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Product Review: Audew Tire Inflator / Air Compressor (With Video)

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Testing the Audew Tire Inflator

Testing the Audew Tire Inflator

I've gone through various portable tire-inflating devices throughout my life, and found the following problems:

  • they stop working (because the motor burns out),
  • they pump up the incorrect amount of pressure based on the pressure dial,
  • they take too long to inflate the tire;
  • and they have no auto shut off feature when the desired pressure is reached.

I performed a test on a reasonably priced inflator by a company called Audew and found that the device addressed all the fore-mentioned issues. What was most important to me was the tire inflator reaching the desired tire p.s.i. and doing it within a reasonable time frame. What impressed me the most was that the unit reached the desired pressure setting, shut off automatically, and the accuracy was off by only 0.2 to 0.3 pounds! The inflator pushed 22 p.s.i. of pressure in under 3 minutes.

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The video below show how I performed the test.

Video: Audew Tire Inflator Test / Review

The Audew portable tire inflator

The Audew portable tire inflator

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