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Brake Caliper Rebuild Tutorial

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Brake Caliper Assembly

This video will show you how to rebuild a brake caliper assembly. The rebuild in the video was performed on a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

If you are replacing brake pads, and you find that the caliper pistons won't retract into the caliper, or you got the caliper pistons pressed in but the wheels lock up the first time you press down on the brake pedal, the caliper assembly should be rebuilt. Moisture buildup in your brake fluid or a split caliper piston boot can result in corrosion or rust build-up on the caliper piston slide surfaces.

The outer portion of the piston rides on an internal rubber seal recessed in a groove inside the caliper piston hole. It's a very tight fit (to prevent brake fluid from leaking) and any corrosion on the piston slide surface will prevent the smooth movement of the piston(s).

Caliper rebuild kits are inexpensive and no expensive specialty tools are required to rebuild caliper assemblies. They consist of piston seals, boots, and a boot retention ring or clip.

Parts and Specialty Tools for Rebuilding a Caliper

  • Dupli-Color BCP103 Silver Brake Caliper Aerosol - 12 oz.
  • Disc Brake Pad Installation Spreader Caliper Piston Spreader Tool
  • Dual Piston Caliper Piston Compression Tool:
  • BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner - Non-Flammable -19 Wt Oz
  • CRC 05359 Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease - 8 Wt Oz
  • Permatex 22058 Dielectric Tune-Up Grease, 3 oz. Tube
  • 3 pc Rotary Wire Brush Set
  • 10 Piece Tube Bottle Brush Kit Brass Stainless Steel Bristle 12" Long, Size 1/4" to 3/4"
  • Pick and Hook Set, 4-Piece
  • Car Pry Tool Kit

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