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How to Replace the Fuel Door Spring on a Toyota Camry

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Toyota Fuel Door Spring

Toyota Fuel Door Spring

Fixing That Pesky Fuel Door Spring

A part that often breaks on Toyotas is the fuel door spring. Fortunately, this part is easy to replace and can be obtained for under $10. After you replace the spring, you can lubricate the door hinge lightly to allow the door to open and close with less effort.

Toyota fuel door spring retention points

Toyota fuel door spring retention points

The fuel door spring clip has two (2) retention points: one inside the door's lip and the other on the door's hinge pin.

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Gas Door Clip Removal and Installation

Toyota Fuel Door Spring removal points

Toyota Fuel Door Spring removal points

If you can't open the gas door, have someone pull on the gas door release lever inside the car, while you use a plastic card (like a credit card) to pry open the gas door.

With the door halfway open, position a small screwdriver in front of the clip's door hinge pin and pry the clip off the hinge pin. Then pull the rest of the clip off of the gas door's clip lip.

For installation, with the door halfway open, slide the new clip partially within the door's clip lip while at the same time positioning the other end of the clip between the hinge and pin. Then push the pin completely onto the door and snap the rest of the clip onto the hinge pin.

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