97 - 01 Toyota Camry Instrument Cluster Bulb Replacement

Updated on March 20, 2016

Replacement of non-functioning or burned out instrument bulbs in the Toyota Camry requires removal of the instrument cluster from the car's dash.  The bulbs can then be accessed via the plastic bulb sockets behind the cluster.

I. Remove the black panel trim covering the edges of the instrument cluster.

The panel is mounted to the dash by 2 screws and 4 press-fit clips. The two screws can be removed by adjusting the steering wheel to its lowest position and using a short phillips head screwdriver. Once the screws have been removed, the 2 bottom press-fit clips can be detached by pulling on the bottom of the panel trim. The remaining corner clips are the most difficult to remove. All that can be suggested is to pull and tug on each corner until the clips come loose.

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II. Remove the 4 screws that secure the instrument cluster to the dash.

Each corner of the instrument cluster is held in place by a sheet metal type screw. Remove each of these screws. The cluster can now be moved but the 3 electrical plugs must be detached.

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III. Expose the electrical plugs in the back of the instrument cluster for removal.

The bottom portion of the instrument cluster must be tilted or angled upward and then moved toward the steering wheel to gain access to the back panel. Attempting to pull the cluster straight back will not work. Once again, tilt the bottom up approximately 90 degrees then pull the cluster towards you to expose the 3 electrical fittings. Pinch on the release clip on each electrical plug then twist, pull and tug the plug off. Once complete, the cluster can be removed.

IV. Identify the bulb to be replaced.

Based on the location of the burned out bulb (.i.e. drive selector, bottom status lights, panel illumination, etc.) twist and pull out the socket that holds the bulb. The bulb may be soldered within the socket or clipped in. Replacement clip-in-bulbs can be purchased at any auto parts store. Bulb sockets can be had through the dealer or your local junk yard.


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    • profile image

      Jason Rogness 6 years ago

      This was very helpful. It's really quite simple with the step by step procedures. You can buy the lamps at your local auto parts store and you might get 4 or 5 and replace them all while you have it torn apart.

    • profile image

      Dan Smith 7 years ago

      Great help thanks. This is the only place where I could find step by step procedure. Very helpful.