How to Replace a Headlight on a Chevy Uplander

Updated on January 15, 2017
Front of Chevy Uplander
Front of Chevy Uplander | Source

Save money the next time a headlight lamp in the Chevy Uplander minivan needs replacing and do it yourself. Automotive repair shops charge up to $85 to replace a headlight bulb. Replacing the headlight bulb on your own saves most of the cost.

A replacement headlight lamp for an Uplander costs $6 to $15 depending on the brand and type of lamp bulb. Standard bulb replacements have the same light output as the original; high-intensity halogen bulbs have a higher light intensity output.

Removing the Uplander Headlight Assembly

Uplander headlight assembly release latch
Uplander headlight assembly release latch | Source

After opening the hood latch and setting it in the prop slot, it is time to remove the headlight assembly. GM uses the full assembly around the headlight lamp to brighten and direct the beam of light on the front of the Uplander. To remove the headlight, first loosen the assembly latch located on top. The headlight assembly latch looks like a Allen wrench except the shape of the rod is square. Pull the release latch out of the locked position and turn it up to unlock the light assembly. Then use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the bolts holding the headlight casing to the vehicle's sub-frame.

Remove the headlight bolts using a socket wrench
Remove the headlight bolts using a socket wrench | Source

Remove and Replace the Headlight Lamp

Headlight removal
Headlight removal | Source

Firmly, but gently pull the headlight casing away from the surround brackets. The plastic casing will often stick to the seal and the front fender while trying to remove it from the vehicle. Take care to not damage any of the wiring leading to the lighting.

Find the bulb that needs replaced. There are 3 headlight bulbs in each assembly. The high beam lamp is located in the toward the middle of the vehicle. The standard bulb is in the center of the headlight assembly. The turn signal lamp is on the outside of the headlight assembly.

After replacing the burnt-out light bulb put the headlight assembly back into place against the vehicle sub-frame. If the bulb intensity is much greater than the original, you may want to consider replacing both bulbs at the same time. Chances are that the other bulb will likely burn out soon. Replace the headlight assembly bolts and tighten using the socket wrench. Lock the release latch back into the locked position. Test the new headlights before driving to make sure everything is working.

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