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CV Axle Replacement for the Acura TL/CL and Honda Accord

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Replace the CV Axles Yourself

This video will show you how to replace the CV axles (driver and passenger side) on a 99' - 03' Acura TL. These shafts are also used on the 01' - 03' Acura CL and the 98' - 02' Honda Accord.

In these cars, the passenger-side axle does not connect directly to the transmission but to an intermediary shaft. This shaft runs from the transmission to a bracket and bearing mounted to the engine. This driveshaft concept is used in most front-wheel-drive cars in order to reduce torque steer by keeping the CV shaft lengths equal.

Because the axle shaft nuts are torqued on at around 180 lbs, I recommend using a power impact driver tool to remove them; otherwise, a 3' or longer breaker bar tool would be needed to relieve the tension on these nuts.

If the CV boot has recently split, you can consider replacing the boot with a new boot. A video link on that procedure is provided at the end of this video.

Parts and Specialty Tools Needed for Axle Replacement

If there is no damage or wear to the bearings, bearing cage, or axle, you can always re-boot the split boot.

  • Cardone Select Right Front CV Axle
  • Cardone Select Left Front CV Axle
  • Moog Front Outer CV Boot
  • Snap Ring Pliers
  • CV Boot Banding Tool
  • CV Boot Band Clamp
  • Synthetic Moly Grease
  • 36 mm Impact Nut Socket
  • Pry Bar Set

Bonus Project: How to Replace and Re-Grease a CV Axle Boot

The video below will show you how to replace a CV axle boot, or clean out and re-grease CV axle grease for a CV axle shaft. Rather than wait for a CV boot to split, spill out its grease and buy a new axle, my preference is to stay ahead of a potential split by replacing the old boot and grease. Also, axle grease could wear out and cause bearing wear without the boot splitting. So if you want to keep the original cv axle in good operating condition, consider replacing the boot and repacking with new grease.

Parts and Specialty Tools Needed for Boot Replacement

  • Snap-Ring Pliers
  • CV Boot Banding Tool
  • CV Boot Band Clamp Set
  • Synthetic Moly Grease

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