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Replacing a Leaking A/C Condenser and Accumulator on a Honda Civic

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Honda Civic Replacement Denso A/C Condenser

Honda Civic Replacement Denso A/C Condenser

Honda Civic A/C Accumulator

Honda Civic A/C Accumulator

Pulling vacuum before the a/c refrigerant recharge

Pulling vacuum before the a/c refrigerant recharge

Replacing a Damaged A/C Condenser

In the video below I show you how I replaced a damaged and leaking A/C condenser on an '04 Honda Civic.

The customer's air conditioning had been failing, blowing warm air. To try to fix the problem, the customer had bought and used on several occasions off-the-shelf A/C refrigerant recharge cans from his local auto parts retailer. The charge would only last a few days before the A/C system would fail again.

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After looking at the Civic's A/C condenser through the grill, I noticed oil stains in the corner of the condenser. I deduced that the leak was caused by a small stone or pebble that had hit and damaged the condenser resulting in a pinhole leak.

The customer agreed to have the condenser and the accumulator replaced followed by an A/C evacuation and recharge. As long as the A/C system was open, it's a good practice to replace the accumulator as well. The accumulator's function is to remove any future moisture buildup once the system has been evacuated and recharged.

The condenser sits in front of the radiator and behind the front bumper. To perform this repair quickly and efficiently, it's best to remove the front bumper facial along with the left (driver's side) headlight assembly. This will expose the condenser mounting and refrigerant line connection points to ease removal. Removing the headlight assembly provides a clear path to the accumulator.

Honda Civic A/C Condenser and Accumulator Replacement

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