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How to Replace the Entire Exhaust Down Pipe ('97–'01 Camry/Solara) With Video

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Catalytic Converter Not Working? Flex Pipe Leaking? Replace the Entire Down Pipe

People with 5SFE Camrys hope to keep them for a long, long time. But they often find that the flex pipe wears out at about 100,000 miles—so they go to the muffler shop and have it replaced—and then they often find that the catalytic converter wears out at 150,000 miles, and they have to go to the muffler shop again.

I don't think there is any reason to shell out hundreds of dollars at a muffler shop to fix either a leaking exhaust flex pipe or a non-functioning catalytic converter. For around $100 and change, you can buy yourself a new exhaust down pipe with a new attached flex pipe and catalytic converter. The front of the down pipe attaches to the exhaust manifold's three-stud flange and the rear of the pipe to the two-hole flange center resonator pipe.

In my own car, my catalytic converter was clogged and operating below the "efficiency threshold." Years earlier, I had the flex pipe replaced by a muffler shop, and now the converter wasn't working. Under closer examination with the engine running, I found the new flex pipe was leaking as well.

I shopped online and learned that these replacement down pipes were pretty cheap! Figured why not just replace the whole pipe instead of a muffler shop piecemealing a repair. With a new pipe, there's nothing to cut off and weld.

After I installed the new down pipe, the car ran much stronger and quieter, and the miles per gallon went up! I'd say the back pressure from the clogged converter wasn't allowing the engine to breathe.

New Toyota Camry Down Pipe Installation Video

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