How to Remove and Install a Camshaft in a 2006-9 VW Jetta

Updated on January 17, 2019
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All owners of high-mileage Volkswagen (VW) 2005-2009 Jetta models, including the TDI, will come to face the fact that their camshaft needs to be replaced at some point. It depends on the what kind of oil has been used in the car and for how long. The incorrect type will cause the cam lobes to wear faster and causes the lifters to become warped.

The correct type of oil for a VW camshaft is synthetic of 5w40; this is especially true for the TDI (diesel) model. A typical brand is Mobil1. There are other brands, but the specification should be any of the following: 505.01, 506.01, 507.00, 502.00. Unsteady or rough idling and excessive smoke are early signs of worn cam lobes.

The VW camshaft kit cost $700. If you have a mechanic do it, the bill will be around $1200. The following procedure is used by most VW mechanics.

Tools You'll Need

  • Camshaft Gear Holder
  • Torque wrench
  • A puller
  • Black sealant AMV 174 004 01.

Tools that you need!
Tools that you need!

How to Replace a Camshaft in a VW Jetta (2006–2009)

  • Remove the 3 bolts from the camshaft sprocket.
  • Pull off the camshaft sprocket from the hub.

Removing sprocket
Removing sprocket
  • Loosen the one bolt holding on the hub. Use the camshaft gear holder. Unscrew the bolt 2 turns counterclockwise.
  • Use the Puller and set it in place and screw in the bolt for hub.
  • Carefully loosen the hub from taper of camshaft. Then, remove hub from camshaft cone.

Removing hub
Removing hub
Special tool to force hub off.
Special tool to force hub off.
  • Remove cylinder head cover.
  • With cam exposed, use a waterproof marker to mark 1 and 2, per diagram to prevent confusion.

Mark your cam, so the new will be placed correctly , like the old one.
Mark your cam, so the new will be placed correctly , like the old one.
  • Remove rocker lever shafts by first loosening both outer bolts and then inner bolts.
  • Refer to images showing 1-5. Remove bearing caps 5, 1 and 3. Then loosen bearing caps 2 and 4 alternating sequence.
  • Remove camshaft.

Special sequence to remove and replace bearing caps.
Special sequence to remove and replace bearing caps.
  • Install new camshaft. Make sure cylinder 1 is pointing upwards. The cam is positioned like the old marked cam. Make sure bearing shell retaining tab are seated in bearing caps and cylinder head. Apply a little oil on contact surfaces of bearing shells.
  • First, install bearing caps 2 and 4 alternating between the two when tightening. Then, install bearing caps 5, 1, 3 in this sequence. Apply sealer to separating surfaces of bearing caps 1 and 5. Bearing cap 5 MUST seat flush with the outer edge of cylinder head. Fasten bearing caps 5,1, 3 and tighten.

Your new cam, cylinder 1 lobe must face upward
Your new cam, cylinder 1 lobe must face upward
  • Install camshaft seal.
  • Install rocker lever shafts and first fasten inner bolts and then outer bolts evenly in a diagonal sequence.
  • Place hub onto camshaft. Tighten the 1 bolt.
  • Push camshaft sprocket onto hu and tighten the 3 bolts. Make sure the toothbed segment faces up (see image). Align camshaft sprocket to central location in slots. Use a lock pick to prevent turning.

Re-connecting the hub.
Re-connecting the hub.
Reconnecting the sprocket
Reconnecting the sprocket
  • Install tandem pump.
  • Wait 30 minutes for the cam to seat , otherwise, valves will crash into pistons!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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