BMW Electrical Problems: How to Solve Them Easy!

Updated on December 23, 2016

Stop Worrying, Anything Can Be Fixed!

Having car problems can be very stressful. Newer cars have increased comfort by incorporating more and more electrical parts (motors, name it). These parts of course will fail in time and it could seem like the end of the world but don`t worry, it`s not!

First things to check:

Most electrical problems can be easily fixed by checking the following:

  • The fuse box
  • The wiring in the the trunk that is attached to the battery

BMW Fuse Box Location

Most BMWs have the fuse box located in the glove box compartment. Older BMWs have it in the trunk near the battery so check out both these locations.

Check for bad fuses by taking them out one by one

A bad fuse is most of the time the cause of electrical problems so start with this step before taking your car apart trying to find the bad wire or contact.

BMW won`t start electrical problem FIX

Have your car`s battery tested

A discharged battery won`t let you start your car in cold weather, a very discharged battery won`t let you start your car even in warm weather.

Battery Voltage and State of Charge:

12.66v . . . . . . . . . . 100%
12.45v . . . . . . . . . . 75%
12.24v . . . . . . . . . . 50%
12.06v . . . . . . . . . . 25%
11.89v . . . . . . . . . . 0%

Many shops will test your car`s battery for free. Please keep in mind that a discharged battery doesn`t need replacing most of the time. The problem is with short trips in the city traffic you alternator won`t be able to charge your battery enough and it`s just a matter of time until it starts making problems.

BMW Steering Wheel Lock (ELV)

The "steering wheel lock" error pops up when the battery is low and usually in cold weather. The bad thing is that after this error pops up you will have a limited number of times to start your car after which the Start button will be useless. It`s not a problem with the steering wheel column, but due to the fact that the mechanism didn`t go all the way back (low battery) it will store that error which cannot be reset from the dashboard.

FIX: Get yourself a BMW K+DCAN cable and diagnostic software to reset your ELV lock.

The software suite and many more info on coding your BMW can be found online.

By running that simple job your car will be fixed!

You will have your own diagnostic and coding tools to work with and you won`t have to pay a dime at the stealership!


If you run into any electrical problems you can leave a comment and I will gladly help you and add the problem to the list so that other people can learn how to fix them. If you like to DIY you can save a lot of money and most BMW problems can be fixed easily with the right tools and software.


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    • profile image

      Dennis Brown 5 days ago

      I have the dreaded “check control, see owner’s manual” with gong alert on my ‘93 e34 M5. I can’t see any bad wires, fuses are okay, I bought a newer check control module, no change. New battery within last 6 months. I’m going to check voltage next. Could it be the gong itself, CD player, or alarm system? I’m not getting any additional faults on the display and everything appears to work fine. I’ve also tried unhooking the battery for 30 minutes.

    • profile image

      Jacqueline Hopper 7 days ago

      My dash board shows my driver door is open when its closed causing the internal light to come on and off when I'm driving and alarm go off when its locked. Any ideas how to fix it. I have sprayed white grease in it but itcdidnt work. How mych will it cost to fix it?

    • profile image

      Anh Huy Truong 8 days ago

      Hi. I have a 2013 BMW F30 328i manual transmission. I replace my dead battery with a new one. Dashboard shows up a Steering Check Control says “Drive moderately. Increased steering effort required” message. The steering is very stiff; however, it is still managable to drive around. There are few comments that have the same issue.

    • profile image

      Emily 8 days ago

      Hi I have a bmw 320 diesel convertible 2013. Power string light keeps popping up which makes the steering wheel.very stiff. Battery and alternator are fine. What can be the issue?

    • profile image

      Omar 10 days ago

      Hello i have bmw seria 3 e92 coupe 325i and i have a problem that is not all the time when i am opening the car the car enters into a sleep mood lonley and start to make sound and becomes no electric at all in the car so i open it by the key and move the plus inside directly the electric returns in the car can someone help me what is the problem ! Thanks

    • profile image

      Sunmatesandy 12 days ago

      My 2006 BMW 330 Ci Convertible with 74K miles was and is running perfectly. Went to go somewhere and when I started it the cluster gauges, roof controls and AC Cooling stopped working. The fuses in the glove box are good, the battery is 5 years old but tested good, the alternator and starter tested good. No codes or signals came though. We tried bypassing the battery using a jump box and that did not work. We tried a hard re-boot by disconnecting the battery cables, binding them together with electrical tape and leaving them over night and that did not work. Do you know if a common ground or something that these have in common that could be the problem? Any suggestions?

    • profile image

      Adam 2 weeks ago

      I have a tricky one for sure... I have a 2000 Z3 with a 2.8L. The car pulls a P1747 and P0600 when it's hot outside. My tach drops to zero and my temp gauge pegs over into the red instantly when the key is turned on on a hot day, oh, and the car goes into limp mode. Now, on cool days, I have ridden the car hard... wagged the tail, mashed on the brakes from 60, I've tried getting the car to trip the codes. This hasn't worked though. If it's cool outside, the car is perfectly content no matter what I do to it. If I get into the car, engine cold, and start it up on a hot day (like today), the codes come out and the car goes into limp mode automatically. This is driving me nuts...

    • profile image

      Jim Gatwood 2 weeks ago

      Hello. I have a 2008 335i E93. I went though a car wash today and shortly after I left the car seemed lost the dash ECM and kept telling me to pull over I liked the 2 miles back home let it set. I pulled the codes with my Carly it looked like the can bus lost communications. There was even a complaint that it lost communication with the fuse box. Any ideas about where I should look for leaks or ECU components getting wet. I popped the trunk and hood the battery was not wet nor could I find anything under the hood that looked wet.

    • profile image

      Sabrina 2 weeks ago

      My 04 BMW 325i’s left and right turn signals are not working as well as the hazard button, I already checked and changed both turn signal bulbs... what could be wrong???

    • profile image

      Badem 2 weeks ago

      BMW X5 SE 2008 E70

      Hi there I've been having issues with my car where the computer screen won't turn on. I can hear the computer running but no visuals at all. Plus the glove compartment won't open either. I've recently changed the battery as there were problems starting the change and the battery warning light was appearing a lot. But even with the new battery there's still no screen for radio/satnav/communication and I'm puzzled now. the car was service last month. Please can you help?

    • profile image

      Sonyal 3 weeks ago

      My car turns off when stopped when the air is on high

    • profile image

      MIKE 3 weeks ago

      i own bmw e46 the are wires from the switch have shortages,like when i indicate to the right only font indicator works nd when indicating to left only rear indicator works nd they indicates so fast, then when i touches the wires from the switch sometimes it indicates normally but later changes,i tried changing the switch but still giving me same problem,so how can i change the wires from the switch?

    • profile image

      Dino 3 weeks ago

      I have a bmw 320i convertible and my electric hood electric windows, wipers, and dashboard tell tales have all stopped working. I have been told it's the central electronic control unit does this sound right does any one out there know thank you

    • profile image

      Ivan Stovall 3 weeks ago

      My 2008 550i Dashboard keeps shorting out or keeps restarting, causing my radio and other devices not to work. Which fuse should I be looking for???

    • profile image

      Jessica 3 weeks ago

      Have a 2006 bmw 530xi. Getting codes saying lost communication with ecm. Need help. It stared and ran till we changed out s vavle cover gasket. Now no spark

    • profile image

      Emerson Contreras 3 weeks ago

      I have a 2001 e46 and I don't seem to be getting any power to the passenger side headlight which includes the ac line as well

    • profile image 3 weeks ago

      Have a 2015 x1 had a front end accident got it back after getting a rebuilt engine now it has sit for a while cause it wasnt enough room now couple months go by and it wont start dead battery and im charging it but it still having trouble. Help please

    • profile image

      ronald dekock 4 weeks ago

      drove the car die in run wont start again need help please 2002 bmw 320d

    • profile image

      Jp Carcamo 4 weeks ago

      First would like to start by thanking you for your expert help. Thank you .

      Now I have a 2008 BMW X5 and was originally running but had a Trannsmission Failure code and was running rough. Took her to a local shop and he recommended a transmission flush . Got the car back and light was still on but was still driving and seemed a little smoother, until I was about to pull into my subdivision and dash was lite like a x-mas tree and took key out and has not started since. I charged the battery and it's over 50 % but it's like the button to start won't even allow it to try and crank. I got looking care fully all over and found still water about 2.5 inch high behind where the steering column would go into under the hood . Completely under the water was a small metal box attached to engine wall ( on the other side is where drivers feet would be ) I took a wash vac and got everything out and dry , rite off the bat not as many lights on , but the start button still won't allow. Is this the issue ., do I need to reset somehow or you think it's something else? Thanks JP

    • profile image

      PsykoRabbit 4 weeks ago

      Hi, hope you can help. I have a 2007 bmw 335i and just before Xmas I was having low battery issues. I replaced the battery and coded it as it was a different ah rating and then registered it using inpa/ncs expert. The battery kept discharging and after a lot of fault finding I found out that the new battery was to blame. I have since replaced it again and recoded/registered back to the factory setting for non-agm 80ah but now I have been infected by an army of electrical gremlins. My sun roof doesn't work at all, remote central locking works whenever it feels like it. I have to continually reset my windows, my high beams don't work and neither do my indicators. My sat nav won't come on, radio won't work and finally the heated seats don't work. Using INPA I can turn all of those on/off and have checked the fuses - all ok. I'm stuck, please help! Thank you.

    • profile image

      Muhamad Abdi 4 weeks ago

      I just got a 2009 bmw 535i xdrive and it is crashed in the front the driver side airbag went off I assumed it was the starter but we tested it and it works I don’t know why it won’t start. All it does is it clicks but no start up. The car has power to everything. Anything will help thank you.

    • profile image

      Rachel320 5 weeks ago

      I have a 2006 525xi I recently replaced the altenator and the battery but the car will not keep a charge. I was told it's electrical, How do I figure out what is causing this and is it an easy fix.

    • profile image

      JCP van E 5 weeks ago

      Ik heb een BMW E91 van 2007 . Recent de accu vervangen opnieuw laten uitlezen alles leek in orde.Airco + ventilatie bediening werkt niet meer. De lampjes op het dashbord werken wel en geven ook aan bv maximaal en minimaal. Alleen functioneert niet meer. Zekeringen na gekeken , niets mis mee. wat zou de oorzaak / oplossing kunnen zijn

    • profile image

      Riaz 5 weeks ago

      Hi, I have issue with my BMW 3 series e90 320d 2010, it won’t start, sometimes cranks but most of the time no cranking also.

      I had given battery for charging, and got it checked was 75%, don’t know what to do.

    • profile image

      BMW 1 5 weeks ago

      Hi, I have a series 1 model, 58 plate and the dash lights up like a set of Xmas lights, all the warning lights flash on and off. help please

    • profile image

      Ivan Stovall 5 weeks ago

      Hi, I have a2008 Bmw 550i. When I turn on my car, the Dashboard keeps turning on and off and restarting. What could be the problem? It never lets me turn on the radio, or other dashboard features.......

    • profile image

      Virgil Williams 6 weeks ago

      I have a 1987 BMW 535i, my car starts fine and after a short drive the inspection light begins blinking, the speedometer stops working then the car dies. You wait an hour and it starts again but goes back to the above loop again. I put in some new fuses which helped but now I have a new problem. I remove the key from the ignition and the car still runs. I disconnect the battery, the car still runs. What would cause this

    • freeradical2 profile image

      freeradical2 6 weeks ago

      I bet you can't solve this one :-)

      BMW 535xi (E61) there is an anti trap function in the sun roof that i get a warning about, now here is the funny thing, the sun roof opens and closes perfectly, but when i switch on the headlights i get a sunroof anti trap warning keeps going off whether the roof is open or closed, turn off the headlights (actually angel eye lights too) and everything is normal, turn them on again and bing bing off goes the warning.

      Any Ideas?



    • profile image

      Anthony 7 weeks ago


      I have a bmw E46 2002, with the m54b22. I have been having this issue when I do high revs, mostly when you floor in a lower gear, my dashboard lights flicker (abs, battery lamp, handbrake, etc). This also results in that both low beam bulbs, h7, go out. No fuse goes out and only the low beams go out.

      A closer look on the lamp and you can't see any black spots as you usually do when a bulb is a goner. Just the wire connecting within the bulb (no experts on bulb) gets burned up.

    • profile image

      Val 7 weeks ago

      2008 BMW 320i convertible car been garaged for 6months started and opened roof but wouldnt go back up boot doesnt open just making whirring noises, had it on diagnostic but showing no problems, any ideas?

    • profile image

      Sim 7 weeks ago

      Hi, I have a 2006 330xi that was sitting for about 5months. The oil pan was damaged and winter had hit. So pan was replaced. Then a bunch of lights came on the dash after jumping he battery. Including the battery light. So the battery was with a battery of less amps. Battery was registered when replaced. But I am still getting a check engine light for my mass air flow sensor, air temp sensor, mass air meter signal, a couple cylinder misfires. Also the Brake light, and which goes on and off, and 4x4/dynamic trac control is on. Sometimes the Brake , abs and 4x4 will go away when I do a wide , but after a little roving they came back on and car feels wonky. Please help all suggestions welcome. Thank you

    • profile image

      Klodi 7 weeks ago

      I have a problem with A/C. Cold air is not working. I went to service with my bmw 1 series and they told me that there is a problem in electric box and this costs 1200 euro. I don't know if this box can be repaird without changing it. Please tell me if somebody have the same problem

    • profile image

      Amina 7 weeks ago

      My partner fitted a tow bar on my bmw 1 series, after it was fitted it drove for 2 minits when stopped car cut out radio works not all nights show on dash bored and car won’t start Iv tester the battery but that seems to be ok any help what the problem can be

    • profile image

      Barbara 7 weeks ago

      Start button wouldn't start BMW.

      Unplugged negative battery cable

      Plugged it back in

      And then it started.

      Waited about 3 hours - then car wouldn't start again.


    • profile image

      Wally 7 weeks ago

      Hi,1st thanks for this useful post. I have 2007 BMW 525xi,A week ago I had to change the alternator everything seemed nice after it was done the only thing that I had on was the steering wheel look warning while the car was on and driving but it was of after a few hours so everything was OK again, I parked the car overnight and the day after I was driving I realized that the radio no GPS was playing for few minutes then turn off and back on again the whole time the car was on so I thought something wrong with the radio but it more the whole electric system was shutting off and on including the rpm gage that goes up and back to normal the climate control was the same as radio the lose off power steering and trans faulty light it happens more at acceleration. So I had to turn off and on the engine and everything is back to normal for a while and it will do the same thing again after maybe 20 to 30 min

    • profile image

      Sunnyboy 8 weeks ago

      What are the symptoms of a faulty JBT body controller of a BMW 116i E87 1 series?

    • profile image

      Chrisr601 8 weeks ago

      I have an 06 bmw 330i. My problem is when you turn wipers on they wipe about 3-4 times then stop randomly on windshield after a few minutes you can hit the switch again and they do the same thing. I have changed the relay but has not fixed the issue.

    • profile image

      Chrisr601 8 weeks ago

      I have an 06 bmw 330i. My problem is when you turn wipers on they wipe a few times then stop in tandom locations on windshield. After a few minutes you can hit the switch again and they will wipe a few time then stop again. I’ve changed the relay but still no luck.

    • profile image

      Salvatore Esposit 2 months ago

      I have BMW 525 estate, 2005. 2.5 diesel. I have a a problem with the heate and aircon working intermittently. Can any one suggest anything I presume it must be an electrical fault, but not sure where to look.

    • profile image

      Acd 2 months ago

      The idrive switch on my x5 has stopped working. The lcd screen is still working. Any advice would b welcome

    • profile image

      Amber 2 months ago

      Hi , I changed my battery on my BMW X5 2004 as i let it go dead by leaving lights on. My centre console computer, air con and heaters will not work now. Not switch on or nothing. Can you help me please

    • profile image

      Hashim 2 months ago

      When i turn my auto lights on then hit the fog light button my radio screen flashes what would cause this issue

    • profile image

      David nesith 2 months ago

      I got a bmw 325i n it was working fine no problem starting up then i come baxk and headlights dont turn on nor the inside lights and it wont start its a push start can i get advice for why its not starting

    • profile image

      jay 2 months ago

      have headlight problem on passenger side have running lights on the passenger side no headlights on the passenger side bought new headlight and module still can't get head light to come on on passenger side but running lights come on on the passenger side

    • profile image

      James 2 months ago

      My glove box won't open keep blowing the fuse I have a bow x6

    • profile image

      L S 2 months ago

      I replaced the two heater hoses under the intake manifold and when I put everything back together, I have no power to the climate control unit, the radio turns on but there’s no sound to any speaker. I’m wondering where the electrical issue could be coming from. Fuses to climate control are all good.

    • profile image

      Lukas 2 months ago

      2012 BMW 535i . i have problem with stop/start option.. sometimes when i stop on lights my car it turning of (stop/start) and when i try to go its starts but gear switch to N by itself , what make me press break and then switch to D.. it happens either on warm engine or cold engine, no problems recorded on computer..

    • profile image

      Chase H. 2 months ago

      Hey there 2014 335i car stalled out , when I started it again multiple dash warning lights were lite up the interior lights won’t turn off the windos won’t roll down turn signals and highlights won’t work ? Help !!

    • profile image

      Clarence Carter 2 months ago

      Hi I have 2008 bmw 528i the is no light on the door controls switch all 4 door the is no light on the switch steering column CD player

    • profile image

      Mike 2 months ago

      Steering became stift and it's not the steering column. It's been at the BMW dealership for 3 weeks. Could it be electrical? 750ix

    • profile image

      Karl 2 months ago

      I have an 09 X5 diesel. The driver door sometimes will not open with either the inside or outside handles. The parking brake is acting up, with the light not going out or flashing. And the cruise control just stopped working today.....any suggestions?

    • profile image

      jaja 2 months ago

      2007 bmw 328 xi replaced valve cover gasket forgot to disconnect battery pulled fuel injector harness heard a pop. After reconnected car won't start just turns over, checked fuses under hood ok check fuel pump fuse ok any ideas what I burnt out?

    • profile image

      Ashley 2 months ago

      I have a 2010 BMW 328i that the passenger side low beam light is out. I have installed a new bulb and it still will not come on. I hooked the scan tool up and could get the light to turn on for 15 seconds but couldn’t reset the code. Is there a way you can reset the code and the light will come back on?

    • profile image

      extract1n 2 months ago

      I have LPG on my car and as soon as the car switches to it this happens

      It does this only till the engine warms up (sometimes even on warm engine)

    • profile image

      Antonio 2 months ago

      I can not open boot and bootglass,think its an electrical problem.

      It also says that my boot is open and it is not.

      Sry for my bad english.

    • profile image

      jaja 2 months ago

      Pulled the fuel injector harness off without disconnecting battery heard a pop bmw 328 won't start fuse is good for fuel pump could it be the relay?

    • profile image

      cubansuave 2 months ago

      my ac stoped working. my mechanic says it lost communication with the module. i bought a new ecm, had bmw reprogram the car and the problem still there. what can i do?

    • profile image

      Mark 2 months ago

      My car won't unlock remotely, put the key in and the key won't lock into fob no lights not nothing... battery has been tested and is good

    • profile image

      Justin Crane 2 months ago

      I charge my battery and my 04' 330i runs for a good 10-15 min drive before it starts acting up. Then it slowly loses all energy and shuts down.

    • profile image

      Lisa 2 months ago

      My BMW stereo and face panel shut off and turn back on intermittently on its own while I'm driving. When it shuts off and the panel goes black on its own it doesn't allow me to turn the radio back on. I have to wait until it turns itself back on. The speaker makes a popping or crackling noise constantly. If I'm driving it or not it pops. When the key is out it continues to make the pop and crackle noise.

    • profile image

      Char 2 months ago

      328i convertible issue. When weather is below 38 and car is cold, windows go up and down repeatedly and door chimes keep sounding. Multiple and expensive visits to BMW dealer have not helped resolve problem. BMW corporate would not help. Ideas anyone?

    • profile image

      Bill 2 months ago

      I have a 2010 bmw 328i. I replaced the original battery which went bad with an equivalent from auto zone. The new bat has slightly more cold cranking amps however matches the old in every way. I now have ccid code 231 light system failure. Interior lights, windows and mirrors are out. Any suggestions.

    • profile image

      Katie 2 months ago

      My halo ring on my left side keeps blowing and my tail lights malfunction message comes up all the time and the cigarette lighter blows all the time

    • profile image

      Victor ( 3 months ago

      I have a 2011 bmw 328i. I’ve been having a problem.the car stalls out after a good hour of driving. Found a black relay under the dashboard that was getting really hot. I replace the relay and the problem consisted. Onces the relay got cold the car started right back ok. Then it would shot off again. What could be the problem that is cossing this relay to get hot like this. Please let me know.

    • profile image

      Nik 3 months ago

      My bmw cluster lights wear not fully working as they were broken with I ordered new cluster bulbs for dashboard.thats been done with new ones.but problem still not gone.could it be the fuses.also where is the fuse box on bmw x5 2003 .please help

    • profile image

      dgunny 3 months ago


      I drive a BMW E90 320i 2010 model.

      I recently went over a speed hump at a very high speed and that shook the battery slightly out of position. The red battery warning light immediately came on and it doesn't go away. I have checked all wires and connectors and they seems OK. The battery is less than a year old. Is there anything else i need to check?

      Thank in advance!

    • profile image

      Mike 3 months ago

      Fob in engine off all runs well push start button radio goes off indicators go mad help

    • profile image

      Chantal Souhonet 3 months ago

      I have a new battery installed but I do not how to register it even though I possess a OBDII scanner. By the way I have 2006 BMW 750I.

    • profile image

      Courtney Rendon 3 months ago

      I just bought a used 2016 328i in January. The controls for the radio and air conditioner stopped working. The air coming out of vents is cool but low because it is going off the last setting I had it on before it stopped working. There are no lights on either radio or a/c controls. Any suggestions?

    • profile image

      Tiffany N Mariani 3 months ago

      2006 325i drivers side lowbeam has no power going to the plug. Checked fuses, changed bulb multiple times and finally bought new assembly. Still NOTHING on the lowbeam. Every other light on both sides work. Please any suggestions would help.

    • profile image

      Brandon 3 months ago

      Instrument cluster not communicating with most bus 07 BMW 750li

    • profile image

      Katie 3 months ago

      530xi 2007 left head light angel ring doesn’t not work but fuses is not blown

    • profile image

      JB 3 months ago

      Hey, have a BMW X3 2004. Did the key reprogramming as key wasn’t working all the time to unlock/lock car. Now the radio won’t turn on at all, not sure what’s wrong with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • profile image

      Nicola Hood 3 months ago

      My car is 2008 BMW I put the key fob in and it turned over then just died and now it won't let me put key fob back in it's completely dead??

    • profile image

      TIJANI USMAN 4 months ago

      my bmw 2013 x3 model could not start but rolling,what could be responsible

    • profile image

      PATRICK 4 months ago



    • profile image

      David Hall1 4 months ago

      Hi,BMW520D 2007.

      Removed all fuses to check battery drain refit all Fuses .

      Now all steering wheel controls inop wiper/indicators horn etc. also rear doors and boot locks not working.

      Low power and pad warning icon on dash on.

      Help please

    • profile image

      Humz Rasul 4 months ago

      My central locking first stopped working in the car after changing the fuses they blew again so I checked the battery and there was a white jelly all around the battery. We assumed it was battery acid and due to the weather changed form. I changed the battery and the fuses but now it seems that it has blown once again. Any help on this matter please?

    • profile image

      MHK 4 months ago

      I am driving e90 BMW 320d 2005 model, after changing the steering wreck my steering functions are dead including hooter .i have checked all the fuse and even changed the steering angle sensor,but still not working

    • profile image

      pilot70 5 months ago

      I jump start my BMW 320d 2010 REG. The car started running but the headlight switch does not work though full light is on, the front window buttons not working and go to RAMP red sign is shown on the computer. All fuses were tested eletronically all working fine. Please I need help. Thanks

    • profile image

      Mat 5 months ago


      My 320i e46 won’t start.

      Diagnosis give things such as short circuit to ground; misfire of one or two cylinders; and battery voltage is about 11.78.

      Have not checked fuse box yet.

      Tried jumpstart but still could not start.

      Gets close to cranking but cranking sound is not distinct.

      I will attach error readings when I get home in a couple of days

      Any help is appreciated.


    • profile image

      Abi 5 months ago

      My Windows lights and indicators have just stopped working on bmw 1 series have had fuses checked and battery checked and still no joy any help would be appreciated many thanks

    • profile image

      Rambo 5 months ago

      My car battery keeps dying, I just replaced the battery 2 months ago, my sunroof wouldn't open all the way, the trunk won't open with the key, the trunk open sign keeps coming on, roof open sign keeps coming on. Looks like an electrical issues to me. Can someone please help me.. 2007 bmw 328xi Thank you

    • profile image

      Paul 5 months ago

      Good morning,

      First time poster. I have a 2007 BMW 530 I. The temperature dials for both the passenger and the driver don't light up or seem to affect the temperature when dialed. Is this most likely a fuse and if so which one should I replace?

    • profile image

      S Roma BMW 323i 4 dr sedan 5 months ago

      I can get the drivers door to lock remotely, but all 3 other doors stay open. Even from inside the cars push button, if i lock the doors I cannot get them to open.

      Luckily i am able to open the drivers side with the key. I went into the computer dashboard and chose driver side open and other 3 closed. But unfortunately I can't get it to work. Any idea?

    • profile image

      Flaco 6 months ago

      My bmw 2008 335i was by. Accident lefr on all night with the seat warmer, it had not been a month that the battery was replaced brand new. So what happened due to the bimmer left on but not the engine, killed the battery so i try and jump start it left it sitting for about 10 min and it never started, so i replaced it again with a new battery and still no start, checked all the fuses pulled them out one by one and they all seem to be fine, any idea what it might be? O and also the abs and a brake light, and a traingle with an exlamation mark all on dash ????? Its driving me crazy o and know its drainig battery quick

    • profile image

      BMW owner 6 months ago


      Just wondering if you could given me advice

      My 2010 320d e90 is giving electronic problems since the weather has got cold. It starts and drives no problem, however there is a clicking noise from behind the glove box, the speedometer and rev counter turns on and off rapidly, lights come on and off the dash and wipers stop mid cycle. As soon as interior of car heats up, everything is OK

      Would appreciate any advice

    • profile image

      Mark fulton 7 months ago

      Hi a have 520 Diesil with few lights on in dash electric steering a just not working all windows not working then car would start then wouldn't tried new battery checked all fuses and they were fine then found a had main live wire on fuse box in boot wasn't getting good connection replaced wire and car starting ok but still all the faults wen a start car windows don't work if a switch it of go in boot disconnect the wire on fuse bord the bk windows start working but nothing else don't no what to do now think maybe fuse bord in boot faulty

    • profile image

      John Betita 7 months ago


      I recently changed my battery in BMW 3 series car but it is showing error code CC-ID 231 - Light System Failure & light is not working even the side glass is not working. kindly guide me how to fix it.


    • profile image

      Christian Falco 8 months ago

      I have a 2007 BMW 335i sport package and it has been through a flood it’s very nice it’s just that it has Electrical Malfunctions How do you repair it?

    • profile image

      Richard Elbert 8 months ago

      All wheel drive, 2003 BMW i325xi, 6 cylinders, automatic transmission won't start due to electrical problems.

      Im guessing a bad ground or possibly a short somewhere. It did occasionally have a slight burning smell, not sure what it was from.

      Most of the gauge cluster doesn’t work. Because of this, even the odometer isn’t showing, but it was just under 170,000 miles before it all happened. Signals, wipers, etc. stop working when the car is started. Sometimes it doesn’t start at all.

      Have a new battery - Will the BMW K+DCAN cable and diagnostic software work on this model car?

    • profile image

      Edin Mulasalihovic 9 months ago

      Hey, I just read your post about BMW electricity issues.

      I have the following problem with my E91 2008 LCI : the window switchers, CD changer and ambient lighting have no light. The diagnostics says nothing, and I fear that this could lead to bigger and expensive issues.

      Thanks in advance,

      Edin M

    • profile image

      Jesse 10 months ago

      2007 bmw 335i electrical issues, i recently started it running driving fine I rolled windows down and chaos started happening

    • profile image

      Sams 10 months ago

      My 1994 e34 520i central locking and power window is very temperamental. At times it works, at times it doesn't. Any idea what could've caused it?

    • profile image

      Kelvin Prater 10 months ago

      I purchased a 2003 bmw 325i with a aftermarket stereo installed. A few weeks ago the lights went out in the dash, the sunroof won't open and the ac won't come on. I've checked the fuses and can't find anything wrong. A friend of mine says it may be the aftermarket stereo but it's been installed for 6 months. Can you help

    • profile image

      Rich Hamilton 11 months ago

      I have a BMW 1 series and when I drive along all is normal then all the lights flash at me and saying centrol eletrical fault then it goes back to normal and it keeps doing it

    • profile image

      Junior Gomez 12 months ago

      My BMW 1990 535i m5 no current going to mass air flow what do I look for to solve this problem

    • profile image Linda 13 months ago

      My BMW Z3 1987 56,000 miles suddenly loses power while driving at about 40mph but on for a split second. Yellow circle light w triangle flashes but car continues moving as normal. It is a 2.8 manual.

    • profile image

      Shaun Lavis 13 months ago

      My 2009 530d is showing battery discharge & transmission failure plus my parking sensors aren't working, any clues pls?

    • profile image

      Surfside 13 months ago

      2007 335i is possessed. The radio is full of static - and increases in volume even when you shut the music off. Headlights & tail lights blinking maniacally when the engine is either turned on or turned off. ... The original issue, we thought, was some water in the trunk that fried the amplifier. we had that switched out. Now I'm wondering if this is affecting the rest of the system, what do we do? It's been dry in there for months. The car is only driven once per month, and is garage kept & covered the rest of the time... ?!?!


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