2019 Toyota Supra Launch Rumors, Pictures and Specs

Updated on January 7, 2019
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Jake is a young automotive enthusiast and photographer. He loves sharing his passions through writing.

Introduction to the Supra

Whether you've watched Fast and Furious or just seen it on social media, the Toyota Supra is a fan favorite amongst the car community. Unfortunately, this JDM classic was discontinued by Toyota after the 1998 model year due to declining demand. No need to cry, because it is being revived in the 2019 model year! In this article, I'll talk about rumored launch dates, specs, price and more!

From Concept to Reality

If you've been following Toyota's concept cars for a while, you would remember the FT-1 concept car. Toyota says on their website: The FT-1 concept is a symbol that captures elements of the emotion and energy we can expect to see in future Toyota vehicles designs. When comparing the FT-1 to the 2019 Supra images, you see a lot of very noticeable similarities. From front fascia design to rear profiling, it's obvious this wasn't a coincidence. Heres the big question at hand, will the interior be as insane and sporty as the FT-1? Perhaps, but it probably won't feature full carbon bucket seats and racing harnesses from the factory. But hey, you never know!

Old vs New

If the concept renders and spy shots are true to the new redesign, the Supra is changing every design element. Take a look at the 2019 vs 1998 model below. Big changes. How are customers going to react? Is it too modern and too futuristic, or just enough? I'm excited to hear the answers to my questions after people start taking delivery and driving them. It is definitely a big change.... but is it too big of a change for the OG's? This car is very obviously aimed at younger people who want a car that can make a statement. This sure does it.

Could this be the production model? We don't know quite yet, but there is a high probability that it will look similar to this.
Could this be the production model? We don't know quite yet, but there is a high probability that it will look similar to this. | Source
1998 was the last time the US would see a new Supra for a while, so the Mk4 is highly sought after. A good farewell indeed.
1998 was the last time the US would see a new Supra for a while, so the Mk4 is highly sought after. A good farewell indeed. | Source

What we Know

Toyota isn't sharing a lot of information about the Mk 5 just yet, but here are some of the rumors that have been going around.


The previous gen Supra retailed from $29,500 for the base model and $40,580 for the Turbo Sport model. That was back in '98 when we didn't have driver assistance technology, touch screens and track telemetry in every sports car. All those extra features add to the price nowadays. The base model 2019 Supra is expected to start around the $40,000 price-point. After options and color choices, I'd estimate it closer to $47,500. That's the base model, keep in mind.

Engine and Transmission

Toyota may offer 2 engine variants for you to choose, a 4-cylinder and a 6-cylinder. The 4-cylinder will most likely be a 2.0L Turbocharged BMW engine making about 260hp, codenamed B48B20. This makes the car a little more friendly for customers who want to do engine swaps. The inline 6 is also rumored to be from BMW in the form of a 3.0L Single turbo B58B30 making about 335hp. Toyota has mentioned collaborations with BMW in the past, but now it is almost certain. As far as the transmission choices go..... you might not be able to get a manual. Transmission supplier ZF released a document showing the Supra and BMW Z4 engine/transmission options, and all list an 8 speed automatic. Don't fear though, Toyota hasn't ruled it out entirely... but we probably won't see it for 2019. Assuming the demand is high enough for them to make a manual variant, they will. Also worth noting, this car will share a platform with the BMW Z4. Not surprising. RWD though......

Launch Date

Toyota has confirmed it will be unveiled to the world on January 14, 2019 at NAIAS Detroit.

Toyota did upload a short video to YouTube not long ago previewing the Inline 6 revving. Take a listen and enjoy. The turbocharger noise is also very apparent.


Poll Time!

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