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How to Replace the Fuel Filter on the Ford Focus Mk 2

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Replacing the fuel filter on a Ford Focus Mk2 on your own

Replacing the fuel filter on a Ford Focus Mk2 on your own

Why Replace the Filter?

You should replace your fuel filter at regular intervals which will be determined by the car manufacturer. In my experience whenever I purchase a used diesel car it is one of the first jobs I would do. I think what you have to assume is that the previous owner may not have been as meticulous with home servicing as you. If in doubt swap it out is the motto here.

On numerous occasions, I had neglected to swap the fuel filter of a used car I had purchased only to find that I either get a warning light up on the dashboard or smooth running problems. If you get running problems in a diesel engine then this is likely to be a good starting point for diagnosis and replacement necessary to eliminate the problem.

This is what you're working with!

This is what you're working with!


  • All purpose cleaning spray
  • Electronic spray
  • Torque wrench
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Diesel syringe pump

If in doubt,

Swap it out.

— Steve Mitchell

Can Anyone Do This?

Often a question I ask when writing about different subjects and the degree of difficulty that is involved. For this servicing job, I think it would be one of the easier jobs on the list you may have to consider. The good thing about this easy job is that there is no crawling around on the floor. On many cars, in particular French ones, you may need to jack up the car and remove a wheel and wheel arch cover just to get access to the fuel filter, never mind replacing it. We're lucky with the Focus as it is located at the top of the engine.

Basically what I am saying is that you don't need any special skills in order to be able to do this. Just a willingness to follow the steps and have a go.

One of my top tips before dismantling or removing something -


Take several photos from different angles using your smart phone.


— Steve Mitchell

Safety First!

As always when working on or around vehicles it is worth remembering some basic safety guidelines. You will be working on the fuel system this time so make sure there are no naked flames that could ignite any leaking fuel or vapor. Be sure to wear protective clothing such as goggles, gloves, and masks should you feel it necessary.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about your capabilities to do the job, then think twice and where necessary employ the skills of a qualified technician. If you are happy then proceed with caution making sure not to rush. Leaving plenty of time to do the job will help you. There is nothing worse than trying to do a job with limited amounts of time. I find that things go wrong when you don't have the amount of time needed and other things may crop up which need to be addressed. Time pressure just adds to the pressure to get the job done.

Let's get to the replacement!

Let's get to the replacement!

Step by Step

Just in case the video is unpredictable I will include a written list of the steps to follow when changing your fuel filter for your Ford Focus Mk 2

  • Flip the bonnet and protect front wing with a cover
  • Remove plastic engine cover
  • Locate filter and undo its protective cover
  • Undo 3 security bolts
  • Prize off electrical connector
  • Remove fuel line connectors, bung ends to avoid fuel loss
  • remove the filter body and replace with new
  • reconnect fuel lines
  • Refit the 3 security bolts
  • Attach electrical connection
  • Fit the protective cover
  • Now prime the fuel system using a fuel syringe/pump
  • Start the engine

Give the engine a good run-through to get the fuel flowing and to pressure the system back up again after swapping out the filter. Run the engine at varying idle speeds.

Road Testing the Car

I always like to give the car a road test after working on it and then check for any signs of fuel leakage. There shouldn't be, but a visual check is always a good idea.

Priming the Fuel System

Let's prime the fuel system

Let's prime the fuel system

Check your service book or vehicle handbook to decide at what intervals the above parts should be serviced. Much will depend how many miles per year you do and what the recommendations of the manufacturer are and the age of the vehicle.


fuel filter

1 to 2 years

20,000 to 150,000

oil filter


from 12,000

air filter

2 years

from 20,000

Nice Work!

How easy was that?

Another successful job carried out. Time to start planning your next maintenance job.

What will it be?

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