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How to Draw a Simple Side View Car Sketch: Basic Steps

Luciano Bove is a car design manager working at Renault Design. Born in Italy, he graduated from Art Center College of Design in California.

Hi friends, lots of car design aficionados would love to draw cars to show their own ideas about design, taste, and drawing ability.

First of all, before drawing we must think about good proportions because in car design proportions are the most important element. To do so we will use the wheel size to make a wheelbase and the height of our car.

Side View Fast Car Sketch Tutorial

Step 1: Draw the outline

Step 1: Draw the outline

Step 1: The Outline

To make it easy, we will draw a city car. In the illustration above, you can see how I use the wheel to draw the base of our city car. Once we have the wheel base and we know how tall the car will be, we start making a rough outline of the center section (Y0) which will give us the main volume of the car and its attitude on wheels. Last, we will draw a line to indicate the belt line, making sure it is not too high and not too low.

Step 2: Work the outline

Step 2: Work the outline

Step 2: Work the Outline

In the illustration above, we will re-draw on the main outline, trying to insert details like side windows, pillars, front and rear graphics (lights), good shadow on the ground outline, and some lines to indicate body reflections and glass reflections.

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Step 3: Add shading and some details

Step 3: Add shading and some details

Step 3: Shading and Some Details

In the illustration above, we define better some details like wheel design and some cut lines (door lines and bumper lines). The last thing we will do is to use a black marker for the car shadow on the ground and pillars (from the line reflection going down). We use a light cold or warm gray tone #2 for body reflections and glass reflections, we use the same marker once again to give depth creating a shading effect down from the top, and at the end we use a black pencil color or a black ink Bic pen to give extra shading using the cross-hatching technique (crossing lines).

Voilà, the side view car sketch is ready. Now my demo is a neutral one; in fact, there is no design or creativity in it. Just try to copy it following the three steps with discipline, and apply your creativity!


Top View Perspective

Here a short video of a top view perspective. What is really important in drawing this view is the overall perception of the car.

We can judge overall proportions, top sections, and general volumes. The sketch also looks more exciting because its perspective and point of view are more dynamic than other views (the side view is a static view).

Adding some extra details gives a more artistic touch to the drawing and its composition, too.

© 2010 Luciano Bove

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