How Do I Open the Hood of My Ford Focus?

Updated on February 24, 2018

How To Open The Hood

The reason this baffles so many people is because the hood release on most cars is within the interior of the car. Often it is some kind of latch under the steering column.

So if you have found yourself searching left, right and centre looking for a latch within the interior of your car, then you are not the only one.

Opening the hood of your Focus is very similar to opening the trunk of your Focus.

  • First you must be standing outside the vehicle facing the hood from the front.
  • Crouch down and rotate the Ford badge so it lifts up and around.
  • This will reveal a lock, into which you must insert your car key, like you would with the boot or the ignition.
  • Rotating the key will release the hood so you are now free to maintain and repair your Focus.

This kind of hood release is used not only on the Ford Focus, but on other Ford models, where the same method will apply.


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    • profile image

      Stefan 3 years ago

      I was searching like crazy for the hood release when I wanted to fill the water on a Ford Focus I'm borrowing!