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Project 3VZFE Toyota Corolla

Updated on July 8, 2017
A Camry's 3VZ-FE V6 Motor
A Camry's 3VZ-FE V6 Motor

The Great 3VZ-FE

The 3VZ-FE was a 3.0L (2958 cc) iron block piston motor with aluminum DOHC heads. The bore of this engine was 87.5 mm and had a stroke of 82 mm. The 3VZ-FE output was around 185hp, with up to 189 ft•lbs of torque at a given rpm. The engine had a compassion ratio of 9.6:1. Later versions of this motor had minor updates. The 3VZ-FE was designed to improve low rpm performance and fuel efficiency. The engine was produced from 1992 until 1997. There were JDM versions with different appearances. Production of this motor was very short lived.

Can You Drop A 3VZ-FE Into A Toyota Corolla?

The 3VZ-FE is one of the best engine swaps out there. You can find this motor from the Toyota Carmy, Toyota Scepter or Lexus ES300. The engine is not a direct fit or a true drop in. Yet again, everything is still different including the electronics. All the proper equipment from the donated car including transmission is needed for such a successful swap. The swap requires a lot of customization. Still it's an easier swap than modern V6 swaps. 3VZ-FE swaps were done to many 1992-1995 7th Gen Corollas, Tercels, MR2, and Celicas.

Side View Of A 3VZ-FE Disassembled Long Block
Side View Of A 3VZ-FE Disassembled Long Block

Performance From A 3VZ-FE!

The 3VZ-FE is a perfect candidate for mods. The technology in the engine itself is a lot older and it can be tempered with. The engine is strongly made to support durability. With little head work the engine can produce decent power over stock. Just like any other engine, the 3VZ-FE needs to be rebuild to handle a large sum amount power for a very long time.

The aftermarket for this motor is alive and growing strong. Impressive NA power gains can be achieved from simple add-on mods and port/polish. For quick power gains, the 1MZ-FE TRD Supercharger can be retrofitted on a 3VZ-FE. Like the 1MZ-FE V6, a 3VZ-FE can make monstrous power with force induction. There are already made force induction kits via internet.

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