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Troubleshooting "SYNC With MyFord Touch" Pairing Problems

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The SYNC system lets you adjust the climate controls, adjust audio inputs, and set it up so that you can dial 911 with a single touch.

The SYNC system lets you adjust the climate controls, adjust audio inputs, and set it up so that you can dial 911 with a single touch.

Troubleshoot Your SYNC System

The SYNC with MyFord Touch dashboard operating system in Ford vehicles puts a lot of power at your fingertips on the touchscreen embedded in the dashboard. You can use the navigation system, see the temperature inside and outside of the vehicle, adjust the audio inputs, adjust the climate control settings, and even pair your phone with the system via Bluetooth to make and receive phone calls.

However, pairing your phone with the SYNC system can be cumbersome, and you may have to jump through some hoops to get it to work, even after it looks like everything is paired successfully. This article walks you through what you can do to work through your Bluetooth pairing problem on your own.

The SYNC with MyFord Touch home screen.

The SYNC with MyFord Touch home screen.

Restart Vehicle and Reboot Phone

If the vehicle running SYNC with MyFord Touch was already turned on before you brought your phone within range of the sensor, it's possible the vehicle didn't detect the device. Try resolving the issue by ensuring that both the vehicle and the phone you're attempting to pair with the SYNC system are as close as you can get them to each other. Ideally, the phone should be inside the cab of the vehicle. Turn the vehicle and phone off, and then open and close the driver's-side door to ensure that all of the vehicle's systems are powered down, including SYNC. Wait two minutes after that before turning both back on. After everything boots back up, try pairing the phone with your vehicle's dashboard operating system again.

Disable Bluetooth

Disable Bluetooth within the SYNC with MyFord Touch system. This can be done by doing the following:

  1. Tap "Phone" in the lower left corner of your vehicle's touchscreen.
  2. Choose "Settings" in the list of options that appear.
  3. Select "Bluetooth" and then set the On/Off toggle to "Off."

Disable Bluetooth on the phone you're attempting to pair with your vehicle. Wait for two minutes and then re-enable the Bluetooth functionality on each device. Try pairing the vehicle with your Bluetooth device again.

Other Bluetooth Devices

Ensure that no one else in the vehicle with you has a device that was previously paired with your vehicle's SYNC system. Even if your phone was previously paired with your Ford system, if the other device was the last device in the vehicle that was connected to Bluetooth, the system will pair with that phone instead of your device. You'll need to go into the SYNC Bluetooth settings and choose your phone as the device you want to pair with. If you routinely share a vehicle with someone, it may be in the best interest of both parties to establish one individual who has their phone paired with Bluetooth in that vehicle to spare both of you the headache of having to constantly go into the system settings and re-select their phone so it is paired via Bluetooth.

Remove Phone Battery

Another approach to tackling your Bluetooth pairing problem is to try removing the battery from your phone. Removing the battery forcibly shuts down all processes that are running on your device and dumps the memory cache. As a result, by doing this you may be able to stop running whatever it is on your phone that's preventing you from connecting to the SYNC with MyFord Touch Bluetooth.

Un-Pair Vehicle and Phone

If the SYNC system and phone appear to be paired but you're not able to load your contacts or get the vehicle's Bluetooth to truly work with your device, try un-pairing the devices and repairing them. The pairing may have looked like it worked in the SYNC system, but it may not have actually worked. As part of doing this, after un-pairing the vehicle and the phone, you should also delete the phone you're attempting to pair, and any other devices currently paired with the vehicle, from the SYNC system to ensure you have a clean slate to work with. You can delete paired devices from SYNC by navigating to Phone, Settings, and then Bluetooth devices from the system's home screen.

USB Connection

One of the most irritating parts of the SYNC with MyFord Touch system is how the USB and Bluetooth connections get in the way of each other. For example, if you have a Bluetooth device paired and you are able to successfully listen to audio played through the Bluetooth input over your vehicle's speakers, if you connect your phone to USB to charge it, the vehicle will automatically stop playing your phone's audio through the Bluetooth input. Don't panic. It doesn't mean that your Bluetooth connection suddenly stopped entirely working. You can still make phone calls, but you do have to switch the audio input over to USB if you want to listen to the audio that was being played from your phone, such as a podcast.

Update SYNC Firmware

Ford routinely releases updates to the SYNC operating system. The primary purpose of these updates is to resolve issues associated with updates to phone software that may result in compatibility issues with the SYNC system. If you're still experiencing issues, visit the Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch update page here to see if there's an update available for your system. If an update is available, download it to a USB drive and install it in your vehicle to see if that resolves your Bluetooth pairing issue.

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