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How to Clean / Change MAF Sensor on Trafic, Vivaro & Primastar Vans

I am interested in cars and do my own repairs where I can. I like to share any knowledge I have to help other people where possible.


This is a guide on how to change or clean the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor on Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic and Nissan Primastar Vans. If you have a Vivaro, Primastar, or Trafic van and have no power at low RPM, general rough running, and have the check engine light illuminated on the dashboard, there are several things that you need to rule out to track down and solve the problem.

Changing or cleaning the MAF sensor can often solve your running problems, so read this guide to find out how to do it. These vans are all the same van, made at the same factory with a different badge on the front, so this guide applies to all three.

Before buying a new MAF sensor, try cleaning it to see if that helps. It's always worth a go and will cost you very little—just a few minutes and a can of electrical contact cleaner. If cleaning it doesn't help, then changing it could be the next step, but go for the cheaper option first!

So What Exactly Does the MAF Sensor Do?

The MAF (mass airflow) sensor basically measures the amount of air that is going into the engine. It then feeds this information to the ECU, which decides how much fuel it's going to then deliver to the engine. As engines run on fuel mixed with air, you can see that if the MAF is faulty or dirty and giving an incorrect reading, it can have a pretty major effect on how the engine runs.

The most common complaint with these vans seems to be that they sometimes are low on power—especially below 2500 RPM—and sometimes won't rev properly.

The best thing to do is connect your vehicle to a diagnostics machine and get the codes. If the code returns back with a MAF fault, then clean it or change it. Some people go through a trial-and-error method of replacing different bits and hoping this solves the problem. I can't recommend doing this, but if you are going to, then the MAF is a good starting point as it's cheap, easy to replace, and is often the cause of a lot of problems.

As you can see from the photo below, my van is a Renault Trafic. Like I said, the Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro and the Nissan Primastar are essentially the same van, so apart from the sticker, once you've removed the engine cover that sits on the top of the engine, you should be looking at this view below, which is the airbox and the MAF sensor visible towards the back of the engine bay.

How Does the MAF Sensor Get So Dirty?

The MAF sensor is in the flow of the intake air. It is situated behind the air filter, which will clean the air to some degree, but there are still many thousands of litres of air that flows past this sensor. Over time, it will get dirty. A clean MAF sensor is vital for correct and efficient engine performance.

Close-up view of the mass airflow sensor.

Close-up view of the mass airflow sensor.

Above is a closer view of the MAF sensor. The design of the engines on these vans changes slightly over the years as there are several engines including the 1.9 dci, the 2.0 dci and the 2.5 dci.

On all of these, the MAF sensor is in line with the pipe that feeds the air into the engine (it has to be as it is measuring the air going in after all!), so it isn't too tough to find. The photo above depicts a 1.9 dci engine; you can see the MAF sensor just above the airbox.

To access the sensor, the first thing to do is to unplug the connector.

Remove the connector first


Pop this jubilee clip off


Pull off this pipe


After you've removed the pipe, remove both airbox bolts. There's one on the right and one on the left; I've taken a photo of the one on the right. I couldn't easily get the camera to the one on the left as it's a bit obscured, but it's not tough to find.

After you've undone both bolts, a bit of jiggling will see the airbox come out completely.

This is one of the airbox bolts


This is the MAF sensor, still screwed to the airbox

Once removed from the van, this is what you will have sitting on your driveway!

Once removed from the van, this is what you will have sitting on your driveway!

The MAF sensor unscrews from the airbox with a torx bit (T30). There are only two screws holding it in, which you can see in the photo below.

If you're going to have a go at cleaning the wires inside, remove the MAF from the airbox, then just spray them with electrical contact cleaner and just make sure you don't touch them as they're delicate. If you're just replacing the unit, then undo the two screws, attach the new MAF to the airbox and refit.

The inside of the MAF sensor


Use this instead of carb cleaner on the MAF as it doesnt leave a residue.

Well, I hope this article helped. If the MAF was the problem, then once you've plugged the new cleaned MAF sensor in, you'll be able to feel the difference straightaway.

Make sure that when you spray the MAF sensor that you use electrical contact cleaner, not carb cleaner or WD40. Contact cleaner, which can be labelled as such, or cans that are labelled up as MAF sensor cleaner (basically the same thing) doesn't leave any residue.

There are other things that can go wrong with these vans that can affect the running, but as the MAF is a pretty easy fix that often solves a lot of problems, it's a good starting point.

I have also written another article on cleaning or blanking off your exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve). That is another common cause of rough running so can be beneficial if you're having problems, or if you want to prevent them. If you scroll down, then you should find the link to that article below.

Good luck working on your van and if you have any comments, please leave them below.


This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Nigel on April 17, 2020:

Hi,mines the same,when I disconnected the wires to the maf it runs perfect,but comes up with check emissions and spanner ligh Ron

Johnny t on April 14, 2020:

Have a vivaro 2003. Had issies with the running..basically flat upto around 3000rpm.

Disconnected my mass flow sonsor. Now running perfectly..

What damage will it cause running the can with it disconnected??

Simon Chudyk on September 09, 2018:

Hi. Anyone having issues after disconnecting egr or maf. Try disconnecting battery for 30 minutes. If this doesn’t work put key in ignition turn to 2nd turn hold thumb on the lock button on the key. This should reset everything hopefully

ArsenLoupain on August 11, 2018:

Hay ,my traffic when it's cold it starts lightly.When it gets hot, it's a lot tought, does it have any idea,what it is?Thanks in advance for help

Ben Steele on May 20, 2018:

My 2016 Vivaro has spent 8 out of 12 working days on 4 trips to dealership. They cant solve the problem van is a bag of shite should have bought the transit.

BBB69 on May 09, 2018:

I'm having pretty much same issue with my ren trafic as others seem to be having ,low rev ,flashing lights etc ,but I can't find answers to the questions on forum ? Were please

Sensei cjh on March 27, 2018:

Hi I’ve got Primastar swb 2005 starts up great, runs like a rocket but then loses power and won’t rev over 1000/2000 revs? Garage replaced fuel sender, fuel and air filters Didn’t solve it. when lose revs if I turn off then wait couple of minutes then start up van revs up no problem , when revs drop sometimes van won’t move and other times it limps about 10 mph don’t trust garage now any advice appreciated

Dorithea Agnea Thrustclutcher III on January 21, 2018:

Ee Lad I could kiss ya, thanks for the heads up on the location of the MAF, I got a DTI code P0100 which was to do with the MAF and I think first port of call is a little MAF cleaning.

Can't see the EGR Link any chance you could point me in the right direction chuck?

Simon Smith on August 22, 2017:

Hi just see your step guide on how to clean air flow sensor which I will try as my Nissan primastar is acting weird,my rev counter and speedo keep going up and down/fluctuating and engine warning light/glow plug light keeps coming up on dash but only intermittently,engine seems to be running fine but yesterday wouldn't start straight away

Any ideas before I start changing parts

john on August 09, 2017:

thank you for the information

Robin on April 13, 2017:

Changed egr changed turbo sensor changed vaf I think that's what it's called and now changed maf and guess what still won't rev and light still on looks like a glow plug light with another squiggle think above it sorry about the vague description but bricklayer not mechanic and pulling my hair out

Cliff on April 10, 2017:

I have a 2007 Vauxhall Vivaro SWB 2.0 CDTI.

I have owned for a few years now and have had various issues throughout that i have managed to diagnose and repair, Until now!

I have a couple of warning lights on the dash that i can't reset.

p0100 Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor malfunction

p0380 Malfunction in glow plug circuit 'A

They both came up at the same time which i find strange, Could i ask if this is somthing any one has experienced before? I have a limited understanding of auto electrics and am aware of how complex they can be,I have previoulsy had problems with the glow plug circuit, changed the plugs checked wiring and changed relay, turned out to be a loose connection on the seatbelt pretensioner!

I have tried resetting the fault codes and they come back as soon as i start the engine (or even turn the ignition on!) so the fault must be some kind of malfunction in electrics/sensor, if it was mechanical surely the engine would need to be running for the ECU to identify the problem?

Should probably mention i have no obvious lack of power no limp home (engine wont rev above 2000 rpm in neutral but i believe this is manufacture safety limited and drives fine in all gears)

tony spillett on January 21, 2017:

Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can help,

I was driving my 1.9 vivaro van with no problems for 80 miles, stopped to get cash from machine got 200 yards up the road and my van stalled, restarted and it would not rev past 2000 revs and could hardly move the van (max 15mph) absolutly no power. As i tried to drive the glow plug light came on and off intermitantly

I stopped for an hour but because the van was cold it would fire but not start

The breakdown guy came and put a fault finding machine on the van and it came up with egr fault and glow plug fault. I was recovered home and took the egr out and cleaned it but same issue, tuned it 180 degrees but same issue. I then unplugged the MAF sensor but the wouldnt fire

Would anybody know what the problem can be. The van was running fine with no issues at all apart from slightly longer cranking on cold starts but now will not start at all. The van has covered 180k and had a new turbo at 140k so i will be surprised if this is the problem

Would faulty glow plugs cause these problems?

Many thanks in advance, Tony

darrann on September 17, 2016:

Hi We have Renault master 2.3 2012 engine failed to start , brake warning on dash , i assume front pads are worn and has activated the sensor, is it normal for this to shut down engine some advice would be appreciated.

Paula on August 22, 2016:

This is a really interesting and well put together article, thank you

My 1.9 Vivaro kept going into limp mode and the RAC told me I had to replace the EGR Valve, I did this and it still kept going into limp mode so I called them again. They then told me I had to replace the MAF Sensor so booked it in the garage and had that changed but it still keeps going into limp mode! If I unplug the MAF Sensor then everything runs lovely, do you have any suggestions please? The van is a 2005 SWB :-)

49er on July 31, 2016:

Excellent details,instruction etc practically idiot proof many thanks

Trevor on July 03, 2016:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, did your egr and maf procedure, my 2006 vivaro runs like new !!

graham on April 17, 2016:

thanks my good man , did exactly the same as you described found your instructions , made it all so easy . thanks again

leelsa on April 04, 2016:

hi i when i get to a certain rev van loses power and wont rev no more,so i has im going along switch engine on and off it cures it till i go over certain rev a rev of about 2000 up.so i cleaned the EGR valve which was baked by the way,but still not cured the problem and i cant see it being the maf sensor as it runs fine till over certain rev any ideas friend.

Alun on March 28, 2016:

Some great advice, only thing is I've tried unplugging my MAF sensor but it cuts out immediately. All other posts say that their engines run better. Can someone advise me what is wrong .

dave on January 18, 2016:

Hi, been having power issues with my 06 Renault traffic, starts OK and runs with no dash lights illuminated but just seems to have no power.will get up to speed eventually but has lost all exceleration, could this be either a dirty fuel maf or as I suspect the turbo boost sensor

prowl on January 06, 2016:

hi, does anybody know correct live data for air flow on idle and at 2000rpm?

Kev on December 22, 2015:

Cleaned Maf and EGR reconnected now my Vivaro wont start any ideas, Thanks in advance

IT on October 27, 2015:


I have 62 reg Primastar 1.9dci. Took it to West Way Nissan, Manchester for service and MOT two days before warranty expired. Suspiciously, car came back sounding rough and soon after "check emissons" error message came on dash. Dealership took it back to fix twice and said they'd reset the EGR which made the error message go away only for an hour. Then they said that they replaced the EGR which should definitely solve the problem. But again, an hour after driving off "check emissions" reapeared. Their standards of service are such that I don't beleive a word they say. Any clues as to what could be the actual problem and a solution to it? Would be very greatful!

jrw2608 on September 28, 2015:

Hi i have a Renault traffic 2005/06?, 110k 1.9 lab.

I have been following the hub, and implementing advice from the hub to try to resolve an ongoing problem. With not much luck, but seem to have narrowed the fault down, I wonder if any other person has same or can offer help,

The van starts up every time, but at times will not pick up revs when peddle pressed. This seems to be linked to heat ! As in air temperature. I can drive 5 miles, get out to buy materials , get back in van within say 5 mins, and the van will start but no pick up in revs,. Switching off/ on may resolve problem, or just wait a while say 15 mins and then it's fine.

I say this seems heat related as in last winter in cold months the van behaved .

The other problem is that some times at a junction, as I approach or slow to turn into another road the van will cut out.

I have changed mafsensor , turned erg valve around, changed fuel filter, garage has changed crank shaft sensor and plug.

Last week the garage made a discovery that if you pumped the fuel primer while the engine was running, this would bring it back to life and the van would then pick up revs. So on this assumption I told them to replace the primer pump, hoping finally this would sort it, WRONG.!,

It's still the same, however at least I know how to get it going again.

Any one with ideas ?..

ian on August 31, 2015:

I am a complete novice with engines.. I have a vivaro but my speedo wont work... please help but keep it simple

Gary Simpson on August 27, 2015:


I changed the Maf sensor and the van is now running well, but the engine management and stop light is still on. Is it ok to drive like this?

Craig on July 13, 2015:

Hi there got a Trafic 2.0 2009 just had engine reconditioned and been running fine but sounds like a old diesel transit. Also every now and then seems to be a flat spot when driving and sometimes will be at a junction put foot on revs to set off but nothing there but then kicks in after a second or so been told maybe Mafia sensor any ideas would be much appreciated.

Kevin Wakey on June 06, 2015:

Recent problem with Traffic 58plate. slight judder then loss of power for a second then power banged back in. Seemed like complete shut off then immediately back on. Stuttering on pick up from traffic lights etc. Will try MAF then check EGR if no improvement. Brilliant advice throughout!!!! Hope I've caught it at early stage????

carpet mark on February 19, 2015:

I cleaned the MAF sensor and EGR valve on my 53 plate Vivaro 1.9 as it would not rev up before, I also noticed the air filter was very clogged up so I started the van up without the air filter in and it revved up perfectly, I thought I would turn it off and go and get a new air filter before I took it for a spin, however when I tried to start it again it will not start at all, I have checked that fuel is getting through, removed and cleaned the egr again, disconnected the maf sensor and still no joy, any ideas?

Aussie sparky on January 14, 2015:

So was on my way to my first job this morning when my traffic van decided to run really slow on low revs, pulled over and decided to Google what might be the problem and found this post. 25 minutes later and $11 for some contact cleaner and my van now runs better then I can remember. Thanks for the detailed and simple to follow instructions

Julian Mew on January 05, 2015:

Further to my 2004 Nissan Primastar problem. Glow plug light now comes on and at the same time the pressure control valve makes a loud noise and performance drops away. I have replaced this valve with a new one but the same symptoms appear. Any ideas?

tony on November 17, 2014:

when i start my 53 plate vivaro no revs for 30 seconds sometimes i even have to knock engine off and start it again , i all so seem to have lost power i don't have hardly any power in sixth mind the van is on 214000 miles ,i have looked after the engine changed oil every 4/6 months any ideas why no revs


Colin on October 17, 2014:

I have a Nissan Primastar 2.0 diesel,2008,when the engine is cold, it will start with no problem but once the engine is warmed up and i turn of the engine, it want start again, I can hear a click noise from the engine but she doesn´t or even turn over. I can start the engine by pushung the van or wait for the next day and the engine will start with no problem. I´ve changed the battery already, so it can´t be a batery problem. Can you add any help or knowledge if it is a simply problem. Thanks

syd on October 12, 2014:

Fantastic changed the MAS and cleaned EGR my van now fly"s

thanks for this post

Stu on September 03, 2014:

On the above post I decided to unplug the maf sensor and take it for a drive approx 2 miles and it was running sluggish in low revs but when driving it was fine no black smoke !!! Lights on dash went off can't believe it turbo was boosting plug it back in black smoke appeared again !!! So the garage I took it to we're lying should I replace maf and boost switch or just maf could it be maf giving wrong reading causing black smoke????

stu on September 02, 2014:

With regards to my last post came home tonight and thught id try disconnecting the maf sensor after reading the above posts and took it for a drive approx 2 miles just to see if there was any difference to my amazment it ran near perfect no black smoke out of exhaust all lights off dash gone off but bit sluggish in low revs but no black smoke I reconnected the sensor drove same distance black smoke appeared again but lights on dashboard still off so the garage which I took it for plug in basically told me aload of rubbish saying the turbo had gone squeezed the boost pipe and reved engine the pipe expanded so must have pressure do I replace maf rather than boost sensor ??? Also took pipes off the intake sensor and there was suction so that must be ok

Rain Defence (author) from UK on September 02, 2014:

Boost pressure sensor is a lot cheaper to try. Is the mechanic offering to put one in to try without you having to buy it? If so then give that a blast. It's not too uncommon to find mechanics who will do that so don't settle for one that tells you you have to pay for everything just to try it.

stu on September 01, 2014:

I have a 05 primastar starts eveytime runs ok but its throwing black smoke out of exhaust when accelerating been to garage for plug inthey say low boost pressure fault code and that I need a new turbo but another mechanic says boost pressue sensor any ideas thanks

Julian Mew on August 16, 2014:

I have two fault codes. One is 1826 which I believe to be a fault with the glow plug relay and the other is 1804 which is the boost pressure sensor. Where is this boost pressure sensor please? Also I have treplaced the pressure control valve because it was noisy and the new one is also! Van is a bit sluggish below 2000 rpm. I have done your egr and maf cleaning procedures.

Panga Sandu Teodor from Romania on August 06, 2014:

nice post

ben maon on July 28, 2014:

the pump in the tank works and all filters have been changed. we have had it running on easy start and I have just taken the small fuel pump off which doesn't seem to be doing anything but I still have the cam sensor fault.

ben mason on July 28, 2014:

hi I have a 2002 1.9 vivaro. since having the van I have replaced the egr valve because it was running rough and showing the egr fault, this solved the problem for a little while. Then the van was forever going into limp mode whilst going up hills, this fault fixed its self for a short time but came back with a vengeance and wouldn't start but now was showing cam position sensor fault which I changed and then was showing crankshaft sensor fault. after telling all this to another mechanic he said to change the engine harness which I did and now I am showing the cam position sensor fault which I can't seem to get rid of and it still won't start. Do you have any ideas?

Thank you Ben.

JulVivaro on July 18, 2014:


Great article! I did what you told and it work perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Now an other question. Because the EGR is not used now .. the MAF is also not needed anymore. I understand that the MAF can be replaced by a diode on the plug.

-Does someone know which value the diode need?

- Which pins do I need to use with this diode?

I drive: Opel Vivaro 1.9DTI, 2005

Thank you much!

Kind regards,


Jul on July 18, 2014:

Hello everyone,

I would like to replace the MAF by a diode. Do you (or other members) know the value of this diode and how to connect (which connection numbers of the plug)?

Thank you much!

Kind regards,


Opel Vivaro 1.9DTI 2005

Rain Defence (author) from UK on July 18, 2014:

Although it could be lots of things it sounds like a fuelling issue to me, I'd suggest getting fuel pump and filter checked out.

Johan V Biljon on July 17, 2014:

Hi I have a problem with my 2008 Primastar , when it gets to around 120Kmh it just cuts out , like the engine keeps running but the turbo is switched off ,by turning the ignition off and on it will be fine again

It feels like the turbo is been starved and then switches off , did the MAF an EGR as above ( great article) and it seems that it has more go initially but when pushing it , it cuts out ..... any advice

john lawrence on July 16, 2014:

put second hand engine in primastar 54 plate had trouble starting it at first. got it started. running for afew days. went ton start it onother day no goy. any idears

Rain Defence (author) from UK on July 07, 2014:

Thanks for your comment, they're what makes it worthwhile! I'll get on with more guides soon.

Mikey RT1.9 06 REG on July 07, 2014:

Best guide on the entire www on Renault Traffic. Followed it and confidently successfully cleaned the MAF and EGR valve. Would be amazing if you did a glowplug change guide too! Go on...

Rob G on July 07, 2014:

Hi. Thanks for all of the advice. Another challenge for you to see if you may have any cunning idea's what the issue could be: I have had to replace my MAF sensor 3 times in 3 years. Any idea what could be causing the damage? Every time it gets replaced the problem is fixed and then after a little time the power issues / jerking at around 2000rpm start again. The air filter seems in good nick and is working properly on the inlet side, on the other side there seems to be some way for the air to travel before getting to the engine, so presumably no heat/contamination issues coming from the engine. The MAF is fairly clean looking, so a real puzzle????

Rochie888 on July 06, 2014:

Hi , great reading, great information. And many thanks for the information. Maybe you can help me, my 06 Prima Star starts fine in the morning, however after it's running for a while when it is turned off and started up again the engine takes longer to fire up. I have to turn the engine over longer for it to fire up. Any helpful advice will be appreciated

Rain Defence (author) from UK on May 01, 2014:

It is a common fault with these vans so it's probable/possible. Is there any way you can try another before shelling out for a brand new one?

jim on April 15, 2014:

Hi u might get to help me please i have 06 renalut master. i had it but on machine. faults were turbo charge senor and heater ? Two faults. i replaced the map senor think that was the turbo charge senor bout mean the same thing but when i put it on the machine again the faults are still there they faults are 1804 and 1826 can u help me please when i rev 3000 and take my leg of it ticks. over a little faster

Elisabeth on April 07, 2014:

Hi There. Thanks for this information. I've got Nissan Primastar 2007 1.9. I had a diagnostic run on it (not by Nissan themselves but a reputable place none the less) and they told me that the Air Mass Meter and the IAT - Intake Air Temperature sensor are both non working. I find it strange that both are not functioning and I do not have a lot of spare money to buy parts and hope that they are right. The problem with the vehicle is that its very sluggish going up a hill. I will have to go up a hill in second gear and it just goes nowhere. I also cannot do more than 130km / h with it. Other than that it runs well on the straight, it accelerates well. Do you think it could be the MAF as they have told me?

stuart wheeler on April 05, 2014:

I live in bodmin, cornwall mate. Any ideas?

Rain Defence (author) from UK on April 03, 2014:

Hi mate I'm not that knowledgeable really, just an keen amateur! Where are you as I do know an excellent travelling mechanic?

Stuart wheeler on March 30, 2014:

Hi mate your knowledge on these vans seems second to none in comparison to what crap I have been fed of late. I was hoping you could possibly help me out.. Basically I have a 1.9 opel vivaro 02 reg. over Xmas had a few issues with it running extremely sluggish and then eventually conked out and wouldn't start.. Had it towed to various garages and in the end had MAF done and replaced injector wire and all was good but at a massive cost.. To my dismay 2 days later the cam belt went and water pump.. Got that done and another 3 days later fuel filter! Got it all sorted but my patience was wearing thin. Then I began to realise that I would be driving along and the glow plug light would come on followed by the speedo stopping working and losing power not going past 2000 revs etc. it's really frustrating because I have spent so much and just don't wanna be in this situation! I have spoke to various mechanics and basically they have no idea other than 'get rid' . I'm a self employed roofer and need my van as it's my livelihood and having put about £800 of repairs into it wouldn't wanna sell. Got a mate to put it in diagnostics and all that came up was 'ho2 heater circuit high'. Any advice would be amazing mate! Thanks. Stu.


rfe003 on March 28, 2014:

Just used your other tip for cleaning MAF sensor and worked a treat, van is now running like a dream. Next job is now going to be the ERG valve, just want a look at it to see how bad it actually is then I'll make a decision to block it off when I see how bad it looks. Great information and thanks.

Rain Defence (author) from UK on March 25, 2014:

Pleased to help! Thanks for your comment.

Mike Nicholl on March 25, 2014:

Thanks for your great info on Maf and EGR on Dci100.Done the job.Replaced maf turned Egr 180.My Van now goes superb no loss of power . Thanks again from a very pleased Traffic owner.

matthew on March 20, 2014:

Hiya have a 05 1.9 dti blanked egr changed boots pressure unit. cleaned maf. And its still coming up with the coil light and turbo cuts out. also if I unplug the maf it just cuts out if any idear please help cheers

steve on March 10, 2014:

Had recon turbo fitted to my 57 vauxhall vivaro after fitting lost power and strugling to start had maf fitted drove o.k for day then same problem again had another new maf fitted went for spin after about 20 mile red lights started to flicker on dash few mile later drove up steep hill then lost revs and cut out, couldn't get over 25 revs aa tow to garage, computer test shows fault with maf, fitted new one again and started up first time but not feeling confident. (how long will this one last) any sugestions ?

Ryan on March 01, 2014:

Hi i have a Renault Traffic on a 57 reg driving feeling rough than usual, also while driving on a straight or motorway i have lost power completely and then kicks back in scary to be honest lights come on STOP and engine light. So restart the engine and all fine now and again does the same also slightly slugglish from start.

James on February 28, 2014:

Hi hoping you might be able to help. I have a 06 Vivaro. For the last month it won't start on cold mornings. After a jump start sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. Later that day it may start unaided. The glow plugs were checked and are ok. The Airflow meter and the cam shaft sensor was checked/changed. Got the van back from the garage yesterday and same thing again, it wouldn't start this morning. You have any idea what to look at next. Its costing a lot of ££££ at this stage.

Rain Defence (author) from UK on February 20, 2014:

Great to hear, I'm glad it all worked out for you!

Steve on February 19, 2014:

Been Struggle to find the problem with my van for months , finally found

your pages , Maff sensor contacts broken, so replaced it and took the

time to take off the egr valve and give that a clean out , at 92,000 miles

my primastar now runs like new with very smooth acceleration .

Can not thank you enough for spending the time to put up these pages

that have saved me both time and money

Rain Defence (author) from UK on February 18, 2014:

You're welcome, thanks for your comment.

dawn h on February 14, 2014:

hi have vivaro 1.9 di 02 plate have had new egr valve 3 month ago, maf meter yesterday , crank sensor cranckshaft sensor and sometimes it looses power seems to do it random but only on low revs when change from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gear 2500 to 3000 revs after that its ok could it be boost pressure sensor have no eml on dash please help this has cost me a fortune in parts time etc and loss of earnings I am self employed thanks

Steve on February 13, 2014:

Hi, I've read tons of these thread s and this one is far the best ., congrats .... I had all the problems as mention , replace maf as one of pickup inside fell off , clean the egr valve and inlet but some of gunk can go down vaq pipes and cause the boost pressure sensor to be faulty , i dumped this and join pipes together after cleaning them of gunk ! That I had blown down them in first place , and had full boost pressure , too much really , but with the yellow coil light on which meant after 20 mins of driving would go into limp mode , so invested in new Boost pressure sensor cost £48 !!! But 5 min fix , runs fine with correct boost and no yellow coil light on yepeeeee !!!!!! . So thanks for great info on this a Thread .

paddyoh on February 01, 2014:

Hi I have a nissan prima star 04 u need to rev it up to 2500 rpm before it goes right what cold be wrong with it

mark on January 22, 2014:

i have a 2008 vivaro with 2.0cdti engine and sometimes splutters when driving and when under load going up hills etc chugs sometimes and once the red engine man light has came on and went off?

eny1 got an idea what it can be?

Rain Defence (author) from UK on January 19, 2014:

Yes you can change the oil without removing anything although you will need a funnel.

Your problem sounds like a sticking idle control valve. If I were you I'd take it out and clean or replace it.

Good luck!

Björn on January 17, 2014:

Hello! very informing guide! I am noob when it comes to this so i am much obliged. I will try the egs/maf operation in some days.

Are you able to change the oil on primastar without removing the big plastic undercover?

My car has the symptoms of revving up very poor and losing power on thrust when "cold" i think and it has been a problem that turns up now and then, the car autorevs by itself when i push the clutch down.

In your opinion would it be a manageble task to also change the electric motor on the glass and to solve the fan not working unless set to 3,4 ?

very good instructions again!!

Rain Defence (author) from UK on January 12, 2014:

Spot on, glad it helped.

Dave on January 12, 2014:

Brilliant Hub! My 04 Traffic had been playing up for months. Very low on power below 2500 rpm and EML coming on, then was ok when turbo kicked in. It was almost embarrassing going uphill !

Changed the MAF sensor yesterday (pattern part from Eurocarparts) at a cost of £76 and took about half an hour to fit.



Wayne on January 08, 2014:

Thanks for the reply just went and Mass Air flow so not as bad as sounded. Thanks

Very helpful and Quick response..

Rain Defence (author) from UK on January 08, 2014:

These vans have very sensitive sensors. Sometimes they're on and there isn't an issue. Only way to know is get the codes read at a garage and see what they say. My mates been running one for about 6 years now with the check engine spanner lit up with no issues so it's not always terminal.

Wayne on January 08, 2014:

Hi Have a 2010 1.9 Traffic, Was running really bad difficult to pull off then yesterday spanner light came on and said check injection 10 minutes later engine management light on and shows as check emissions ... But now these lights are on van is running better on start and not sluggish?? Any help to this would be gratefully accepted. Thanks

Rain Defence (author) from UK on January 08, 2014:

Excellent news, thanks for update!

woody451 on January 07, 2014:

Further to my van problem. Diagnostic unit set to nissan did not show fault but when set to renault faults were recorded on pedal track 2. So garage fitted new pedal pot and now accerates.

Keep up this brill hub.

Rain Defence (author) from UK on January 03, 2014:

Sounds like it could be broken. What does it do when you try to start it with maf unplugged?

Rain Defence (author) from UK on January 03, 2014:

Can't say for sure, but it sounds likely. Sounds like the tank is full of crap swilling around in there. Might be worth checking it out.

Rain Defence (author) from UK on January 03, 2014:

You tried disconnecting the maf and seeing what happens?

woody451 on January 02, 2014:

Brilliant article. Not sure if these parts can cause my problem. 05 primastar 1.9 stood for few days with heavy rain. Went to start it, fired up , wont rev then cut out, wont turn over very well. Connected jump leads from car to van, van turned over and fired up but wont rev at all. Starts each time but still wont rev

JACK on December 29, 2013:

HI THERE have a o3 nissan primaster van its turning off some time when driving its seem to be ok when its more than half full of diesel would the diesel pump be goin

tarboyo on December 28, 2013:

Replaced maf today van run ok before, now will not start do i need to any ideas please.

Rain Defence (author) from UK on December 23, 2013:

Great stuff, thanks for your message.

wacko on December 23, 2013:

thank you have saved me £`sss vivaro 1.9di glow plug light coming on when going up hills or on motorway at speed then going into limp mode

turning engine off & back on was resetting it then ran ok for maybe 5 ,10, 15 mins then light appears on again. just done all you said MAF & EGR cleaned out, now running as smooth as a babbys ass

great post thanks / wack

Rain Defence (author) from UK on December 13, 2013:

I haven't changed the abs sensors. If you do replace them, let me know what sort of a job it was. Cheers.

Andre Vitel on December 10, 2013:

Hi, I have had some electrical problems with my Interstar. I have lights on the dash telling me to stop, service & the abs light is on. The power drops going up hills, to 2k revs, but can be reset by re-starting the van. I had a diagnostic done, & it didn't show any problems. The other things that are also related, is my speedo is not working, neither is my cruise control. This all happened at the same time. I will look at what you have illustrated above, on my van, & advise if it works. I have a suspicion though, that it might be the abs sensors. If so, have you changed out any of these?

Many thanks.

Graham Stacey on November 24, 2013:

I have a vivaro which always starts and runs fine but when it rains really heavy it will initially start ok but then as soon as you rev the engine it will misfire and seems to drop onto 3 cylinders with billows of white smoke coming from the exhaust which illuminates the engine fault light. I have cleaned the EGR and had a new MAF fitted but the fault still remains. This only happens when it has rained really hard - is water getting into the engine somehow - any advice would be much appreciated

Mikey on November 19, 2013:

Hi, excellent advice.

My problem is the same as Marks. Have an 09 vivaro that won't start on cold mornings, could it be fuel temp sensor?

Thanks in advance.

Rain Defence (author) from UK on November 14, 2013:

Doesn't prove it conclusively but in your position I'd buy one and fit it.

Rain Defence (author) from UK on November 14, 2013:

Glad it helped out, all the best

graham on November 11, 2013:

well done i cleaned the egr valve it was completely carbaned..like metal put it back still the same thought as it was so bad this must be the problem then as you said i took the maf and spray cleaned it still running max 3500 rpm so i disconnected the maf plug and bingo runs great.... think it could do with a new maf but at least it runs well again thanks wayne

keith on November 10, 2013:

very very helpful and thank you

Lars Ole Gudevang on November 04, 2013:

I had my Traffic 2,5 tdi now for 7 years, running bad under 2000 and turbo kicks inn late. I have asked loots of mechanics in Norway, they have checked the car and change parts.. Nothing helped. Today I unplugged the MAf connector I it runs as new! Lot better under 2000 and turbo kicks in earlier and smother. I tried to clean the MAF as described and connected it again, but then it runs like it has the last years.. Is this proof enough that the MAf is damage and that it is the MAf causing the problem or can it still be the EGR valve? Sorry the english and thanks for the article!!!

Rain Defence (author) from UK on October 10, 2013:

I'm glad it worked for you. Thanks for your comment.

Donal o Keeffe on October 08, 2013:

Thank you . Spot on my 2005 Opel vivaro 1.9 van was running very bad with the past two weeks and I took out the air flow sensor and gave it a bit of a clean and it goin fine now. Must get electrical cleaner on Saturday and take it out and give it a proper clean throughout . Great site . I priced two different places and there was 100euro plus the vat in the difference of the prices for the same part.

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