How to Fix the Driver's Door Electric Window on a Citroen Berlingo

Updated on January 21, 2019
The Electric Window Module circuit board fault with a dry solder joint at the picture's centre.
The Electric Window Module circuit board fault with a dry solder joint at the picture's centre.

Fault Presentation

Here's what to do if the driver's side electric window on the Citroen Berlingo (Mark 1) fails to operate correctly, operates intermittently, or becomes stuck in one position. The Peugeot Partner can have the same fault.

What if it's only the driver's door?

If only the driver's door electric window fails to operate or operates intermittently, the most likely cause is a fault in the Electric Window Module (ECM). The fault is most likely a bad joint in the printed circuit board (PCB) of the ECM. The repair described here addresses only that issue.

Before You Begin

Before starting your repair, make sure you have identified the problem.

  • Make sure the glass itself is not jammed by the rubber seals and runners. If it is, using spray furniture polish can unstick the glass.
  • Make sure no physical damage to the wiring boot to the door is evident.
  • If both front electric windows fail to operate, then the fault is probably not in the ECM but elsewhere in the common supply to both windows, such as the fuses, relay, or other modules.

Skills and Tools

You will need some minor abilities and tools to accomplish this fix.

Tools include:

  • flat head screwdrivers,
  • a soldering iron and solder
  • and (preferably) a magnifying glass or similar.

You will need to be able to remove the plastic cover below the steering column housing and then remove the Electric Window Module (ECM) and its cover.

You will need to have some ability with a soldering iron, including removing old solder and re-soldering existing joints.

How to Take Out the Electric Window Module (ECM)

The location of the ECM is exposed by removing, on the driver's side, the plastic front panel which covers the fuses, and the lower cover. The ECM is clipped onto a plastic backplate which is clipped onto the side of the heater tower (see photo 1 below). Removal may damage the plastic clips, but that is easily remedied later. The separate lower wiring connector can be twisted off the backplate. Remove the ECM wiring plug to free the ECM from the car; note that the plug has a locking clip.

Photo 1: The Electric Window Module (ECM)

Location of the Electric Window Module (ECM) on the Citroen Berlingo (Mark 1) attached to the side of the heater assembly on the driver's side.
Location of the Electric Window Module (ECM) on the Citroen Berlingo (Mark 1) attached to the side of the heater assembly on the driver's side.

Open the ECM by using a small flat screwdriver on the black plastic clips just visible on both sides of the pale green coloured cover in photo 2 (yes, the poor colour rendition shows it as cyan). The cover clip holes can be filed slightly to assist future dismantling.

Photo 2: Electric Window Module (ECM) Parts

Photo 2  shows the ECM and its plastic backplate detached from the car.
Photo 2 shows the ECM and its plastic backplate detached from the car.

Identifying and Fixing

Inside is the ECM is the printed circuit board with components on one side and the solder joints and tracks on the other. Check the component side for burn marks or melting. If these are present, there may be an associated track burn or soldering fault that can be repaired. However component replacement is beyond the scope of this repair.

Check the soldered side of the circuit board carefully, preferably with a magnifying glass. A typical dry joint is shown near the centre of Photo 3 (close-up below of the printed circuit board), and is the most common fault. There may be more than one dry joint. Once you find it, it may be necessary to remove the old solder and clean it up before re-soldering the joint with flux-cored solder.

Photo 3: Dry Solder Joint

Close up of the fault, a dry solder joint.
Close up of the fault, a dry solder joint.

How to Check and Reassemble the ECM

Re-assemble the ECM and try it out temporarily in the car just by plugging it back in. If it still doesn't work have another closer look for circuit board faults.

If the ECM works fit it back into position, using a tie-wrap (as shown in Photo 1) if the backplate clips have expired.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • I have a Citroen Berlingo. The passenger window has just started opening itself when I turn the key to start. After around 20 seconds I can do it up again, but then it will not operate. Any ideas?

    Obviously, just speculative but the electric front windows are separately controlled: the driver's through the Electric Window Module (ECM), featured in my article, and the driver's window switch; the passenger window is operated directly from its switch, and both obtain current via the window relay.

    If the front driver's window works exactly as it should (ie with ignition on, engine not started, and within your 20 second period), I would suggest that the problem is likely to be a wiring or switch fault on the passenger side. In particular, look to see if the wire terminals at the switch for driving the passenger window motor have been accidentally swapped over - that would drive the window open when it should remain at the top. Alternatively, try another switch.

    The window relay simply switches battery positive through three fuses to a) the ECM; b) the driver's window switch; c) the passenger's window switch. Since the passenger window operates (even though incorrectly) it shows that the window relay is delivering current, so works.

    Additionally, the motor in the passenger door will have some form of sensor module to detect top, bottom and jamming. That's to avoid the consequences of the switch being on for an excessive time, or something preventing window movement such as a child's toy or head etc. It is possible the window motor sensor module could be faulty. I have no experience of that, unfortunately.

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    • profile image


      9 days ago

      I have a Citroën Berlingo 2019 only done 1400 miles in it and the front driver window started playing up when I opened it, it would get stuck halfway down then when I tried to put it up it went down and vice versa then I could only open the passenger window and had to use passenger door switch to close it. It’s been in the dealers workshop for over a week and they don’t seem to be able to suss it out? At first they said it was the regulator but they’ve fitted that and no change, does anybody have any idea what could be causing this issue?

    • profile image

      keith Fitzpatrick 

      5 weeks ago

      I have a 2001 Berlingo multi space.and the passenger electric window doesn't work... Would it be the same process as the driver side?

    • profile image

      Ian B 

      16 months ago

      Forgot to mention my window fault was a peugeot partner van year 2002

    • profile image

      ian B 

      16 months ago

      Followed your instructions

      You do need a magnifying glass to see the dry joint as pictured.

      I did an apprenticeship back in 1964 and used to inspect wiring on telecom for BT or as it was back then GPO.

      The dry joint was on one of the connections on the Printed circuit board (PCB) of Two small Copper wired coils. One for each window.

      Had the tools for the job and carried out as your instructions.

      Window is now working as normal. Thank you for a great explanation.


    • profile image


      22 months ago

      I have the same problem with a 2013 plate berlingo but am told that ecm is different in 2013. have had several trips to garage and blown 5 driver door switches. garage refuses to change ecm and refuses to check dry joints.


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