How To Remove, Clean Or Bypass EGR Valve On Trafic, Vivaro & Primastar Vans

Do you want this in your engine?

This article is about EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valves, their effects on your engine and how to remove and replace them. When I was looking for advice on this, I couldn't find anything specific to my van, which is a Renault Trafic, so I thought I'd write this article.

This is for anyone out there who has a Renault Trafic 1.9dci, Opel / Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9dti, or Nissan Primastar 1.9dci van and wants to know how to locate, clean, replace or bypass the EGR valve.

What is an exhaust gas recirculation valve?

The exhaust gas recirculation valve is attached to the air inlet manifold. Under certain circumstances it opens up to feed exhaust gases into the air intake of the engine.

There are several reasons for this, the first is that it heats the engine up quicker from a cold start, which leads to improved efficiency on short journeys as diesel engines don't run efficiently when cold. The engine also creates less NOx, which is better for the environment.

However exhaust fumes being pumped into the engine means there is less oxygen available, as the fresh air that is sucked in from outside is mixed with exhaust fumes. This leads to sooty carbon build up inside the engine and also has an impact on performance as your engine is using air mixed with exhaust fumes rather than fresh clean air.

A common problem with EGR valves is that they clog up with soot and don't function properly. They are supposed to only be open in certain circumstances and are controlled by the engine management system. If they clog, they can stay open all the time which leads to poor engine performance.

There are several options available to you when it comes to the EGR valve. You can replace the valve with a new one. You can clean your valve with carb cleaner and refit it. Or you can blank or bypass the valve completely. I chose to bypass the valve on my van. This means the van only uses fresh air rather than air mixed with exhaust fumes, which has the benefit of increased performance, better fuel economy and faster turbo spool up. It also means that the engine isn't being clogged up with soot and other crap and I don't mind the engine taking a little longer to warm up on short journeys. As it happens it seems to have made no discernible difference in the time it takes the engine to warm up to operating temperature anyway.

If you have a Renault Trafic, a Vauxhall Vivaro or a Nissan Primastar, then this guide will work as all these vans are essentially the same van with a different badge and all use the same engine. There are several different types of engine available for these vans, this guide covers the 1.9 engine although I will add some pictures of the 2.0 engine later.

To find the EGR valve on the 1.9, first you need to remove the plastic engine cover that rests over the top of the engine (if yours is still attached that is), you then need to look on the top of the engine, to the right of the airfilter box. The valve has a plug going into it, which is the solenoid control wire. To remove the EGR valve, firstly undo the connector, use a screwdriver on the clip to loosen the catch and then slide it off.

Trafic / Vivaro / Primastar 1.9 EGR valve location

How to remove the EGR valve

You then need to undo the three bolts that hold the EGR valve in the manifold. I'd recommend removing the bolt on the right of the airfilter box before you touch the EGR valve. You can then lift the airbox out of the way which will allow you slightly easier access to the EGR valve with your ratchet.

You need a 10mm spanner or socket for both this bolt and the three bolts that hold in the valve. You can undo the top two bolts for the valve with a ratchet with a 10mm socket and an extension bar. I couldn't get access to the bottom bolt like this though and had to use a 10mm spanner as access is just too tight. Once you've got the bolts undone, then half of the EGR valve should easily lift off and out.

Undo these 10mm bolts

Once you've got the first half out, then a screwdriver can be used to gently pry the valve out. It took a couple of light taps with a hammer on mine to get the valve to move, but then it pulled out pretty easily. After it is out, then the first job is to marvel at how much soot and crap there is on there. You can then get your carb cleaner and a rag.

Spray the carb cleaner in the hole where you pulled the valve from and give it a good wipe with the rag. This is a bit awkward so you'll need thin hands. Ideally get your wife or girlfriend to get their dinky hands in there to really reach in and get it clean. If she's away, doesn't fancy getting her hands dirty or you have a fat wife with big hands then you'll need something thin to really get the rag right in there so this is when you need to get in the garage and find a good poking stick to push your rag in there.

After you've scrubbed that out, then give the EGR valve a good spray with carb cleaner. It is amazing how quickly it melts away the soot, but a screwdriver and a rag is still useful to get the caked on bits off.

At this point you can either refit the valve, throw it in the bin if it has shot it or blank it off by putting it back in the hole and turning it 180 degrees. If you do this, then the part at the bottom with the hole, which is the bit that opens and closes to let the exhaust fumes from the exhaust feed at the bottom of the valve into your air intake is now at the top. This means that it won't be able to let any more gases in and out.

If you do this, then you'll need to fit the part that fits into the manifold first, including the gasket, making sure you've turned it 180 degrees when in situ. I pushed it all the way in, then used a hammer to gently tap it round til it was in the right position. Then refit the solenoid part (the part on the right in the picture below) the original way up. All 3 bolts will then fasten back into their original places. This allows you to fit the wire connector and also means that the valve is still connected up the engine management system, which means that the engine still thinks it's working, even though when it opens the valve then no exhaust is allowed through. If you do this, it won't throw an error code.

Turn the EGR this way up on the 1.9 engine to blank it off

The photo below shows what the EGR valve looks like when it has been bolted back into place in the manifold. As you can see the outside part lines up correctly and all 3 bolts go back into their original locations, but the inner section and gasket still seals the EGR valve into the manifold, but the bolt holes no longer line up. The hole at the top is the hole for the bottom bolt, but is now exposed as the inner section has been rotated.

This isn't a problem, the EGR is still airtight and secure. It can take a bit of fiddling to make sure that the inner section is turned at 180 degrees, but you'll get there!

All 3 bolts in place with inner section rotated

After this you're done. If you've turned the valve to blank it off then you should find the van is perkier to drive, with a bit more power and a faster turbo spool up time. Apparently the fuel consumption is improved by around 5% as well. I haven't measured this to confirm it, but any potential increase in mpg is a bonus in my opinion. Plus you know the engine isn't being filled with exhaust fumes, soot and carbon which should lead to longer life and also gives you a nice warm feeling inside.

If you've decided to keep the EGR valve functioning, but have cleaned it all out so it works properly then you can be happy that you're doing your bit for the environment and your engine should now be performing smoothly again.

I have written another guide on how to change the MAF sensor. Once again this applies to Renault Trafic, Opel / Vauxhall Vivaro and Nissan Primastar vans. You'll find a link to it by scrolling down the page.

If you have any questions, or comments, please leave them below. Enjoy your van!

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jason 4 years ago

by turning the EGR 180 degrees the hole don't line up?

how do one get round this?

Many thanks


Jason 4 years ago

Hi again.

By hole I meant the 3 bolts that holds the EGR in place.

I purchased a blanking plate on ebay, and can't see where to blank off? my van is the same as in your second picture. The one with Renault 1.9 dci ? Thanks again


Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, the 1.9 doesn't need a blanking plate. What you need to do is split the egr valve In the middle, at the point where one half fits into the manifold. Mine came apart easily and this means the part that fits inside the manifold is turned at 180 degrees, while the part that sits outside, which has the wire connector attached, fits back the way you found it and all 3 bolts then go back in.

Jim 4 years ago

Hi Great article, I have a vivaro 2.0CDTi 16v (90PS) Euro 5 engine but it dosnt look like any of your pictures. Mine has a plastic cover over the center of the engine, is the EGR valve under this?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Jim, take off the plastic cover and you should find it hiding under there. I had actually forgotten to add in this step as I had taken off my engine cover previously and it now lives in the garage. Now amended!

Jim 4 years ago

Many thanks for your quick response. Will have a look this afternoon. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Rich G 4 years ago

Hi, How doe turning the EGR or blanking the valve off affect the exhaust emmisions when it goes for an MOT? Will it still be within the legal limits or will this cause it to be too high?

Great article though and well written thanks.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, thanks for your comment.

It doesn't make any difference to the MOT tested emissions, however blanking it does increase NOx emissions. As NOx isn't measured as part of the MOT it's not an issue.

Mick 4 years ago

Great article,very well explained.

Can you tell me what way was your van performing before you carried out the repair.

Glen 4 years ago

Hi thanks for leaving such an informative post.

I have a 2005 vivaro it seems sluggish at 1000-1800rpm pre the turbo kicking in. Then it's fine. The revs always dip as I go to pull away so I have to slip the clutch a little to pull away to avoid stalling.

Does this sound like any of the issues you had, prior to cleaning the egr?



Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Thanks Mick, my van was fine beforehand, but it made it a bit perkier. I didn't have any running problems although I know that egr problems are quite common with these vans.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

H Glen, my van was running fine beforehand, I blanked it off for a little extra performance and to stop future problems.

I can't say what the problem is with yours but I have read the boost pressure solenoid is another fairly common problem with these vans do that might be worth looking into.

Alan Cooper 4 years ago

NOx and DPM can be reduced by fitting an Econokit which works better with EGR deactivated.

Noel 4 years ago

I am trying to turn it 180 deg but the holes on the split part that goes into the manifold don't line up with the holes in the manifold? I know the outer part goes back the same way so these are fine. Please help...

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, you need to split the egr valve in two, it just pulls apart, turn the part that fits inside the manifold 180 degrees, then fasten the exterior part into the original bolt holes.

bradley 4 years ago

Hi I have had my Renault traffic to a garage yesterday and my egr valve was clogged rite up so we cleaned it and tested it and it ain't working could I still use this to blank it off ? Also I got told if I carry o. Driving my van how it is now the turbo would blow up in the end would this happen be blanking it off too

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, even if it is clogged and not working, you can still use it to blank off, just take it out, pull it apart, turn the part that fits inside the manifold 180 degrees, put it back in and fit the exterior part of the valve back into the original holes.

Report back after you've done it to let us know how the van drives afterwards.

andrew 4 years ago

I cleaned mine up tonight after reading this guide so thank you! I have a boost problem, no grunt at all below 2k rpm, and it takes ages with the accelerator to get to 2k. Lifting the clutch nearly stalls the van. Help nobody knows what is wrong! I feel like it is an air pressure problem, can you tell me where the vacuum pump is in the 1.9dci please? Apparently there is a port on it which can become blocked.... Thanks again for sharing your great article and piece of tuition

Nick 4 years ago

Hi mate, great article. I did the job and cleaned it all up and got it moving again. Put it back in but the light is still on on the dash.... Any ideas? It's an 03 1.9 dci model and it doesn't look like you can turn it to blank it as the holes will not line up. I have separated the two parts but the holes will not align. Any help much appreciated!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, the holes for the external part will line up if you've split the valve in two, but the internal part will be where it should be inside the manifold but the holes won't line up. It will still block it off perfectly well though

danny 4 years ago

yo man im also interested in where the vac pump is?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, it's under the EGR valve. I'm going to write a guide on how to change/clean it ASAP so check back, I'll take some pics too.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Alan Cooper, I read about Econokits, apparently they do work to reduce emissions, so it wouldn't shock me too if they, or something that works on similar lines is standard kit at some point in the future as I suspect it would be another nice marketing tool for the vehicle manufacturers.

danny 4 years ago

Ur a legend mate cheers

Gavin 4 years ago

Hi thanks for this, one quick question though, on an 08 trafic, if you blanked the egr off would you get an engine management light come up? And is there any risk to the engine? Cheers gavin

gavinduke2002 4 years ago

Hi, great article, on an 08 2.0 traffic would you expect to get an engine management light appear after blanking the egr off and are there any possibly damaging effect to the engine by blanking it off (people on the web keep referring to higher temperatures?)

Cheers, gavin

dave 4 years ago

Many thanks for the info. My engine went into limp home mode for a short while yesterday 25/08/2012. Thanks to your information located and cleaned egr but have left it fitted the same way around as found it to be an easy job to clean out myself every 8-10 k miles.

Great info.


Jimbo 4 years ago

My ex AA 06 Vivaro was gutless and black smoked a lot, I rotated the EGR valve 180 as described above and it's transformed it! It's stopped smoking and flies along now! Cheers!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Jimbo, good to hear it!

iain ecosse 4 years ago

great article,,il now proceed to clean my egr,,and refit,,,keep up the good work,

this is what we need for the trafics,,,


steve6176 4 years ago

hi mate great post my ren traffic 1.9 has a severe lack of power, it wont rev above 2500rpm would inverting the valve cure this problem or could it be faulty injectors or possibly the deisel filter that needs changed



Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

steve6176, that could be several things but the first thing I would try is to clean or change the MAF as that sounds like a fairly common fault related to the MAF. It could well be something else though, but it's certainly worth checking and I have written an article which you'll find below on exactly how to do that. While you're at it then invert the EGR valve as that will do nothing but help. The boost solenoid would be next on the list to check if it's not the MAF. Good luck!

Danny-C 4 years ago

How u get on with the vacuum pump I'm interested in this thinking of having a look at mine after sorting my egr out same problem no go before the turbo but it runs smoothly thanks

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Danny, vacuum pump is on the list, am working through the van, will try to put a how to list up for all the common problems. I just do it in my spare time but I'll get to it sooner or later.

steve6176 4 years ago

thanks for the advise mate, looking forward to more of your posts



keithf1980 4 years ago from liverpool

im really sorry and don't wish to come across to thick but my vivaro 2.0 cdti 115 bhp looks nothing like any of these is the egr at the front or back of engine ie do i need to take front end off to get clear access kind regards keith

steve6176 4 years ago

read your article on the maf and ive inverted the egr valve and cleaned the maf, sadly no difference still not revving above 2500rpm, is the boost solenoid serviceable or do you need to replace it mate, plus the glow plug warning light comes on now and again,

any more advise would be gratefully appreciated



Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Keithf1980 , I know this might sound daft, but you probably need to take the engine cover off first! The engine looks completely different once the cover comes off. Look on the right of the engine as you're leaning into the van and you should find it.

locknloaded81 4 years ago

Thanks for this Rain, really useful hub.. so glad i visited your hub.

bernie 4 years ago

hi . great information. after turning the egr valve around doe's the lambda sensors become redundant ie not functioning

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Thanks Ian Tinley, I think a vice, some wd40 and a hammer would solve all of your problems. If you can leave the wd40 to soak in for a couple of hrs, then even better.

Ian Tinley 4 years ago

Hi Again. Thanks for your quick reply. I've now split the EGR. I've replaced the half that goes into the namifold but the 3 bolt holes on the manifold are covered by the flange on the ERG which is in the manifold. This means I can't bolt back the other half which contains the electrical connector. Whilst this half isn't needed the half in the manifild is unsecure. What am I doing wrong? Help!!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Bernie, the lambda sensor isn't connected to the EGR valve so will function as normal.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Ian, when you turn the inner part 180 degrees, the inner bolts don't line up, but the gasket still seals the EGR. The bolts that do line up are on the outside part. I have added a picture to illustrate.

adam 4 years ago

hi. great article. :) i have a renault traffic 1.9dci 52 o3 plate. the van chugs and wants to stall while driving. then the orange engine management light comes on and glow plug light. they flash and want to stall. i have to put loads of revs on to save the stall. then 30seconds later it chugs again. cleaned the egr and it seems to be sweet as a nut for 3days. but then the same. shall i blank this? or is this not the problem anyway. hmmm thanks :)

Brian 4 years ago

Lovely job, just done the job on our service van as you have described and the amount of crap that came out of the inlet manifold was ridiculous! The van is like a new motor thanks a lot!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Thanks Brian, good to hear it worked out for you!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Adam, there are various things that could cause this but I see no harm in turning the egr to block it off and seeing how you get on. Check all your hoses are on tight. The maf is probably the next step to try if you carry on having issues.

Ian Tinley 4 years ago

Thanks.Slight delay in my reply. However, i've now rotated EGR as described. The car runs beautifully. No power loss whatsoever. Thanks so much for all your help.


Robert Govus 4 years ago

Hi I have a 57 plate ex police van so should be well maintained.

The glow plug light and service light come on intermittently and the van losses power. To overcome this I re-start the van the lights go out and normal service resumes.

Had the van services approx 4 months ago has been fine until now.

still runs really well.

Can anyone help.



Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

First step should probably be to get the codes read. That is going to help to track down the problem.

Robert Govus 4 years ago

Thanks for that.

I have been to Vauxhall they said they can put it on the code machine but as the codes (lights ) don't stay on it could end up pointing to a number of things.

Was thinking of having the EGR valve stripped down first.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

The ecu stores the code though so it will point you in the right direction. Clean the maf and egr though first for sure, you have nothing to lose as its pretty easy to do both.

beardonkey 4 years ago

Hi ive been told that you cant fit a blanking plate to a vivaro 2.0dti is this the correct info ? and if not can you tell me the best place I could buy one please thanks

rob edwards 4 years ago

hi really usefull article.

As in a few comments my 53 reg primastar was running ok but a bit sluggish sometimes, so i thought i would try blocking off the egr valve via your instructions. job went ok and i took it for a run after but engine management light came on and lack of power at normal running temp. i then took it apart again and and put the valve back as it was, now it has lack of power, no engine management light and huge black smoke when i accelerate. MAF looked ok and clean and air filter is pretty new. help please

Arron 4 years ago

Hi, seen few people on here saying 2.0 115 dci engine has different placement of egr, I think it's behind inter cooler rad. Different place to 1.9 bolted onto throttle body, any ideas on how to clean this version? Thank

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

I haven't done one of those. My mate is probably getting one of those for his next van so if he does it'll be worth having a go at his and taking some pics.

john 4 years ago

hi mate can't find your link to cleaning the maf?? any ideas?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, just scroll down and you'll see it as a related article on the right, near the bottom. Cheers.

neaudd1 4 years ago

Hi, Just followed your instructions .

Cleaned all the Crap from inlet manifold and turned the EGR valve .

And WOW what a difference Van runs like when it was new .

Keep up the Good work.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Neaudd1 I'm glad it helped, thanks for the comment.

needawee 4 years ago

Brilliant, fixed the problem, you're a star. God bless you mate.

kerry 4 years ago

Thankyou sooooo much, you are a legend. Vans been so bad the last 6 month that it started to depress me. turned egr 180, after a good clean, now goes like a rocket. Im so happy !

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Hello Kerry, thanks for the comment, I'm glad it's sorted your van out.

Anthony 4 years ago

If i bypass the egr valve will it pass the emissions test when it goes in for the doe.

Anthony 4 years ago

I forgot to mention when i accelerate and put the pedal to the floor the engine just cuts out,no sputtering just cuts out when i turn ignition off and back on and lift the clutch in gear it starts up again,i replaced the air flow meter and it sorted the sluggish problems on take off but not the cutting out problem,does this sound like an egr problem. Thanks

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

Anthony, I can't guarantee that cleaning or bypassing the EGR valve will solve this problem, but I can't see what you have to lose by trying it as it is free, easy to do and will be done within about 30 minutes. If it works then let us know. Bypassing the EGR valve will not affect the emissions as the gases it affects are not measured at test time.

Steven 4 years ago

After reading this , I have replace new EGR and fuel pressure solenoid . It still stalling after few mins at traffic , it all started after I replace fuel pipe from fuel filter where I found leak . . I also clean MAF . Should I replace MAF ? Or other ? Thanks

tom 4 years ago

hi , I seem to have come to the right place ,my 04 Primastar started to drop the revs while driving and putting on a dashboard warning light ,2 coils . If I quickly turn off and on the ignition the light goes off and the power returns however this has got more frequent , every 1/4 mile. I have just fitted a new MAF and the van wont put the revs passed 2000 so I had to take the lead off to get home.Ihave the van outside with the battery disconnected to see if the brain will recognise the new part when I reconnect it . Don't know if this is necessary have you any other suggestions.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK Author

I can't guarantee this is the problem, but I have read about this problem before and it has been solved by replacing the boost pressure solenoid. First thing to do is to check all the pipes etc are connected correctly as one may have come off or split. The solenoid is near the battery. I think I'll write an article about how to replace it including pictures of the thing when I get time.

rhw1973 3 years ago

i tried this on my mates megane 1.9 dci.. same engine and egr but different inlet..i could only get two bolts back in but works tip id say.... .ill see how it goes for him for a while then maybe ill do my vivaro too..

you seem to know about these engines so maybe you could tell me why in the morning the van starts fine but is totally unresponsive to throttle movement for up to 20 seconds....then its fine for the day...?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I'm not an expert on these engines, just a keen amateur. I've read about this before though, apparently If these have an injector fault the ECU stops the engine from revving whilst it checks itself. It may not be the injector though, if the sensor connector in the fuse box is furred up then cleaning it can solve the problem.

Remove the coolant expansion bottle, there is a black lid, remove that too.

In the fuse box there will be a big blue connector and a smaller black one next to it, near the wing. disconnect them, check for corrosion, spray with elec contact cleaner, rough up with emery board or similar, don't break anything, put it all back together and see if that fixes it.

Ponke Prinsen 3 years ago

there arer still no pictures of the 2.0 ltr

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi, I don't have any pics of the 2 litre as I don't have a 2 litre van, mine is a 1.9. I only make these articles as a hobby and to help people out, I'm not a professional and don't have access to different vans with different engines. If I ever get hold of a 2 litre van, I'll take pictures and update the article, but I don't know when that will happen.

denis 3 years ago

hi Denis here my van is 03 1.9 model when i'm taken of it seems like the hand brake is still up it so sluggish all of the time when taken off another probable that those happen now again is engine management light come on feels like the turbo is not kicking in. some times it goes off it self wheni'm driving or i just turn van off my self and it goes off. i took EGR valve out and i couldn't be leave all dirt that was in there. i cleaned it and turned it around like you said but there was still no change in the van been sluggish when i'm taking off is there any thing else i could try. thanks denis

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi Denis, the best bet would be to get the codes read by a garage to see what is causing the engine management light to come on. I can't say for certain, but the things that often cause rough running on these vans are the EGR valve, the MAF sensor and/or the boost solenoid not working properly.

If you have cleaned the EGR, then cleaning the MAF is the next step and won't cost you a penny. It might not fix the problem, but you have nothing to lose by trying. I've done a quick guide on how to clean or replace the MAF, it's linked in the main article. If this doesn't solve the problem, then get the codes read as the next step. Hope you get it sorted!

kersley 3 years ago

I followed your steps and now my van is running without a trail of black smoke behind me and runs faster than my car.

This article is well explained and priceless. Thank you very very much.

Why not add a Paypal donate button?? most of us would be happy to donate a few quid.. Rather than paying those online experts telling I need new injectors

Thanks again..

ponke prinsen 3 years ago

sorry mate, of course it's super what you are doing! but i have a 2.0 cdti year 08 and it's not even close to the pictures of yours.. so that's why i asked for the pictures of the 2.0 ltr. but anyway i've been to the garrage and it seem i have a broken atomizer!!!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi, I'm glad you got your van working right. PayPal donation button is a nice idea, I will look into it. A quid or two here and there would be great!

Sean 3 years ago

Hi, I have a vivaro 2008, all of a sudden it just cut out! It starts fine but as soon as it warms up and you rev engine it cuts out! Its been in a vauxhall garage for 6 weeks, had injectors of for testing all ok, they don't seem to know what is causing problem! If you have any idea what could be causing this please let me know.


Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I can't help you I'm afraid but I'd be looking at the fuel pump and ecu. However I'm not an expert, just an amateur. Get it to another garage that can actually diagnose it. Good luck!

Speedy1joiner 3 years ago

Thanks for your quick reply, tried ecu, no joy! Another garage its going to be. Not looking forward to getting the bill for something they never sorted.

Thanks again.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

What you should try is checking all the engine sensors first. Also check the fusebox under the water filler bottle as this sometimes lets in water and the contacts corrode. Take everything out and use some wire wool and contact cleaner to clean it all up. This might help and is free.

nigel 3 years ago

hiya great article ,, i can't get my egr out of the manifold it is solid in there !! so the little arm that comes out of the solenoid that opens the egr valve if i cut that off and bolted the solenoid back on everything would work but the arm wouldn't be there to push the valve open so it would be shut constantly ? be really gratefull if you could tell me if that's correct or not ? that's the only way im going to be able to keep it shut as its solid in there can't even turn it !!! cheers and thanks very much .

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Well the EGR may be stuck open or closed, or halfway between. if you don't get that sucker out you're not going to be able to tell. I'd try spraying some penetrating oil while tapping it with a hammer, then spray a load more penetrating oil everywhere, obviously mostly on the joint and leave it for a couple of hours, or maybe overnight to soak in. With some more taps from a hammer it should come free. I've had stuff stuck in engines that I have been wrenching with all my weight and using extender bars with no effect come free the next day after a liberal spraying of penetrating oil so don't give up. The thing will come out with enough persuasion! Good luck and make sure you post back.

nigel 3 years ago

hiya and thanks for a swift reply will try that , there isn't a lot to get hol of is there !! just as a matter of interest i can push the rod and spring of the valve freely is it open pushed in and closed when out ? cheers for that, i also put a tuning box on mine and made a massive difference to driveability and flat spots , 2003 lwb with 295000 on clock serviced every 6000 miles and still drives and runs like new , this is the 4th gear box though ! never fill those gear boxes to the filler hole so i been warned its around 2.3 - 2.5 litres in them

cheers .

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

If you can push it in and out easily then it's not jammed at least. You should be able to tap a thin screwdriver in between the egr valve and the inlet manifold and lever it out, especially if you've given it a spraying. I don't think they jam open unless they're pretty clogged as closed is default and they're spring loaded but its still worth spinning it if you can get it out.

I'm still on my first gearbox, hopefully will be for a long time yet!

nige 3 years ago

thanks for that will try again today , tried a screwdriver the other day in between but it broke part of the valve off and didn't move it at all , prob best having another go when the engine is warm , thanks and will let you know.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Get that penetrating oil in there!

Dave 3 years ago

Anybody know where the reversing switch is located on the primastar. Is it the switch on the top left side??????

Would like to know b4 i take it out.

Ta's everybody

Interlineal P.E.Ruser_ P.robable E.rror. 3 years ago

Thanks for the mod tip with the EGR. It was getting that way that my 2005 1.9 LWB Traffic[out here in OZ] couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding, and I very rarely "have" more than about 150-200 kgs in the back at any one time. I've been trying to get her to stop sprinkling Big Macs on her roasts but it looks like I've left it too late! I might have to ditch her the next time I'm in the Traffic and I get the chance to drop Tubs..err..Bubs off out the side door at a fast corner. Well she aint gonna fast otherwise is she? There were a couple of very noticeable flat spots whenever I had the hammer down accelerating[trying to yeah?!] hard but they seem to have disappeared somewhat since I've done the EGR mod, although I've only done one short roadtest thus far. Dr Who might think he's a clever sod with his Tardis and its spacious insides but I'll bet he's never short-roadtested a nifty EGR mod in a LWB Traffic on the Gunbarrel Highway. There is a distinction! She's done a relatively easy 95,000 kms so far but if she's got any clever ideas about making me fork out my readie$ for no good reason I'll wrap her in concrete quick-smart and sell her for a boat anchor. I'll definitely be sprucing up the MAF sensor wires with contact cleaner when I've got the time. One tip that'll help anyone doing the EGR mod for the first time is, after cleaning and re-inserting the inner half-part of the EGR, screw the bottom bolt in about halfway to properly align the inner EGR half-part's bottom hole, then carefully take it[the bolt, not the inner EGR half-part] out again without disturbing the inner EGR half-part's now being perfecly aligned. Until I had done this, when I was initially trying to mount the outer half-part as well, I was just trying to push the proverbial uphill in spades, giving me the prime opportunity to practise uttering several quite unnecessary parenthetical remarks, which I did of course. Next time I must try to remember uttering them in French, to make the Traffic feel at home! I also removed two of the three thin metal ferrules/bushes that align the two half-parts of the EGR. I only left the bottom one in place. My radio/cd player has quit and I can't adjust/tilt the back of the driver's seat because the very thin black metal rod[underneath the seat] that passes from one side to the other has broken. It's very poor build quality indeed. A strand of soggy spaghetti could handle more torsional twisting than that skinny rod with its wimpy welding. Has anyone over your way installed gas[LNG] injection[also called fumigation] on their diesel-engined Traffic? I'd be very interested to know what improvement, if any, it makes to their Trafic's acceleration, apart from any improvement to fuel economy. I went to one installer here but the 20 litre gas cylinder[the smallest available] is a very tight fit under my Traffic because of where the handbrake cable exits underneath. There's oodles of room underneath otherwise, being LWB. I have seen some flatpack honeycomb-type gas containers in an American magazine but we can't get 'em here in OZ yet unfortunately. I do think that 1.9 litres, even turboed, is a bit too small for a commercial type vehicle. The smallest sized engine should really be 2.5 litres with no less than its 320 N.m of torque. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year...and may every trendy Trafic's torpid turbo soon spool spiffingly!

Interlineal P.E.Ruser_ P.robable E.rror. 3 years ago

Dave, with all the many vehicles I've had, I've only ever needed to have one reversing switch replaced, and it was a veritable ripoff at $90.00 just for the switch. Fitting was at extra cost, causing me to chuck a fit for nothing. And this new switch was for my Renault Traffic. I'm not sure where it's situated but if the new one[about 2-3 years old now] quits it can stay there and rust its little heart out. As I told the dealer, if it happens again I'll just fit a little switch on the dash instead for the very few times I ever feel like reversing in what could only ever be described as a ludicrously high-ratio reverse gear. Only dopey old Adolf needed vehicles that could reverse as fast as a Trafic's capable of doing, especially when his truculent troops headed east during Ope'ratio'n Barbarossa in Russia. A reversing switch should really outlast a vehicle ten times over, and then so_me'chanically. I reckon that the real reason Trafics et al. were designed with such a high ratio reverse gear[complete with dodgy switches] is so that Renault is able -- via their dealers and their both poorly designed/fitted components and build quality -- to ensure that you keep "coming back" $peedily.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

You should try getting your van remapped. It will then pull the skin of a rice pud, just about. I agree that 1.9 is a bit feeble for a commercial vehicle. You should try driving with 8-900kg on, the thing shake, rattles and rolls up the hills.

Dave the reverse switch is near the top of the gearbox, never changed one but I know that's where it lives. Get out your ramps!

Mr interlineal, thanks for your comments. Why don't you get yourself a V8 supervan?

Interlineal P.E.Ruser_ P.robable E.rror. 3 years ago

If I do decide to go vee-block it'll be nothing short of a 27 litre V12 Supervan..err..Supermarine Spitfire engine mounted directly over the back wheels in the Traffic, working in concert with the EGR-modified 1.9 of course so that I can soundly shut down any surreptitiously souped-up Ford Anglia trying to look boss around my bailiwick. I have had a tonne of sand in the back about 3 times only in 6 years and fortunately this must have been just before the EGR started playing up. It's really insidious how the EGR's clogging up slowly sneaks up on you the way it does. Given that my Traffic[manual] has 6 gears, with 6th being fairly high[like the bally ludicrously-high reverse gear], there's really no excuse for the large gap twixt 2nd and 3rd gear. Even empty, when you've just started to climb a decent hill[not a brick wall] from standstill and you leave 2nd to get 3rd, your revs drop, the turbo doesn't want to answer the helm in any great hurry because 3rd is just too flaming high, and that's even out here in OZ at sea level. Heaven only knows what it'd be like trying to get around anywhere like the alps in France empty in a 1.9 let alone when loaded to the gunnels! I think the Netherlands and smooth ice rinks must be the best market for these 1.9's, although I do think that Trafics look great and much better than Transits and their ilk. I might get a new Traffic crew if this one starts causing too many trouble$. I don't know about Renault's engines but I have read that some modern diesels are designed to inject extra diesel occasionally to burn off residues etc in the engine and this is when some diesels start emitting some black smoke and then stop, making you think that something's wrong. When I first got my Traffic I was in a very hilly area and I accidentally took her up to near 4,000 rpm and my mate who was following behind told me that there was a pile of black smoke coming out the back like a WW2 warship making smoke! You've not yet said if you know whether you guys can get gas injection[fumigation] on Trafics etc over there in the UK and whether it's beneficial torque-wise and for fuel economy.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I haven't seen anywhere in the UK offering LPG conversion for these vans, I thought the generally accepted opinion on this was that it isn't worth doing with a diesel as the gains are just not economically viable? You could always get your 27 litre engine converted. You'd probably need the back of the van just to hold the gas tank, but it would go like a rocket. Perhaps literally.

kigoiuk profile image

kigoiuk 3 years ago

hi , I have had a problem with my vivaro van , the 2.0 M9r nissan engine with egr at the front behind the intercooler .

van is 2 years .8months old with 78.000 miles use.

The main problem was a turbo leaking oil fowling the egr valve and filling the intercooler with oil

the egr began to rumble or fart as I describe it , the van is still under warrenty and has had a new egr fitted First ? , then they got hold of a turbo about 5 weeks later and fitted that , they did not clean out the intercooler of oil and I took it back the next day because I could still hear the farting rumble noise which I think is the egr valve not fully closeing , you can hear the electronics that are attached to the egr clicking away when you turn the engine off for at least a full minute .

they have just given the van back to me and after 30 miles of use the fart noise is back , has anyone experienced this after a turbo replacement ? or know what it may be .

it is intermittent and tends to make the fart noise when changing down gear , but sometimes its there from start up , it comes and goes , I am just about to go out and check the inside of the hose to the intercooler which also has a section going to the egr valve , this was covered in oil last time I looked , I think they are hopeing that I burn all the residue of oil leaked from the old turbo away .

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I can't help you with this one I'm afraid, being oily shouldn't affect the egr valve and make it start opening and closing. I'd check all the air hoses as a sound like this is more likely to be a split in a hose or one that's come loose i think. Either way it sounds like everything needs taking apart and cleaning properly. Sorry I can't help, good luck though!

kigoiuk profile image

kigoiuk 3 years ago

The inside of the intercooler pipe that goes to the egr valve is now showing signs of being sludged up , it is a mix of oil residue that was left in the intercooler and water that they have used in the parts cleaner to clear the oil residue , I think they should have put an hair dryer on the parts they washed before putting it back together , another bodged job by vauxhall master fit , the oil and water sludge is the reason the egr valve is now playing up a bit ,

But I have just taken it for a drive on the M1 motorway and gave it some to see if I could burn off the residue that is making the egr valve stick , fingers crossed it is running a lot better.

All hoses and clips are sound no leaks anywhere.

I once owned a peugot partner 1.6hdi and had the same problem a turbo fouling the egr valve , not only did they replace the turbo and cleaned the egr valve and intercooler , but they took the sump off and replaced the uptake pipes , although this was done by an independent garage , it shows that the large garages are just in the door out the door for fast turnover ( only in my case it took 2.5 months to import a turbo from Germany ) , just replace the part not the problem that caused it.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

That is pretty poor service, I'd probably take it all apart myself and give it a good clean down if I were you. I had pretty poor service from vauxhall myself yrs ago on a van they had sold which then blew up. It took weeks before they even took a look and this was a small business van which was vital to the business. I use an independent garage now on the jobs I can't do myself. Hope you get yours sorted.

Tony O'Neill 3 years ago

Hi i have read both your EGR and your MAF guides and want to thank you for them. I just bought a renault traffic 1.9 2002 this has black smoke coming from rear when under pressure, also i lose power in it and the warning light comes on for the glow plugs and box with wiggly lines.

I gave the van straight to my fathers friend who is going to do a service on it. Still waiting for this to be done, but when i get it back will be sorting the EGR andcleaning the MAF hopefully this will sort my problem. It's a spotless van and only done 127k so hopefully not good money wasted.


Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I hope you find them useful and wish you good luck with your van! Thanks for your comment.

Mark 3 years ago

Hi does anybody know were the EGR valve is on a renault traffic 2008 any photos

kigoiuk profile image

kigoiuk 3 years ago


Have a look at this gunge ( Oil and water mix from the clean up ) that is found in the intercooler pipe of my Vivaro , so much for the Garage cleaning all the crap out of the intercooler . EGR valve is rattleing and sticking with this gunge fouling it , also i think i can hear a faint turbo whine in the new turbo so back to square one , very bad fitting and workmanship from Vauxhall and their agent Garage .

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I've not worked on one of those but follow the path of air back from the air filter. The EGR valve will be between the air filter and inlet manifold. It's at the front of the engine on those if I recall correctly.

Popcop 3 years ago

Many thanks for good info. My 2.5 Traffic turbo pickup (Spool up) is getting a little worst. Will be looking for EGR and MAF, probably in different places to 1.9 but shouldn't be a problem. Will let you know when weather gives me a chance, thanks again.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Thanks, I fancied the 2.5, but couldn't find any for the right price when I was looking. 2.5 lwb aren't that common.

Mike 3 years ago

Hi. Excellent guide. Im hoping it'll work on my 2003 1.9 DCi laguna.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I should really add that in, yeah the engine is the same so you'll be alright with this guide.

Chucky2012 3 years ago

Hi I have a 05 renault traffic 106k on clock I put it in for a service and when. I. Got it back there was a lag or hesitation on acceleration below 2000 rev the glow plug light came on and went straight off a few times so was told egr valve had gone stripped and cleaned it had better performance but still the same at. Low revs plugged it into. Computer. Again and says air. Flow circulation so changed the air flow meter better but still there igot it plugged in against and it says egr valve and air flow circulation but I cleaned my egr valve and changed the air flow meter my head is. Battered now with it any help would be much appreciated thanks

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I am not sure what's up with it to be honest, there are a few things you can check though to try and track it down. As well as maf and egr, check the boost solenoid and of course all hoses, plus the turbo waste gate. Check the air filter housing hasn't become detached as i had that happen once and didn't realise. Sorry but its too tough to be specific without fiddling with it in person, best of luck though.

gary from gravesend 3 years ago

just read your comments about the egr and will be looking at that ,don't want to change the van just yet would prefer to keep it running for a while,also having some issues with the coil light coming on and having to fit new bulbs in the lights regularly ,is the coil and bulbs related,cheers .

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

The coil light coming on tells you there is a problem detected somewhere, you'd have to get the codes read to find out exactly what but yeah it sounds like you have got an issue with your electrics if your lights keep burning out.

Best bet would be call an auto electrician and ask them I reckon.

Matt Howard 3 years ago

Hi there have got a 1.9 science 52plate had some problems with it cleaned out egr and turned it around performance on van has improved loads , but when van ticks lover it runs for a minute or so then just stops or sometimes the revs die right down then picks back up have you got any ideas what this might b thanks Matt

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

It could be a number of things, but a lot of running/idling issues are related to the MAF sensor, so cleaning that would be a good idea and will cost you nothing.

Matt Howard 3 years ago

Ok thanks for that will give it a go the weekend

will838 3 years ago

You the man 1.9 dci laguna. Had. The heater plug light on an lack of power an thanks to you now I have no light on and loads or power

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Thanks Will, glad to hear it!

John 3 years ago

Took my van to the garage and they said I need a new egr as the van loses a lot of power like the turbos now kicking in?? They want just under £600 to fix it. Do you think cleaning it and turning it around will sort the problem. I don't know much about vans but you make it sound easy to do, do you think most normal blokes could do this ok even when they don't know much about cars. Thanks

valerian11 3 years ago

Hi. I thought I'd give this a try whilst fitting a new air filter to my Primastar. I also cleaned the Maf as per your guide. at first I rotated the egr 180° but had no power when driving so cleaned it and put it back in original position. Now when I'm driving I have no power below 2500 revs and revs won't go higher. This is intermittent but very frequent. About 75% of the time. The van has no warning lights. I tried a new boost pressure solenoid as research told me they're fragile but no change. When the van does run normally it is vastly improved on what it was like before. Any clues?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi, £600 for a new egr is scandalous. I'm no expert, just a keen amateur, but yes, turning your egr valve or cleaning it is something anyone can do. You have nothing to lose by giving it a go, just follow the guide. I hope it solves your problems. Thanks

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

It's impossible to say definitively with just that description to go on, but it sounds like your maf is possibly on the way out. What happens if you unplug the maf, how does it run?

kigoiuk 3 years ago

Have been informed that the 2.0 version cannot be blanked off ? or rotated , this coming from a Vauxhall mechanic at my local dealer , although the work they have done replaceing my egr and turbo has been very shoddy work so far , to the point it has to go to another dealer for a second opinion , as they have said my egr rattle is a dashboard rattle and they have washed their hands of it . all warrenty work too !

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I haven't worked on a 2.0 in all honesty so I don't know if you can turn it or not. I know you can definitely blank them though as I have seen the plates for sale before.

Shoddy dealer from the sound of it. Sounds like you need to start shopping around for an independent, although I know at the moment it's in warranty. Hopefully the next one will be better.

valerian11 3 years ago

Seems to run ok with maf unplugged. New maf reqd?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Before replacing it make sure everything is attached properly. If the air pipe isn't connected 100% it can give false reading.

John 3 years ago

Replaced my egr today was very easy but a messy job. Took me longer to clean my hands than it did to replace it. I do have one problem I lost one of the screws that holds the egr in place so only have 2 holding it in at the moment. Does any one know what type of screw it is and where I could get one from? Can't wait to get the last screw in to see if it has solved my problems.

Thanks for doing this article you have saved me from spending £600. It cose me £58 for a new egr on eBay. Ur my HERO

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

That's great news, I can't recall what sort of bolt it is off the top of my head, but why don't you take one of the two you still have into a motor factors shop and ask them for one? I'd be surprised if they even charged.

John 3 years ago

All sorted now. Thank you very much. I can't see if it has solved my problem as I can't get my van off the drive as to much snow. Thanks again

Subby1 3 years ago

Just wanted to say, thank you for posting this guide! My van now runs like a dream, bit slow when it's cold but it doesn't take more than a few miles to warm up. Having small hands or some form of Jedi skills are definitely needed to get the bottom bolt back in!

Again, Thank you =)

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I agree small hands help with this whole procedure, but then they do with a lot of car maintenance as there are loads of occasions you have to squeeze your hand in somewhere blind and hope that you find the nut/bolt! Glad your van is running better now. Thanks for your comment.

Steve 3173 3 years ago

Hi there I've cleaned both units like you said on my Renault 1.9 traffic and it is still gutless it will only rev now too 3000 revs and drive at 20 mph only any ideas

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

What happens when you remove the maf?

John 3 years ago

Bad news took my van out for a drive and was fine at first then after 10 mins light came on again and went in to limp mode. Just ordered A new MAF on eBay so I hope replacing this will work. Will let you know how I get on, really hope this works. Can I damage my van if I drive it about in limp mode as I have to drive about 100 miles with it tomorrow?? Thanks

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Should be ok, my mate has driven his around like that for about a year. I told him we could sort it but he's too lazy. Anyway it still works fine.

Mike 3 years ago

Will this work with the 2.5 engine vivaro that is the changing of the mass airflow meter and the egr valve as mine is not going to fast only about 30 mph

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

The principle is the same, but the design of the engine is different. Follow the air flow to find them.

kigoiuk 3 years ago

EGR valve on the 2.5 is at the front of the engine , we had a 2.5 renault master at work which had EGR problem and i used to tap it to free the stuck valve .

Gennaro 3 years ago

Cheers ....Before I get my hands dirty does your methord above apply to the 2.5 diesel Vivaro regarding the EGR valve ..thinking there's a dead rat in there

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi Gennaro, the process is the same but the valve location is a bit different, more towards the front of the engine. Good luck finding the rat!

barry 3 years ago

hows is things mate.i left my 2002 vivoro in with the garage last wednesday.this man tells me he is da best in ireland at working at these vans.van is still there and he says he can't find the problem.the van seems to be down in power all the time,it will only take hills in first gear from start.he hasn,t looked at da airfow meter or the egr valve.he says that there r not the problem but from reading all your comments its a good chance he's wrong.even wen plugged in2 da dignostic machine it reads up airflow meter and heater plugs.could it b anything else

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

It could be a few things but if the diagnostic says airflow meter I'd go with that. The maf does tend to be the cause of a lot of issues on these. Definitely worth checking, especially if the diagnostic machine says so! Let us know what happens.

simon THFC 3 years ago

Great write up, i'm going to do this later.

Giby 3 years ago

When my van is ticking over sometimes the revs start pulsating up and down and black smokes 1:9 dci traffic any idea

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

You had the codes read?

PHP 3 years ago

have a nissan 115se primastar which will not rev above 2500 rpm, have looked for EGR valve but not where it is on the photos ?

Anty help please.

Giby 3 years ago

Yes a few times but it never stored any thanks for your time

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi these pics are a different engine, look at the front of the engine, inline with the big air intake pipe.

Alan 3 years ago

Just want to say,a big thanks!!

Van was smoking and slugish at 1500revs i followed your instructions and hey ho problem sorted.

Thanks again

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Great stuff, glad to hear it!

Steven 3 years ago

can the EGR valve cause starting problems

colin 3 years ago

hi have got a traffic 1.9 07,my problem is that it stalled the other night but when I went to start it again it just run for about 3 seconds and cut out again it keeps doing this,put it on diagnostic and it came up with a code p2149 with the defo saying fuel injector group b supply voltage circuit/open not sure what this means!! If it needs new injectors or if there is a wiring fault,any suggestions would be much appreciated thanks.

Alan 3 years ago

Ok i did the egr and cleandd the maf about week ago,and all was fine.

Cleared the faults off but the egr code came straight back!am i beet putting a new egr in?

Also when it idles the needle goes up n down,not a lot prob about 100 revvs or so,

So should i put a new maf in?

pat kearns 3 years ago

hi can some one show me how to clean egr valve on interstar 2007 mabye some photos please.

Simon 3 years ago

has anyone found where this is on the 2.5 its driving me mad?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi the egr is right at the front of the engine on the 2.5. Start from the air filter and work your way along from there.

Richw 3 years ago

Hi, my primastar starts first time but doesn't rev above idling for 10secs on the first start of the day then runs fine. Do you think this is a problem with the egr?

lee 3 years ago

So far so good , done the Maf and the egr , so crudded unbelievable suppose it was going to be 02 vivaro !! . bit fiddly but well pleased , finished in 2 hours on the 9. 3. 13. will keep you informed . I do get from still a rev up on its own tho , before this also , and have i got to get a diagnostic to remove the orange light ?? many thanks ..

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi you'll need to get it hooked up to get the orange light removed. Hope it runs better for you!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

This is quite a common issue with these vans, apparently it's ecu related. I wouldn't worry about it.

mark 3 years ago

Hi have a whirring sound it sounds like its coming from the fuel pump any ideas?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Sounds like it could be the fuel pump! Have you ever changed the fuel filter?

gaz 3 years ago

thanks for this post very helpful and saved me a lot of money on garage bills.

van was running like a bag of sh** heater plug light stayed on all the time took it to local garage was told injectors could cost 1000.

found this post followed it and great it works fine.

thanks again

Paulnorm1 3 years ago

Hi I'm in the process of trying your solutions I took off my engine cover and air filter to find I've got some injector wires rubbed down to the copper so I started by re insulating these first.

I then cleaned out my MAF sensor I am now blanking my EGR valve off

I have taken it out it was filthy I have rotated it 180 deg following your picture but I can only get it to line up just over 180 deg with the bottom right hole lining up with the solenoid and bolt hole is this ok or not its a 52 plate 1.9 renault traffic.

When you blanked yours off did you get the bottom right lining up too?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

The bolt holes will line up if you split the valve in two, rotate the part that fits in the manifold 180 degrees and then put the outer part back on.

Johng 3 years ago

Followed the instructions in the article and seems to have worked great



Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

That's great, glad they were useful.

Fikmo 3 years ago

I had my Traffic in my garage today and followed your guides on EGR & MAF. Cleaned the MAF, changed airfilter and blocked the EGR.

The car runs so much better now! Better throttleresponse, reving now perfect and a much quicker turbo-spoolup. Engine also sounds much better and runs cleaner.

Thanks for your guides, very helpful! :)

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

That's great! I'm glad you found them useful.

Andy 3 years ago

Blocked my egr today as van was running really sluggish. Now engine turns over bit keeps cutting out.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Sounds like more than just the egr, you need to get it properly checked out at a garage. Before that try disconnecting the maf and see if there's a difference.

david h 3 years ago

Hi, I have renault traffic 1.9 dsl van 2004. glow plug light comes on with any strain put on the engine and van loses power and goes to idel mode, I turn off engine for 10 sec and turn back on and the van will drive until next strain on it. When I looked at engine the injecter wire were sorting out. Fixed this cleaned out egr . Replaced glow plugs. Still the same my machanic has the van now for the past 3 weeks but still none the wiser please help

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Get a new mechanic.

chippy 3 years ago

i have an 2004 interstar will this work on my van?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

It will work, the layout is slightly different, but the basic process is the same.

Traffic junkie 3 years ago

Hi guys , have a 2002 1.9dci traffic and in any gear at between 1500 and 2500 rpm when I put my foot on the throttle hard the revs bounce up and down 200 revs all the way up the clock, looks like cluch slipping but it was replaced 15,000 mile ago and dose not do it at low revs even with a trailer on it will just stall like normal. Any ideas thanks

Traffic junkie 3 years ago

UPDATE Took out EGR valve , blocked with suit at least 50% on each side of inlets and the two valves not closing tight, cleaned valve now running smooth all the way up the clock ,the ticking has gone when engine comes off load and smooth power full take off at junctions ............... At last.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

That's great news. Hope it carries on working well, keep an eye on it as if you don't spin them they do clog again.

Michael 3 years ago

I've just done this today on my 1.9 Laguna dci.


Noticeable turbo lag

Excessive smoke under acceleration

Flat spots when driving

Radom hesitation

I took the egr out. Cleaned it and everything else then refitted it upside down. Only two bolts lined up but it's fine. The car has no turbo lag now! No smoke and pulls hard!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Great stuff! Glad it was useful.

craig 3 years ago

nice mod and well explained, done this and cleaned the maf sensor at the same time, makes getting the egr off easier, van now behaves a lot better..! next issue, why has the rad fan stopped working!?

wellsy 3 years ago

felt confident after reading your guide but epic fail, front half came off ok but the second half stuck solid left overnight oiled up, but after gentle persuasion the flange snapped have broken second half of valve jammed solid in manifold..should a get the dremmal out and star butchering it?..

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Can't you get a knife or screwdriver in there with a few taps from a hammer?

steve 3 years ago

yes done it on a Renault scenic 1.9 dci ,this has the same engine as the Renault traffic split the egr valve in to and turned it 180 degrees only obne bolt hole lined up and the electrical fault /heater plug light does not come on any more also it has fixed the EGR flow fault but have not noticed any difference in the car yet....

easy to follow instructions


Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Thanks for your comment

Steve Neal 3 years ago

I have a question I've done this what you have done and it worked a charm throttle response is a lot better in fact no sluggyness thanks for that . I own a renault scenic 1.9 dci 2001 same engine as the traffic the F9Q engine my question is this

The pipe that needs blanking off why can't we blank the pipe completely off that comes from the EGR housing and then remove the valve part from the engine and fit the electrical part with a blanking plate by doing this you would have full flow from the turbo straight to the inter cooler no EGR valve . the pipe would be blocked off from the other end is this possible I will have a look but I need some ramps but it got me thinking of no restriction in the egr housing I no they sell blanking plates on eBay but I made a blanking plate so just need to blank of the recirculation pipe what do you think of this idea do you think it would work if you could let me no of your thoughts on this many thanks

And great info on the 180 degrees on the EGR Valve , like I said it worked good.

martin p 3 years ago

hi mate.

i had loads of trouble with my 54 vivaro and through messing you have nailed most of the problems

very good posts to help people..

i now have a 60 plate so far so good.

keep up the good work !!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Thanks for your comment!

stuart 3 years ago

hi can this be done on a renault master 120dci with the erg valve?as having problems with the valve .

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

It can be done but the engine is a bit different from these pics. Just follow the air intake pipe from the air box to the inlet manifold and you'll find the egr valve.

jrw2608 3 years ago


got a 55 plate reno traffic lwb 2900

i have turned the erg valve as you describe, much better.

i still have the rev pick up problem. ie van starts then there is no revs, for 1 min to 20 mins seems to depend on how hot the engine is ? and stop star seems to kick it off, have tried the mac sensor disconnect, van gets wors. !

i use the van to visit customers, dam nusence when you leave and you kind of stuck on there drive indefinitely. ha.

pc check doesn't through up any faults

any ideas other than a box of matches


Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

To be honest I haven't a clue but I've read about this happening before and it being something to do with the ecu. Could be barking up the wrong tree but it might be worth getting that checked out. Good luck with it anyway!

jrw2608 3 years ago


I will get some one to check this out

Appreciate the re

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Good luck and when you solve it post up here whatever it was, it might help someone else out. Mine does it sometimes, but never for that long.

Dave 3 years ago

can anyone help me with a problem on my 1.9dci primastar? the cooling fan runs constantly and the temp gauge does not work?? I have changed the fan switch and thermostat but still no change. If I turn the ignition the temp gauge rises to normal for about 3 seconds then drops to cold? if I turn the ignition all the way to start the fan the needle does not move at all? I Have refilled and bleed the system. Any ideas please.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

I haven't had this problem but I found this info;

The sensor has 4 wires, 2 for the gauge and 2 for the engine ECU. If you disconnect most temperature sensors the cooling fan comes on as a default to protect the engine from overheating as the ecu does not know how hot (or cold) the engine actually is. I think you need to check the wiring first as a broken wire would give the same result. On a diagnostic tool, the temperature the ecu sees can be read and this would help locate the problem.

gr33ngr33n 3 years ago

Hello there, 1st of all thanks for all the brill advice on here!! We have a 2002 Vivaro 1,9 D whose engine got complete reconditioned 25000kms ago. It was running well until 6 weeks ago, when it came up with the glow plug light, no power and eninge in some kind of protection mode. Error codes read inconclusive with an disel-engine-specialist-garage...they then worked on the van for over a week, apparently checked the the load pressure, cat & turbo, all fine, but they cleaned up the boost pressure solenoid. That cost me 600 € !! And it lasted exactly a month with the same problem accuring...grrr! Then I found this we turned the EGR, cleaned it...the van runs fine til 4th gear & then the same problem reaccured tomorrow we´ll check the MAF ! But also I noticed one glowplug connection is pretty loose, maybe that could have caused some of it too?? Will let you know how we get on...any which advise welcome!! Thanks...

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Usually the maf is one of the first things checked. Fingers crossed it'll solve your problem!

jrw2608 3 years ago


Re Reno traffic 1.9 2900 lwb

Starts , then no rev pick up at times, particular seems to be after a 10mile run.

Taken your advice I put a new maf sensor in , didn't by the cheep one, bought the seimans

Changed the air filter as well,

All was well , after a few days it started again, but doesn't seem to take as long to pick up revs and not nearly as frequent

I also chucked a btl of deisle cleaner into tank

On the whole the van does seem to run a bit better, or it could be in

My mind !!

??? Any further idea



Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi john, if it's running better then that's a start. Turning the egr to block it off and changing the fuel filter are worth doing as well IMO.

jrw2608 3 years ago


Yes did do the erg month ago

Will do the filter

And we shall see



Alex S 3 years ago


Superb article (well, both the EGR and MAF articles) - both of which sound like they need doing on my 2006 Vivaro Campervan Conversion. Ill let you know how it all goes - Thanks for the advice in advance.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK Author


jrw2608 2 years ago


Reno traffic

I have done the erg , put new maf, and changed the fuel filter looked quite dirty

I am still getting the same prob. As in after starting some times and no pick


Of revs


Many times and the time

It takes

To get


Is lot


It seems to be after a

Few stop and startS like collecting materials. But definitely intermittent .

If the fault on computer for maf hasn't been cleared will that have advers affect ?

I was thinking injectors to clean?

Must say when van goes run better since done the changes you recommended


brickymark 2 years ago

just want to say great article thanks, very easy to follow i was losing power on my 2004 1.9dci 100 traffic wouldn't rev over 3000rpm so spun the egr round and are going to put in a new maf so hoping it will be a lot better, the rpm is about 4300 now but there is still a lag low end so hoping the maf sorts it will let you know cheers buddy :-)

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

That's good, glad it helped! Thanks

Stephen 2 years ago

Hi great thread, brilliant info.

My lag 2003 1.9dci started cutting out if no fuel. or sometimes would not start, but eventually starts ? Fuel aok, jets aok no warn lights ect Very intermittent fault. Also when ok it takes about 5 miles for turbo to kick in? So started diy fix, so far i have.

1/ Stripped egr and cleaned

2/ Fit new MAP sensor

3/ Fit new TDC sensor

4/ Chk jets fuelflow aok

5/ Fit new fuel filter and bled

At momment ok but still not sure it wont cut out again, but turbo still takes same 5 mins to join in ?

Not tried your egr block mod, will try tomoz.

Buy the way it did take of intercooler pipe. and it reved up a treat ? Could my intercooler be caput ??

Stephen Laguna profile image

Stephen Laguna 2 years ago from Norwich

Hi, great thread, very helpful.

I have a lag 1.9dci 2003 expression hatch.

Problems, intermittent not starting, and cutting out ?.

Have check fuel related areas, all aok.

No ECU lights, eleck aok.

So started to look at poss pressure probs. ?

So far I have.

1/ Fit new air and fuel filter

2/ Fit new map sensor

3/ Fit new tdc sensor

4/ Strip clean egr and fuel filter unit +bleed

As of last week aok but still not sure its fixed, time will tell.

I did notice that it takes about 5 miles before the turbo started kicking in ?. I tried taking the inlet of the intercooler, and it reved upstraight away with turbo . ??do you think my intercooler is caput. ? And can these be washed out. ? I have not yet tried your egr blank mod. Any thoughts. ? Cheers fella.

Many Thanks 2 years ago

My neglected 03 Vivaro (purchased secondhand 2 months ago ) was cutting out with lots of lights illuminated (lots of issues) and black smoked a lot, I rotated the EGR valve 180 as described above and cleaned the MAF, it has certainly helped it! It's stopped smoking and flies along now! but still have lots of other electrical issues which i am working through, Many thanks for a brilliant post and keep it up, Cheers!

Maz7686 2 years ago


I have a 2004 1.9 cdti I have rotated the valve nice and easy thanks but when I am braking for a junction for example the revs still drop to nothing and the van shudders but does not cut out the when you release the foot brake the revs return to normal tick over.

Help please. Maz

Stephen Laguna profile image

Stephen Laguna 2 years ago from Norwich


Great thread,very helpful.

I have a Lag 2003 1.9dci hatch 120bhp

Problem,intermittent non start,and cut out when driving ?

Turns over but not fires up first time but does eventually

And sometimes just cuts out driving if no fuel.

Also turbo takes about 5/6 miles to kick in.

Done all the checks on fuel line aok.

Elecks aok, sensors OK,egr OK,filters OK,

Still intermittent non start, about twice a week ?

I'm starting to look at poss intercooler problem, would this cause my symptoms ?? I did try it with inlet hose to intercooler off and the turbo kicked in instantly. ????

My thoughts are no air flow through cooler causing fuel pressure problems. Any advise would be fantastic or should I thrash it with a branch lol thanks

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

I can't say for certain but I'd be looking at the fuel pump. Have you checked that is ok and on the way out? Get a branch ready just in case.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

You checked or cleaned the maf? If not, do so.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Thanks for your comment, glad you found it useful!

Stephen Laguna profile image

Stephen Laguna 2 years ago from Norwich

Thank you for your reply

The car lasted 4 days but cut out again yesterday aghhh

And I did notice that the pump was making a buzzing noise ?? Should it ??

Can you take out and clean the pressure regulator. If not I can get a salvage pump for about £50, are they difficult to change ? I will still change intercooler now if got one ? The one that's on is damaged.

Again thanks for your help.

jason c 2 years ago

i have 2003 vivaro 1.9 dti i have turned the egr round 180 degree but it will not run properly and keeps blowing lots of white smoke out of the exhaust what am i not doing right

Graham Stacey 2 years ago

I have an 07 vivaro that starts well but after heavy rain it will start ok but then misfires with clouds of white smoke from the exhaust. Once warmed up its ok again.... have cleaned the egr... the maf has been replaced.... any ideas please....

Interlineal P.E.Ruser_ P.robable E.rror. 2 years ago

I've been thinking along the same lines as Steve Neal about removing the EGR valve altogether and sealing-off the exhaust opening within the housing itself, as the stupid EGR valve must be restricting the fresh airflow quite a bit, which will hamper the turbo trying to spool-up. I don't live in a cold climate here in OZ so I don't really need the EGR's assistance, and I certainly don't need to be squirting any percentage of dirty exhaust gas back through the engine on my 2005 1.9 LWB Traffic.

I pulled my turbo boost solenoid apart and found that it's another stupid device, in that it doesn't actually entirely seal-off one pipe from the other, even when brand new, because where the stainless steel disc sits there are several cutouts underneath it that prevent it from ever performing a complete seal, so I removed it altogether and just joined the two rubber pipes together with a short [1 inch=25mm] piece of black garden trickle irrigation pipe[zero co$t].

On another note, the fine-wire mesh in the MAF sensor must also be restricting airflow far more so than the EGR valve does. I squirted half of a very large can of contact spray inside my MAF sensor and apart from hitting the sensor wires with the spray, I gave the fine wire mesh a darned good spray too, so as to help increase airflow through it. It woud've been cheaper to apply just methylated spirits with a small paintbrush on the mesh per se, but we live and l*earn*! I put it back together and although there was a slight improvement with the MAF sensor connected electrically, it still wouldn't rev up properly under load same as before, so I disconnected the MAF sensor's electrical connection altogether, and boy!, does the turbo spool-up now, same as it always had before when disconnected, but slightly better now. I may buy a new NAFF..err..MAF sensor and fit it for two reasons. 1. To see if it does improve things. 2. And this is probably more important. I particularly want to pull the old MAF sensor apart and have a look at its electronics, particularly to see if the fine wire mesh is connected electronically to the sensor wires. I strongly suspect that it is, but if it isn't connected then I'll remove it[the mesh, and the sensor wires] altogether and put it back on to see if the increased airflow allows the turbo to churn out some much-needed extra grunt at lower revs. This is always where my Traffic needs the extra grunt[at low revs] because once the turbo's spooled-up, it'll always pull like a train.

If there's a decided improvement with a new MAF sensor[I'll be over the moon somewhere if you're looking for me] I'm still hoping to see if I can repair the old MAF sensor with some el cheapo electronic components. I suspect that the new MAF sensor is going to cost an arm and a leg, just like the $90.00 the mongrels charged me for a new reversing light switch plus whatever it wa$ to fit the bally thing.

Let's hope I'm able to iron out a few gremlin$ to get these engines performing as they should be! 1.9 Trafics forever Down Under! ;^)

mikey 2 years ago

hi my vivaro 02 is cutting out when I get to lights & junctions but then it wont do it for few days its really puzzleing me, ive took it to a garage today hes told hell have a look but it wont be cheap so im just asking for advice of what it could be so I can relay this information to him so he doesn't rip me off just before xmas please advize

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

If he's said he'll have a look but it won't be cheap, my best advice is find a new mechanic. He doesn't even know what it is yet, how can he say it won't be cheap?!

I'd be checking the idle control valve in your shoes. Good luck and let me know what exactly was wrong after you've got it sorted.

Andy parting ton 2 years ago

Thanks just cleaned the egr and maf and all seems ok after collecting it from its mot and it mysteriously starting to have no power , also tightened the screws on the air filter had he left them loose on purpose??!!

TIGERMUSTAFA 2 years ago


I have a nissan interstar 2006 dci MWB, i bought it back in 2009 from an auction it drove fine first than went in limp mode wont rev above 2000rpm

eventually if you let it runnig not driving it will be ok any rev it will make it but than when you come to a hill even if you're in the right gear engine management light will come on with flashing stop light and will cut out it used to start again but it just got heavier and heavier and now wont start at all only with easy start.

I regularly get it serviced and do take care of the van.

took it to so many mechanics but they all talking about different things

which makes me think they will just try this and that and it will end up costing me £££££

so far from you guys i have cleaned the egr (not blanked it)

changed the crankshaft sensor from renault original part

changed fuel filter and checked for any leakage (there was a tiny leak on fuel filter housing played with it little bit van was ok for two weeks start every time but still in limp mode for a while than drives ok..



Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Check out my other article on how to clean/change maf and give that a go.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Glad it helped you. Mot man won't have inspected the air filter for the mot, the bolts probably just worked loose themselves.

Phil 2 years ago

Thank you very much for this really helpful guide.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Thanks a lot. Always nice to hear that someone has found it useful.

Shorty 2 years ago

Great guides both have been very useful and easy to follow. Are you still intending to do an article on the boost sensor ?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

I will do when I get time. Am planning a few more how to articles soon as soon as it gets a bit warmer!

Baza 2 years ago

Hi I did this on my vivaro 53 plate 1.9dti was running fine before just turned egr 180 degrees an went to start was hard to start an now won't rev above 2000 any ideas?

Richie 2 years ago

hi i've got a 57 2.5 auto traffic which goes into limp mode with the glow plug light showing as soon as the slightest bit of strain is put on the engine. The fault re sets itself every time the engine is turns off and re started. if i drive it like an old lady being super gentle on tbe accelerator then the lights and limp mode stays off but the second i squeeze the accelerator just a little too much we get the orange lights back and limp mode. I have done quite a bit of motorway driving lately and while just leaving it in limp mode and on about 4 occasions while in limp mode the engine has cut out completely with a bunch of extra red lights coming on. on each occasion i have coasted to a stop, turned off ignition then restarted which has straight away cleared all faults and away we go again. ive taken this to the dealer and they have said its a leaking fuel rail and will be £1000 to repair but i really don't want this to be the start of an expensive trial and error game at my expense, i haven't done the EGR mod or checked the MAF sensor yet which do sound promising and i will do but does this fault sound like something that would be cured by both of these being done or could it possibly be something else like a leak in the fuel rail?? Great info on here btw its so hard to find genuine practical knowledge on these issues,

TC 2 years ago

Just cleaned EGR on Traffic 07...pretty easy job..valve etc is at the front of the engine and nothing like earlier models. Look on ebay under EGR. The valve is not the cylindrical one that can be turned through 180 degrees but the larger type. Hope this avoids confusion with earlier posts and the suggestion that covers need to be taken off...THEY DON'T.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Thanks for your contribution, my next van will be a newer one so I'll take a few pics to update the hub when I get it.

Flyboy121 2 years ago

Hi my vivaro 2005 needs me to prime the hand pump every 4 to 5 hours to get it started?

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Are you sure the fuel pipes aren't leaking somewhere? Sounds like you've got air getting in somewhere.

Flyboy 2 years ago

There are no leaks of fuel but I can see air in the pipe!!

Stephen neal 2 years ago

Hi great info

this might be a very useful information on Renault 1.9 dci F9Q engine fitted to a lot of cars throughout the range I have had a problem with my scenic electrical fault /glow plug light coming on now and again even when cruising at 30/40/50/60 any speed really if I hit a bit of a hill slight incline the glow plug fault light would come on by taking my foot of the accelerator the light would go out so by following your great advise by blanking off the egr valve semi fixed this but didn't cure it I have finally found the fault. at first I changed the glow plug relay then glow plugs, then boost solenoid and map sensor still the same

This is what's causing this very common fault ignore all solenoids valves etc...

Under the egr housing there is a steel recirculation pipe to send gass back through the engine for re-burning on mine it was covered in oil/carbon even by turning the egr around it doesn't stop all gass entering the pipe so this was causing pressure lose a o-ring that has perished the intercooler system has not enough pressure. the map sensor and boost solenoid sending mixed messages to the ecu this firing up the fault light so check all pipes around the egr housing the small black pipes the inter cooler pipes this is so common on the F9Q Engine so I'm hoping this will get posted so many people can get round this very common fault.

Good luck people....

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Too hard to say by just reading but at least you can rule those two things out if you do them.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Well I think you need to get the pipe attached securely as it sounds like it has come a bit loose somewhere.

Steve neal 2 years ago

Hi I've changed boost solenoid also map sensor still the same as for the steel pipe it has a oring that seals it , it can't come lose as it is held in via manifold it isn't bolted to the manifold, so manifold strip down will be required and new O ring fitted this will fix this pressure lose thanks for posting the first message good luck people....

Rob 2 years ago

Firstly thanks for the initial post regarding the EGR, very handy with pictures. I've had very similar problems to previous posters and thought I'd share just in-case its of any help. Every time I went over 2000 revs, it would light up with the glowplug light and go to limp mode. I tried changing the MAF, cleaning the EGR, changed the boost solenoid, but still no joy. Had two separate mechanics look at it one even admitted he was defeated as he was reading out from his diagnostic equipment and it was all correct but yet failing each time. So I decided to take a look myself, I removed the air filter box, the MAF, then the intercooler hose, the small tubes too and from the turbo wastegate, the solenoid, on all the items I removed, I made sure everything was clean and the hoses had no restrictions. I made sure that the vacuum pump port was clean ( I knew the pump was ok as I still had my brakes) then on the nipple on the back of the housing that holds the EGR valve, I poked a 3mm drill bit as that was clogged, that was my problem! I made sure the wastegate was ok by connecting a tube and sucking on it, it should more with out too much effort. Then connected everything back up using cable ties on all hose connections to ensure no leakage. I still have a little bit of lag lower end (MAF sensor on order) but no more limp mode, all solved by removing a tiny bit of gunk on the vacuum tube.

Darren 2 years ago

Could somebody please help me. I'm trying to change the EGR valve on my 09 plate traffic, it doesn't look like the pics on here so want to make sure I'm not pulling of anything I don't need to .... Please help!

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Is it inline with the air inlet?

Gareth 2 years ago

Regarding post from stephen Neal...,I have the f9Q dci engine in my 2002 scenic,exactly the same problem as stephens car,I have removed my egr valve,split it and refitted upsidedown with no difficulty,still have the glow plug light coming on and power loss when engine is under load,when this happens I have to take my foot off the accelerator,the glow plug light goes off and the turbo spools up again and the car is back to normal....till the light comes on again !,just can't quite understand stephens fix...was it a perished o ring on the steel recirculation pipe the fault or something else ?I have thought of bypassing the boost solanoid valve by joining the two rubber pipes together,has anyone else tried this with success ?help appreciated !

Aaron 2 years ago

Hi wonder if you can help me.ihave 1.9 renault traffic it's sluggish from 2000 revs to 3000 revs .i have cleaned the egr valve .but I have black smoke when revving and driving .its ok when aim at steady speed but as soon as I put my foot down it puffs out black smoke and smells.if aim parked up and rev van it leaves lots of black soot on floor many thanks aaron

steve 2 years ago

Regarding Gareth post I have changed glow boost solenoid it still the same look under the egr housing yes the recirculation pipe o-ring is leaking you will have to remove the inlet manifold to access this once removed pressure wash the manifold housing clean fit new o-ring also you can disconnect the egr lead this will not fire up the light but this does not fix the problem .

Hope this helps

jim 2 years ago

Hi..ive tried to split the valve in two but have realised that where the bolts are its all sealed do u have any other suggestions please apart from this problem your information has been very useful thank you kind regards

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

It will just pull apart if you try a bit harder! Try a flat head screwdriver.

acedit 2 years ago

Hi, I have what I think may be a related issue however I don't know. I have had issues with my primastar cutting out just after starting. my mechanic messed about with it and "repaired it" by changing the fuel lines or something. was fine for 2-3 weeks but its started again. anyway, in your second pic (where you locate the EGR) just under the arrow is a fitting on a hose with 4 wires attached. Mine has 2 cut and taped over, it looks like yours has one cut too. What is this part and why would some one think its okay to cut and tape the wires? and is this part of my problem?

Thanks for reading this and your article seems very informative even if I don't have a clue what it means!


Stuart Wheeler 2 years ago

Hi there mate just wondered whether you could help me out. I have a Vauxhall vivaro 1.9dti and over xmas just gone had a few problems.. basically it was running terribly and eventually died and would not start. went from garage to garage by tow and eventually had new MAF fitted and injector wire and worked again lovely. Following this (2 days later) the cam belt and water pump went, had this work done but then realised the van began to drive sluggish dropping into limp mode and coil light would come on and also the speedo would stop working.. this would happen for a while then here and there it would kick back in to full power and light would go out and speedo would start working again. Ive had it on the machine and only came out with 'ho2s heater circuit high'. It does it all the time now! I don't know a lot about vans and am a self employed roofer.. I have spent £700 on this van in the last few months and just wondered whether you could put me in the right direction so I could get parts and get sorted instead of having a mechanic charge me a bomb for no info as they seem to be doing! Cheers mate. Stu.

vanup 2 years ago

Great post and very informative... changed/cleaned a lot of EGR valves, but can't find mine on a renault trafic 08 plate?. Is it cylindrical like the pics. Cheers

jamie 2 years ago

Hi, if i don't have black smoke but have both the cutting out and loss of power now every 1/4 mile could it still be EGR or MAF? or something else. both engine management light and coil light come on and has been checked by both garage when lights were on (showing as air mass) no difference when fitted and breakdown but shows no faults. sorry have a nissan primaster 1.9

rich9001 2 years ago

Hi I copied ur process of doing checking the egr valve but my engine is different. Its a 2009 1.9dci sl27. The air box is on the top so removed it to hopefully find the egr behind in the same place as described but it isn't there any ideas where to find it and any ideas how to get to it. I was hoping to find it as the engine is very flat especially when it has warmed up. It struggles to rev above 3000rpm and feels like I'm driving with the hand break on if you know what I mean. The van has only done 34000 so not a lot at all. I have cleaned the maf sensor. Any ideas would be greatly accepted.

Ian 2 years ago

Hi there

Been having probs for a while now(03 vivario) first was diesel leak then clutch went and at same time a whistling sound started which at first I thought was clutch related but was the same after new one was fitted. Have cleaned out egr b4 when van was smokey and it worked a treat . But now have the orange light on and fault saying turbo pres sensor fault and the van has no go in her at all till 2300rpm.

When I disconnected maf sensor it runs like a train but if i let it idle for 3 seconds then it drops into limp mode and is un drivable till I restart engine get revs up and Im off.

So took it to Diesel specialist to get leak sorted (leaking from pump) and they have tried new maf / tps but still comes up with fault???..... they are saying that whistle sound is more than likely the turbo and so it looks like im heading down that looking at a £1000+ bill !!!!!!! Does this sound plausible.........

Thx Ian

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

It will be online with air inlet, so track through from the air box and you'll find it.

Robin 2 years ago

Hi I have a vivaro 07 m9r 2 lt diesel

My engine light came on and I had it checked on the plug in fault finder,it came up with code for glow plugs,at the expense I had 4 new ones put in,all 4 removed ones were burnt out,

After putting new ones in and trying to eliminate the dash light it stayed on

Engine still runs fine but light on

What causes the plugs to burn out

Should I look at anything specific

I've unplugged the new ones in case the new does the same as the light was still on so new plugs didn't seem to rectify problem

I'm now lost ,any help with thanks

dave 2 years ago

Hi great erg article I have a 07 vivaro done 90.000 miles

loads of white smoke from cold start doesent seem to be using water could this be a symtom off dicky egr rgds dave..

kroutneul 2 years ago

very interesting article and comments i will try rotating mine at weekend many thanks

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

Thanks for your comment, best of luck with it.

bobo 2 years ago

Egr valve helps the engine. Removing it fuel consumption grows by 5%, engine suffers as it must absorb shocks from turbo, also clutch-transmission gets affected by that new behavior of the engine, engine becomes noisier, life span of the engine is affected (shortened) as the combustion inside cylinder raises above 2.500 Celsius. Without egr the car gets smookie

Steve K 2 years ago

Thanks for a great article and your advices Rain Defence.

I will follow it up.

Now off topic.

I have problems with my windshield wiper motor.

It will not stop at correct place. Its stops randomly on the

windshield. I have change the motor but the results are the same.

Any ideas wat to do now?

Vauxhall Vivaro 2001 101 hp.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

I have exactly the same problem on mine! If you find the solution let me know!

Jul 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

I was happy to found this article. I did exactly what you told here and it work perfect! Thank you very much for your information.

But now I would like to replace the MAF by a diode. Do you (or other members) know the value of this diode and how to connect (which connection numbers of the plug)?

Thank you much!

Kind regards,


Opel Vivaro 1.9DTI 2005

JulVivaro 2 years ago


Great article! I did what you told and it work perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Now an other question. Because the EGR is not used now .. the MAF is also not needed anymore. I understand that the MAF can be replaced by a diode on the plug.

-Does someone know which value the diode need?

- Which pins do I need to use with this diode?

I drive: Opel Vivaro 1.9DTI, 2005

Thank you much!

Kind regards,


jules mew 2 years ago

Have done the egr and maf cleaning. I have two fault codes 1826 glow plugs relay and 1804 boost pressure sensor. Where is this sensor please?


Barry Needham 2 years ago

will this work on a Renault 1.5DCi engine looks like the same EGR valve.

Rain Defence profile image

Rain Defence 2 years ago from UK Author

The concept is the same even though the layout is a bit different.

John 2 years ago


My egr seems to be riveted together (has been replaced in the past) I tried prying it apart but I think they need drilling out.

Also once the inner part has been rotated 180 does the inner bottom bolt hole line up. I know the out holes Line up but does the inner bottom hole line up.

Many thanks

John 2 years ago

hi have got a traffic 115 2007, m9r 2.0cc engine. problem is that it stalled the other night but when I went to start it again it just run for about 3 seconds and cut out again it keeps doing this,put it on diagnostic and it came up with a code P2149 with the defo saying fuel injector group" B" supply voltage circuit/open. not sure what this means!! If it needs new injectors or if there is a wiring fault,any suggestions would be much appreciated thanks.

aos26 2 years ago

Hi I have a 2005 primastar that all of a sudden has lost drives but a lot slower than normal.sometimes the glow plug light comes on and the van goes into limp mode.I took out the egr valve and cleaned the back of it..mine didn't want to come apart from were the bolt holes are and i wasn't sure if it was supposed to until i seen your picture above.ill try that again i just lever it apart?any other ideas would be great..thanks Andrew.

Nick 24 months ago

Hi Rain Defence. Can I just say never come across such a well explained article in all my time. Thank you very much for your help, learnt a lot! Very genuine man!

Stephen neal 24 months ago

Renault scenic 2001 dci f9q engine electrical fault/glow plug light .

Hi i would like to add this i have completely removed the egr out of the housing and I must say it works like a charm using a blanking plate and still using the electrical part of the solenoid with high temp sealent I had a problem with glow plug/electrical fault light coming on now and again when driving up hills or coasting this is what was causing g the problem forget all boost valves glow plug really boost solenoid it's simple I now this is a very common fault with f9q engines .. first have a look at the egr recirculation pipe this is located under the egr housing if it's oily or damp with carbon I put it this is your problem pressure lose from turbo intercooler system I took it to a guy who put it on the computer and I read glow plug circuit and egr flow. First I removed the egr valve from the housing u will need to block the tin pipe I used a half inch 3/4 drive socket use a long threaded bolt through the socket place 2 nuts on each end with washers tighten tight drill through the ends were the nuts are place a split pin so nuts don't fall out and smash the turbo vains up place socket inside the ton pipe I used high temp sealent around the the socket and tin pipe and refit using the clamp clamp the tin pipe against the egr housing and it's completely sealed I no this works I'm running my renault scenic 1.9 dci 2001 f9q engine . You will have full flow from the intercooler to turbo no restrictions my mpg has gone up to 54.4 mpg driving at 60 mph on a 2001 car it's brilliant my turbo went so as i had it all in bits I done this good luck people

darren 22 months ago

Hello,I just tried to remove the egr valve got it split into two,but couldn't get the inside part out,you said pry the valve out with a screw driver is that trying to get it behind it between the manufold and the valve or pull from the centre?

pascal 22 months ago

this worked fine for me it improved power some what but i think i might have other issues such as booster solenoid ect what i wanted to ask is after blanking of valve i have a fault reading p1401 all i wondring is will this effect the turbo or anything else thanks

patrick lilley 22 months ago

is the 2litre erg valve same as 1.9

its all gravy 21 months ago

hi great articles.

I have an 04 vivaro 1.9. its a bit slow to start and seems to misfire until it is warm usually when it gets to about 80 degrees, it then drives normally. its only sluggish when cold. had egr replaced maf sensor cleaned, changed the glow plugs but still the same. no lights illuminated on dash. any help would be great cheers.

rusty 20 months ago

took my egr valve out on my renault 2006 1.9 dci cleaned it and turned it around but it wouldn't rev ???

will 20 months ago

Thanks for taking the time to make it easier for use all..I removed mine and cleaned it and put it back 180 degrees so the valve was facing the top..It was easy and it's made a difference between 1 and 2000 revs which was terrible before..It drives better round town..Many thanks for people like yourself...

SheilaM137421 20 months ago

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Joe 18 months ago

I have a 1.9 traffic 05 plate, my van was running fine, no real major issues, no Rev issues, no smoke but it was suggested I try this. I got the first part off, couldn't get it out the manifold, I broke part of the flange when tapping sadly.

So to prevent any more damage I put back together but now I have no revs past 2k and it's slow getting to that! So I can't drive! I didn't touch the EGR really, what could I have done?

jamezy rutland 18 months ago

followed your procedure on EGR valve on my vivaro & what a difference its made, did the 180 degree bit to blank it off & everything now hunky dory, liked very much the bit about having a fat wife, fortunately I have neither a fat or thin wife thank god so had all the time in the world to do the job properly without any nagging, a great tip & very easy to follow. ps I also broke a lug of the part of the erg valve that fits in the manifold but got it out & you don't use the holes when refitting so no probs there .

Neil sarge 17 months ago

My van pisses out black smoke on pulling away, and when accelerating pretty much anywhere,flat,downhill,uphill, had the egr valve changed oct 14 but it's since then that I've noticed the smoke issue, had new cat fitted, air,oil and fuel filters done and injector cleaner put thru but nothing as worked yet, still getting black smoke, any ideas?

Cucikas 16 months ago

Hi to all. I did have problem whit EGR valve, my van Renault master dci100 2.5l, 2005 year, problems no power up to 2500 rev, I changed EGR valve, still same problem, then I just unplugged cables from EGR valve, simple and it works, I believe no wan say anything about electric fault, this is the 5v power supply from ECU, I attached link from yotube how to test and fix the problem, it is easy, and I hope it helps to most of cases, you can try this be for you go to any garage and start changing any parts. SORRY for my English

mike 16 months ago


is it enough just to unplug the EGR valve?

john 15 months ago

hi had a problem with 1.9 vivaro going into limp mode at 70mph changed egr and maf and boost sensor found out it was a blockage were the boost sensor fits drove about 20 miles evthing ok then I spotted a diesel fuel leak so I also fixed after about ten miles of driving the van starts to become sluggish and slow could this be a prob with airlock in fuel system due to a small hole in fuel line no management lights have come on many thanks john

Windows87 12 months ago

Had this fault on my Vivaro 2002 and it was the fuel line letting air in. Did you replace your fuel line John.

luis pacheco 9 months ago

good I'd like to ask a little thing

I have an Opel vivaro 1.9 dti 2001 and she did not have much strength and has a very strange symptom

1- when I go to puchar the changes she not pucha right pucha and then stops and puchar back soon puchar this only happens when I walk en 6 change already changed the EGR valve mass air meter and remains the same

2 can help and am I of Portugal and tou gartar fed up money and tou unhappy with truck

if you can send an email with what I can do thanking thank tou desperado

- Email

Douglas 8 months ago

The best article I've read on van maintenance! Clear, easy to understand and great photos. Brilliant..and saved me a few quid as well.

bigstu63 profile image

bigstu63 6 months ago

morning. have a 03 1.9 vivario

when it rains the engine will not rev up. cleaned gutters and down pipes as water was getting onto air filter. full of silt. changed maf sensor worked better but now every time it rains it will not rev up. couple hours drying out and its fine again. any ideas?????

bigstu63 profile image

bigstu63 6 months ago

also it starts first time every time raining or not. the maf sensor was changed out because it came up as a fault.

craig 6 months ago

my wasnt starting just done it and works fine thanks for the advice..

Mike 123 6 months ago

Did this today and all working well. I would say though that separating the valve was quite tough, however.

Many thanks agaain

Despot56 5 months ago

Great explanation and photos. Made the job easier than I expected.

All good now, thanks.

Anthony 4 months ago

Hey mate, awesome article.. took me 100 hits with the hammer to get both parts out eventually and a few gashes :O rotated the inner part of the egr v and aligned the bottom right hole so was able to use this when putting the outer part back on.. when i started it, it turned over a couple times till it wouldn't anymore.. further attempts were worse until eventually the service light started flashing. Had to reset computer and reinstall in the standard position to get it working again.. also notice my air flow meter hose had blown off during this.. I really want to blank it out for a bit more power.. any idea why mine had this result and what i might try.. Cheers mate

Dave Keenan 4 months ago

Hi, Mate you are a champion, thanks for helping out .regards Dave

Dan 4 months ago

Did this and now there's a ticky/tappy noise coming from the engine when driving not sure if it's a coincidence

Martin 4 months ago

Excellent article, one of the most informative I've seen.

Anyway I've cleaned out the egr valve with decarb spray and put back on the van the correct way up and now the van is driving like it should. Thanks very much.

Mark 4 months ago

When I start my Renault Trafic it does start but idles for a while and I am unable to rev the engine. After a couple of minutes I am able to rev the engine. Could this be because of the EGR valve? Thanks.

John 4 months ago

Just turned my egr valve as said in your information. Now will not Rev above 2500 revs any ideas

Darren 3 months ago

I have a 2.0L Vivaro. It keeps misfiring in the morning especially and when im high reving in 1st and 2nd gear mostly do you think blocking the egr valve will stop this from happening? Thanks in advance

shane 6 weeks ago

Hi I have a vauxhall movano with the same egr as yours iv decided to blank it of as iv cleaned it and worked great for 200 miles now it's got that flat spot back but iv got a broken bolt on mine will it still work

Steve 5 weeks ago

Have vivaro van..because of poor acceleration renewed air filter + fuel filter + and new air flow sensor but still same...I cant drive it What i would like to know...the pipe that the air flow is connected to does that fit else where and if it does would that cause problems if it came away from the other end...Please

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