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UTV ATV Trail in Moab Fins & Things

Fins & Things a Moab Trail

Today we are going to take a trip to Fins & Things in Moab, Utah. This trail is one of the more challenging areas in Moab.

If driving a UTV is a new experience for you, you might want to start with some easier trails in Moab, like Chicken Corners or Onion Creek.

Fins & Things is the ultimate in "slick rock" trails in Moab. Fins & Things is what Moab is really all about!

The trail not only includes sandy areas, it has "fins," which are smooth and steep expanses of rock that challenge your vehicle and your driving skills.

Trail Ratings Are Great to Have When It Comes to UTV Trails

Before we start on Fins & Things, I want to talk about trail ratings. Like other recreational sporting trails, UTV trails have been given ratings so that you can be aware of the level of difficulty, or of obstacles that the trails might contain.

The rating scale is one that ranges from 1-10, with 1 being the least difficult. Keep in mind that when rating the trails there is a level of subjectivity that occurs, what one person might think is difficult, another might think is a breeze. A rating can help you judge if you want to tackle the trail with your type of vehicle or not.

Most trails can be driven by any Polaris, but what is critical is the level of driving skill the driver has. Remember to evaluate your own skill responsibly.

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Rating Scale of Trails

  • Rating of 1: The easiest trail, almost any regular passenger car with a fairly good amount of clearance can complete this trail.  They are usually dirt roads, with little or no obstacles in them.
  • Rating of 2: The trail can usually be handled in 2-Wheel Drive under optimum conditions but the possibility of mud or snow could make things more difficult. These trails are usually dirt roads with some rocks or places of erosion. These trails could also have spots that are narrow and require one vehicle to back up to a wider spot to allow another to pass.
  • Rating of 3: This trail would be best suited for any SUV.  This means that 4-Wheel Drive is not necessary, but would be a good idea.  Rocks and whoopdeedoos make higher clearance on your vehicle necessary.
  • Rating of 4: These trails would require 4-Wheel Drive to complete.  Mud, hills, and rocks could be some of the obstacles that you might encounter.  This is the last level that a stock SUV would probably be able to finish.
  • Rating of 5: Take a buddy along on this trail.  You absolutely need 4-Wheel Drive.  This rating would be the highest rating a stock Jeep could accomplish without incurring some possible damage to the vehicle.
  • Rating of 6: Too difficult for a stock vehicle, some modification would be required, such as larger tires or higher clearance. There can be lots of obstacles, from easy to difficult.
  • Rating of 7: These trails require some intermediate driving skills to maneuver. Beginners should use some of the lower rated trails before attempting a trail with this level of difficulty.  This trail will have many obstacles and will require knowledge of the right line to make it; a wrong line could be extremely dangerous.  There is a possibility of roll overs or vehicle body damage when attempting these trails.
  • Rating of 8: Advanced driver experience is necessary for this level of difficulty on the trail.  A high possibility of vehicle damage is present.  Momentum may be required to get by some obstacles, which could result in a broken axle or drive shaft.
  • Rating of 9: Body damage will most likely occur on this level of trail.  Obstacles will test your driving skills and vehicle capability to the limit, making vehicle damage from being pushed up against rocks inevitable.  Taking your vehicle home unscathed after attempting this trail is highly unlikely.
  • Rating of 10: The most extreme trail. Only modified vehicles will finish this trail. Damage is inevitable, some so severe you might not be able to finish the trail.

Fins & Things Is Not for Beginners

The trail at Moab called Fins & Things is at the low end a level 4, which means that is the easiest the trail ever gets, and at the high end it is a level 7, which is the most difficult the trail can get. Make sure you are at least an intermediate driver to attempt this trail.

Fins & Things has tons of areas of rock crawling, in other words, there are all kinds of rocks on the trail. These rocks might include large smooth rocks with steep drop offs, bumpy hills made of rocks, or rocks in riverbeds and canyons. Remember, Fins & Things is the ultimate at Moab for “slick rock” climbing.

Fins & Things Is like a Roller Coaster

Riding on the Fins & Things Trail is sort of like riding a roller coaster. There are areas when you come to divots in the rock that are so steep you have to use an extreme amount of skill not to crash your front end or to avoid a roll over.

Nature at its finest in Moab, Utah

The beautiful rock formations are a part of the majesty of Moab. The interesting shapes and arches caused by the power of wind and water are all over the place as you ride along the trails. Part of the fun in riding is to be a part of the beauty that nature offers, so take your time and enjoy it! We always pack a lunch and spend the day out on the trail. Take along plenty of water when you go!

Come and See the Moab UTV Show!

Fins & Things is probably the most popular trail in Moab. In any event, it's the most commercialized and crowded one. Fins & Things is where UTV dealers come to demonstrate “just what their vehicles can do!” Fins & Things is also a place where competitions are held, so you can bet your boots it is the place to go to “prove” yourself in the world of UTV slick rock climbing. So come prepared to see a UTV show!

2010 UTV Rally in Moab, Utah featuring Fins & Things

Moab, Utah is a great place to ride your UTV!

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