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Honda Harmony 215 Transmission Removal

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Who knew Honda would use a Spicer transmission?

Who knew Honda would use a Spicer transmission?

Is Your Honda Harmony Transmission Giving You Trouble?

If you're having trouble with your Honda Harmony 215 transmission, and you need to remove it from your mower but you don't know how, this video should shed some light on the process, and it is a process.

I have had the transmission out of my Honda Harmony three times trying to figure out what was wrong. The last time I took it apart, I promised myself I wouldn't put it back together unless I was absolutely sure I knew it was fixed, and on my journey, I took pictures and video so I could share the results with you.

These instructiona should work on most Honda Harmonys, they're all built about the same, with a few subtle differences like the cables and drive belts.

Removing the Transmission From a Honda Harmony Self-Propelled Mower

How Long Does it Take to Remove the Transmission on the Honda Harmony?

Plan on having your mower down for about a day. that should give you plenty of time to remove and replace the transmission.

Liked the Video? Still Have Questions?

If you have a question about removing the transmission on the Honda Harmony 215, or if you're confused about something or maybe the video is missing a step, leave it in the comment box below and I'll answer it as soon as possible so we can get your mower back up and running.

If you're looking for an answer on why your transmission does not stay engaged on the Honda harmony 215, see my other video called the Honda Harmony 215 Transmission Fix. It explains in detail how the transmission works and what you need to do to fix it.

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Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on August 24, 2016:

Hi Mike,

Try applying forward pressure to the shift lever after engaging the clutch, if it moves or wants to catch, you problem could be in the shift lever cable adjustment. If you haven't read my other articles on this problem, you'll find them above the comment box on this page.

Mike on August 24, 2016:


Is the problem in my transmission if I checked the wheels already cleaned the springs & gears that turn the wheels they both click very good & move free the problem is when i put it in gear & lift the mower off the ground the wheels spin but very slow when i put it down i have nothing how can i tell if it is in the transmission without removing it by doing some other tests whit it can you help me PLEASE.

Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on August 22, 2016:

Hi Don,

If it's the transmission, it shouldn't engage until you pull the handle. If the crank turns with a ratchet then the problem has to be between the pull start and the engine.

don on August 18, 2016:

My HR215 HXA Honda mower is 25 yrs old has been great I cut grass last week like always started first time I pulled rope. Now rope will not budge. I took the top off and put a socket on the fly wheel nut and the motor has compression, the blade will turn by hand. The rope assembly works fine off the mower put it back and when I tried to start mower the rope will not budge. Is it possible the transmission is locked up, if so can I bypass transmission I really do not need a self propelled mower.

Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on April 22, 2015:

Hi Clint,

You will need to remove the transmission and check to see if the nut is loose on the pulley or if the shaft is worn. Let me know what you find, thanks.

clint1134 on April 22, 2015:

I have the same transmission my problem is that the pulley on the tranmission wobbles back and forth in every direction. This is causing the belt to come off instantly when you engage the drive. How can I fix this. Thank you.

Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on July 03, 2012:

Hi Dale,

There is a link to another one of my articles above the comment box on this page called Honda Harmony transmission problems, check out the videos Paul made at the bottom of he article, he shows you exactly what to do in his video when you need to replace the rive cable. Let me know if this helps Dale, thanks.

Dale on July 03, 2012:

The transmission drive cable appears to be broken. Can I repace the drive cable without removing the transmission.

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