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Replacing the A/C Compressor & Condenser on a Lexus ES330

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The Lexus ES330

The Lexus ES330 is based on the 4th generation ES platform. Changes made since the ES300 make air conditioning parts removal a different experience than on the ES300 (the exception being the 02' - 03' ES300, as I explain below). The ES330's a/c accumulator is integrated with the condenser assembly, unlike on the ES300 where it was a separate component. To replace the AC condenser along with the compressor on the ES330, a metal cross member that sits on top of and supports the radiator must be removed.

There might be some confusion because the first example of the 4th generation chassis with new body panels (from '02 to '03) was still called the ES300. The ES300s from this two-year production run had the older 3.0L 1MZ-FE engine, while ES330s, from '04 and up, had the higher-displacement 3.3L 3MZ-FE engine. If you own the '02 to '03 ES300, you cannot use the older version ES300 compressor and condenser ('01 or earlier). In other words, '02 and '03 ES300s use the ES330 AC parts.

The video link below will show you how I replaced both the AC compressor and condenser (with integrated accumulator) on an ES330 from the top of the engine compartment.

If you're going to attempt replacing just the compressor from the bottom of the car without removing the radiator, good luck with that! The work area is too jam-packed with the radiator in the way. If you plan on replacing the condenser, which is highly recommended, you have to remove the radiator.

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This is a full-service repair where I perform an AC evacuation and refrigerant recharge at the end of the video.

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