How to Reset Toyota Prius "Oil Change" or "Maintenance Required" Light

Updated on October 29, 2016

Resetting the "Maintenance Required" Light on a Toyota Prius

The "Maintenance Required" indicator on the dash of a Toyota Prius isn't an indication of a serious problem. It's simply an indicator used to remind you to have your oil changed. After having your oil changed or changing your oil yourself, you'll want to reset it so that it won't continually illuminate. If you have your oil changed by your Toyota dealership, they should do this for you without any questions, but if you use a third party oil change service like Jiffy Lube or others, then the mechanics there may not be familiar with resetting the indicator on a Prius

Resetting the "Maintenance Required" indicator isn't exactly intuitive but is quite easy to do when taken step by step. Along with the following steps, I've included some helpful pictures of me doing the reset process on my own Prius.

Step 1 : Press the Power button twice (2X) with your foot off of the brake.

Step 2 : Using the ODO button below the multi-function display, press to cycle through and stop on the ODO reading rather than on Trip A or Trip B.

The location of the ODO/Trip button below the multi-function display.
The location of the ODO/Trip button below the multi-function display. | Source

Step 3 : Press the Power button once to power your Prius down.

Step 4 : Press and hold down the ODO button and press the Power button twice (2X) with your foot off the brake. Continue to hold the ODO button down.

Step 5 : Wait for the flashing dashes to disappear and your ODO reading to reappear.

Picture of the dash showing the blinking hyphens in place of the typical ODO reading.
Picture of the dash showing the blinking hyphens in place of the typical ODO reading. | Source

Congratulations! You've successfully reset the maintenance reminder light on your Toyota Prius.

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      • profile image

        Rick 7 weeks ago

        Hey man, thanks for taking the time! Believe it or not, the local Toyota dealer tried and tried to reset it and finally told me I'd have to live with it on. I watched them, they were doing it wrong, your way did it the first time!

      • profile image

        Nancy 4 months ago

        It worked. Took a while for me to understand the process

      • profile image

        GeoK 5 months ago

        You don't have to take your foot off the brake and it still works

      • profile image

        Samantha 5 months ago

        I have tried this idk how many times and it still won't go away. The place I got my oil changed tryed it also and went by the book and it still won't reset

      • WheelScene profile image

        WheelScene 5 months ago from U.S.A.

        Thanks for sharing!

      • profile image

        Anne 6 months ago

        My daughter has been dealing with the Maintenance Required light for two months. We'll try it and see if it works. Thanks!

      • profile image

        Paula 9 months ago

        This did not turn off my. Maint req light. Maybe because I have a Prius V?

      • profile image

        Youssef 10 months ago

        Good job