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Replacing Rear Brake Pads on a Lexus RX350 That Has Electronic Parking Brakes (With Video)

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Parking brake motor attached to the top of the brake caliper

Parking brake motor attached to the top of the brake caliper

Each rear wheel of the RX350 has an electrically powered motor, that when push-button activated locks the rear wheel from moving.

As part of the automobile industry's never-ending quest to supposedly make your driving experience easier and more comfortable, they've added push-button-controlled electric motors to the rear wheels of select high-end cars, for use by both parking brakes and computer-controlled steering correction devices.

So, bye-bye to center-console parking brake handles and parking brake foot pedals. You can now activate and de-activate your parking brakes with the push or pull of a button.

In some cars, these parking brake motors activate when you are driving and find yourself in an uncontrollable over- or under-steer situation. The car's computer, using input from yaw and pitch sensors, will correct steering errors without you even being aware.

So what happens when the motor goes bad after the warranty period has ended? How much will it cost to fix? We'll see, since the technology has been out for only a few years on certain high-end model cars.

Whatever their advantages and disadvantages, these motors complicate the replacement of rear brake pads in these high-end cars.

This article, via video, will show you how to replace the rear brake pads on a Lexus RX350 that has parking brake motors. You'll need an external 12-volt DC power source (like your car battery) with wire to contact the motor's electrical connectors. Applying current will activate the parking brake motor to force a retraction of the parking brake screws. After the screws have retracted, the caliper pistons can then be compressed back into the caliper so it can fit over the new replacement brake pads.

Video: Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service with Electronic Parking Brakes - Lexus RX350

Installing the new abutment clips

Installing the new abutment clips

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