding on the rumble scared got off highway to take back roads the rest of the way can still hear and feel the noise jus not as intense i notice the noise gets much louder when the road curves to the right....please tell me this is not too expensive to fix....i made it to work thank god but dreading the ride home

    • Charj 3 months ago

      I have a 2004 Dodge Durango. Everything imaginable has been replaced. It only has 128,000 miles and since I bought it new and am the only owner, I know its been taken care of. Over the past couple months, from time to time, the front end is squeaking like an old set of box springs that need replacing. It has new brakes, rotors and shocks.

    • John Hatten 8 weeks ago

      So when I hit a bump the front right tire makes a very loud thub sound is the best way I can describe it but it's every bump! How do I tell if it's the strut or something else?

    • Steven 4 weeks ago

      Excellent article, great advice. I think you just saved me some cash and made me wiser! Worn wheel bearing.

      I work in web development and can relate to all the bulldust that our 'mechanics' talk. Ditto for some doctors!

    • Angel 2 weeks ago

      I was wondering my sonta se 2015 started having a grinding or rubbing sound noise when turning wheel to left and it that pulled to the right and I could not get it to come back over which cause a wreck tonight and new car is now totaled the passanger front tire made griding and so did the left just depends what way I turn

    • Lawrence 8 days ago

      Good day

      I drive VW jetta4 1.6 manual...there's a sound coming from the back wheel, I thought it was shock mountain, I changed that but the sound is still there. It sound like the shocks needs to be replaced, but I replaced these shocks 2 months back....what could be the problem?

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