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How to Replace Your Toyota Camry Side Mirror (1997–2001)

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Are you prepared for if someone broke your mirror?

Are you prepared for if someone broke your mirror?

It started when I tried to beat the electric gate to my apartment complex garage. I was driving my Camry and tried to get inside when the gate was about to close. Thought I could make it. Hit the gas. Didn't make it. Passenger-side mirror broke right off.

I was able to drive without that mirror for a while (well, I wasn't totally without it since I was able to duct-tape it back on for the most part). What prompted me to replace that mirror was when the other mirror broke. I was parked on the side of the street and was side-swiped in a hit-and-run. My driver's side mirror was scattered in pieces all around the street.

I called my local auto body shop to ask how much it would cost to replace at least the driver's side mirror. When I heard "$200" for just the one mirror, I knew I had to do this myself.

I went on and found aftermarket side mirrors that were just like the ones I had, only black instead of the original color of my car. These were only about $15. The shipping was actually just as much as the mirrors themselves, so I paid $60 for both mirrors.

How to Replace Toyota Camry Side Mirrors (1997–2001)

The installation was very easy.

You only need:

  • a flathead/flat-bladed screwdriver
  • a Phillips screwdrivers
  • a 10 mm wrench.

These tips will apply to Toyota Camry cars years 1997-2001. Some cars have mirrors with wires that extend out, which you will need to attach to the door. This was the case for my car. For those without the wires, it is much easier to attach the mirror because you don't need to remove the door panel from the inside of the door.

  1. First, open the door and use the flathead screwdriver to pry the triangular cover off of the inside of the door, where the mirror is attached to the door.
  2. To loosen the door panel to access the wiring, remove the screws around the panel with the Phillips screwdriver. You only need to remove a few to access the wiring.
  3. Use the wrench to remove the nuts holding the mirror to the door on the inside of the door. Pull the broken mirror off of the door.
  4. Attach the new mirror to the door and secure the nuts. Plug the wires from the new mirror to the door where the old wires were attached.
  5. Replace the door panel and secure the screws.
  6. Replace the triangular cover.

I would highly recommend watching the video below if you want to see how the installation is done.

Good luck!

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