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How to Choose an ATV Spreader

ATV Landscape Shot

ATV Landscape Shot

What Is the Best ATV Spreader for You?

Any owner of an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) understands the fun of being able to just hop on board and go wherever you please. Besides their professional and industrial uses, you can use ATVs for working on and maintaining your property. There are so many ways to adjust or accessorize your ATV for different uses.

For example, have you ever heard of an ATV spreader? The right spreader can make a lot of difference in the way that you put your ATV to work spreading feed, seed, salt, fertilizer, or manure.

With the sheer variety of spreaders out there, knowing what to buy can be tough work. That’s why we recommend that you take a look at our ATV spreader buying guide.

These are the questions you should have in mind when buying an ATV spreader:

  • How will I use my spreader?
  • What material should it be made from?
  • What capacity do I need?
  • What power should it have?
  • How does it attach to the ATV?
  • Does it have a shutoff gate?
  • Does it distribute evenly?

With this simple guide for ATV spreaders, you can buy a model that’s 100% suited to your needs!

Why Do You Need an ATV Spreader?

Often people want spreaders to do work on a farm or large piece of rural land. If you run a farm, you know how long it takes you to get around the place, spreading things like feed or dry fertilizer. Using an ATV spreader you can spread fertilizer faster, simpler, and far more consistently then you can by hand and get more farming work done in a short space of time.

What Should a Spreader Be Made From?

A spreader needs durability. Since it is going to be pushed to its limits, it has to be able to handle itself in the long term. We recommend looking for something made from durable tapered plastic. This material is light enough to drive with, but durable enough to work with.

How Much Can It Carry?

This will often play a big role in the decisions that you make when buying an ATV spreader. Anything under 50 lbs is not much use to you unless you are working with a tiny bit of land.

You may spend so long going back to refill a small spreader that you will feel like you are not saving much time. So we recommend 50 lbs minimum, though we’d recommend trying to go higher.

Does It Have a Strong Enough Motor?

We recommend looking for a spreader with a 12V motor at least. This should have the power to make your farming jobs easier, and it should also tally well with the 50 lbs that have been noted above.

Anything above 12V might actually be minor overkill, but it is better to have too much power than not enough of it.

How Does the Spreader Attach and Detach?

After you know it’s strong enough and large enough, find out how it actually attaches. Some spreaders will be very easy to attach; the best models use a quick-release system to ensure it connects properly. Take the time to look closely at the attachment system. Good systems will attach without much stress.

Does the Spreader Have a Shutoff Gate?

Check for a very important feature; does it have a shutoff gate? If not, you can end up wasting needless fertilizer. Many don’t have any kind of shutoff system, so if you can find one that does, then we heartily recommend you invest in it.

Does It Provide Even Spread?

How well does the spreader spread your substance?

Many of the best ATV spreader models will maintain accuracy from start to finish. Many lower-end models, though, lack this feature. This means that as you work through your load of fertilizer, you could find that the spread rate goes down, which could cause your crop to look different in the parts near the end of the trip.

What Should You Buy?

We recommend that you look at all of the above factors. No good ATV spreader will have a problem in any of these areas. With the sheer number of spreaders out there, you have no reason at all to buy second best.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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