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The Kickdown: The Ferrari FXX-K EVO and What Came Before

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This horse is still prancing.

This horse is still prancing.

With the 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari FXX-K EVO getting unveiled recently, I decided to look back into Ferrari's 70+ year history and look at some of their special edition cars based on a road car. I'm not covering everything, as with such a long history, I'd be here for an eternity. I'm also excluding the Challenge series, so cars like the 360 Challenge and 458 Challenge are not getting mentions. So without further ado, a little trip down a prancing horse's maniacal memory lane.


Road car: 1987 Ferrari F40 / Special Version: 1989 Ferrari F40 Competizione

What better place to start than the legendary F40. The F40 gets a lot of love for its Twin-Turbocharged V-8 power plant which made way more power than Ferrari advertised it did.

But as crazy as it seems, the God of Supercars had an even more extreme version. Even God lets his complete wrath go sometimes. In 1989, Ferrari dropped the "Competizione" version of the F40. And as the name suggests, it came to compete.

The car was originally made for Le Mans. Like the 24 Hours of Le-Mans, the famous endurance race that happens every year in France. It is very extreme. So when preparing the F40 for such a race, they included increased aerodynamics, stuff so crazy it was banned from motorsports like F1, and a more powerful engine, which is funny because Ferrari lied about the HP numbers for the F40. So how much more powerful it was than the original F40 is unknown. But with 700 HP, back in 89, that was insane, and with new suspension components, it was a certified track monster. The car was just insane. So insane, only 10 were made.


Road Car: 1995 Ferrari F50 / Special Version: 1996 Ferrari F50 GT

The F50 was made to celebrate 50 years of Ferrari History. It was the closest thing to a Formula One for the road as possible. Void of any computer systems to save your life, as well as having a V12 made in conjunction with Ferrari's Scuderia Formula One team, it was supposed to be a special car. The problem is the F40 was faster than the F50. The result of Ferrari lying about how much power the F40 actually made. Regardless, Ferrari fixed this issue with the F50 GT. It was built with the assistance of legendary coach maker Dallara, responsible for the bodies currently used in Formula E & Indycar, and ATR, but built 98% in-house by Ferrari, the thing was a beast. It was built for international GT spec but never got to race as Ferrari was focused on its Formula One comeback. Still, this car is a beast. And that's an indisputable fact.

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Road Car: 2002 Enzo Ferrari or Ferrari Enzo / Special Version: 2005 Ferrari FXX

I don't think I need to say anything about the Enzo. It was a car named after the company's founder. So influential, its name went before the company's name. Only 501 were made, with the 501st going to the Pope. It was a car truly based on the spirit, the emotion of Ferrari. But not all emotions have to be positive. Ferrari was known as a mass agitator of men and the Ferrari FXX was seemingly a harbinger of that unbreaking will.

The original XX model from Ferrari gave birth to a series of track-only models that are so extreme, Ferrari has to call you to tell you when you are able to drive your car. It's not road legal and seeing it was based on a car that already pushed the pinnacle of Formula One tech, we have ourselves a monster ready for any track, and at any time Ferrari calls you to drive it. For the record, that isn't a lot of phone calls either. Not a lot of Multi-millionaires in the world for Ferrari to make a whole lot. At least owners get to be part of a special group called Client Test Drivers. Guinea Pigs for Ferrari as they use the XX series to test new technologies.


Road Car: 2010 Ferrari GTO / Special Version: 2010 Ferrari 599XX & 599XX Evolution

The Ferrari 599 GTO was already a mad man's car. Ready to kill you if you even made the slightest mistake, it wasn't a true GTO in name. It was a deathtrap. Regardless, in the hands of a person who knew what they were doing, it was a serious performer. And that's what the 599XX was. An even more serious performer. Like the FXX, its predecessor, the 599XX was also not street regulated. It also used the client drivers as guinea pigs to test new tech. And it also was very, very, insanely fast. Using radical aerodynamics, a retuned V12, amongst a host of other things, the car was simply insane. The insanity got turned up even more when the Ferrari 599XX Evolution was made. Two words can describe the feeling: fear and joy.


Road Car: 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari / Special Version: 2015 Ferrari FXX-K & 2017 Ferrari FXX-K EVO

Finally, we appear at the end of the line, at a car Motor Trend called "Ready For Space." Cars like this are made because there are people with very deep pockets. But cars like this go beyond being a car. They are pure . . . emotion.

As if the original Ferrari Laferrari, a Hybrid Hypercar so extreme that it had to be named after the company wasn't enough, Ferrari thought they could do better. So also in 2014, Ferrari made the Ferrari FXX-K. It was a track-only version of the Laferrari and it was madness on wheels. It personified everything a Ferrari should be while also giving you the homicidal tendencies that simply said, "You F**K up, and I will drive you to your death." And yet, the car was also controlled.

So in 2017, Ferrari evolved the aforementioned Ferrari FXX-K, (The K standing for Kinetic as the hybrid system the Ferrari runs on is KERS or HY-KERS, the same technology used in their F1 cars) up-ing the insanity and making the 2017 Ferrari FXX-K EVO. It was lighter and more aerodynamic than the regular FXX-K. And that's all that needs to be said. You can't describe the emotion. And if you want to buy it, you better: a) already own an FXX-K or, b) have about a $2.3 million just lying around. You can't describe the emotion. But you sure as hell can drive it.


Ferarri's Horse Is Still Prancing

Ferrari is emotion. And if the cars above are anything apparent, that emotion occasionally has homicidal intentions. But it's probably the thrill that you may lose your life that enthralls people. Maybe it's knowing a dropped a mortgage payment on a car to gain the "experience." Whatever it may be, on this trip down memory lane, if you learned anything it's this. The Prancing Horse hasn't lost its luster. It's still prancing. Elegantly and angrily.

© 2017 Joshua Nightshade

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