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Starter Motor Replacement for Honda and Acura 2.4L I4 Accord, TSX, CRV & Element

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Starter Motor Replacement

This starter motor replacement was performed on a 2009 Honda Accord with the 4 cylinder 2.4L K24 i-VTEC engine. The Acura TSX, Honda CRV, and Element also use this engine - therefore the repair procedure process should be similar. Honda starter motors, when they won't turn over the engine, give the impression that your battery is weak and may need replacement. The extra amperage from a jump start, most of the time, will kick start the starter motor. Always check the voltage and amperage of your battery before deciding to replace it. Honda starter motors weaken with use and age.

The starter motor resides behind the plastic intake plenum and the plenum must be removed to replace the starter. In order to physically lift the plenum away from the engine to get to the starter: the air induction box must be detached and pushed down, the air intake tube detached from the air filter cover and throttle body, and the throttle body detached from the plenum. I was able to complete this repair in approximately 1 hour using my power tools.

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