What Is the Best Gas 90cc ATV Four Wheeler to Get?

Updated on August 23, 2019
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An avid fan of four-wheelers. I'd like to share my knowledge on dirt bikes and ATVs.

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Guide to Buying a 90cc ATV

There are a whole range of different 90cc ATV four wheelers produced from a wide range of manufacturers, so no wonder it's a little difficult knowing exactly which one you should be looking to buy.

That's why we have gone ahead and composed this guide. Specifically taking a look at the range of 90cc ATVs out there. Generally speaking, they should be considered the upgrade to a 50cc Kids ATV and aimed at someone around the 10 year old mark onwards,

  • What age should you be before you start riding a 90cc ATV?
  • Why a 90cc is a good upgrade for yourself or child
  • What safety precautions you should be taking
  • How to ride the four wheeler safely
  • What should you do to maintain and upkeep it.
  • What are the best 90cc quads you should consider
  • What you should look for when buying a four wheeler
  • Where to get one? Should you buy new or used?
  • Is getting one the right choice for you?

Four Wheeler
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What Age Should You Be?

When it comes to riding a 90cc ATV certain states have specific laws over how old you have to be to do so. For instance, the CPSC states that you have to be 16 years old to ride a 90cc Quad (however, you should check that for regular updates).

If you are younger, then I recommend you check out the Four Wheelers for Kids guide where it has a break down of the options available to you.

Why a 90cc is a Good Upgrade and Great for Beginners

A child can actually start riding on an ATV at 3 - albeit we don't recommend that you get a gas one rather a 12v battery powered four wheeler being more appropriate.

You can then progress to a 50cc ATV at around the age of 6 (or perhaps a 24v ATV) with which you are then afforded a bit more power. And perhaps going on to a 70cc towards the age of 11 and 12. However, you are somewhat stuck at that level for a while until you are 16.

At which stage the 90cc ATV is now more of a recommendation as well as higher levels. Check out the specific legal details. However, the 90cc is a good recommend range for those who are a little new to the world of four wheelers and are essentially a beginner, however, are over the age of 16. Anything smaller than that might just be a bit underwhelming and have you thinking you should have got something more powerful.

After you have mastered the 90cc ATV it will then be time to progress on to something more powerful such as a 110cc or a 125cc ATV (perhaps even more).

Four Wheeler
Four Wheeler | Source

What Safety Precautions You Should Be Taking

Firstly, when it comes to safety the best place to head to is straight into the model's and manufacturer's ATV manual. There should be a section there on all the safety aspects that you should undertake before operating the vehicle. This should include the necessary precautions to make with regards to surroundings, protective wear (including helmet etc.) as well as how to operate the vehicle.

Additionally, look into your own state's or country's specific laws, rules and regulations with regards to operating an ATV. From there, there is a clear indication of what types of safety precautions you need to undertake.

In addition to that though, go above and beyond to make sure you are safe. For instance, although, it may or may not be a law to wear a helmet whilst riding an ATV. You always should.

How to Ride the 90cc Four Wheeler Safely

Just how you would ride any vehicle, you need to do it in a safe way otherwise you are putting yourself at additional potential risk. Don't carry more than one passenger. Don't try stunts and show off in front of friends.

Only drive on the designated areas which the vehicle's manual states you should do. If it advises that you shouldn't go on the road, don't go on the road.

Make sure you are wearing all the protective gear, you are fastened in correctly and the vehicle is properly checked and maintained and is in good working order. Don't drive a 90cc if you are underage or under experienced. If you are completely new, it's worth undertaking an ATV training course.

What Should You Do to Maintain and Upkeep It

You should maintain it appropriately as according to the manual. However, in addition, to that, make sure you clean the parts on a regular basis. Check the tires for potential abuse with potential bubbles and cracks.

Take a look at the suspension, if it is wiggling this could be a sign that it needs getting fixed. Head on to online forums to see if anyone else is experiencing issues with that model and what to do about it. I recommend checking out the helpful ATV maintenance video above as well. If you are in doubt, take it to a recommended mechanic to get it fixed.

What Are the Best 90cc Quads You Should Consider

There are quite a good few models to consider in the 90cc range. For instance:

  • Yamaha Raptor 90 2020

This Yamaha 90cc ATV is targeted at new riders who just getting into the four wheelers game and is great as a yout four wheeler. It has an electric start and combes with a reverse and is aimed at 10 year olds and upwards.

  • Honda Sportrax 90

The Honda 90cc ATV TRX90 is again designed for kids and is an all round great introduction for those wanting to get into four wheelers. It's packed with a whole range of features that ensure that "riding is made easy".

  • Polaris 90cc ATV

The Sportsman 90 comes in a sage green and is a 2 wheel drive 4 stroke cylinder engine vehicle that is a whole lot of fun to operate.

What You Should Look for When Buying a Four Wheeler

As with any significant purchase you should carry out your research. Identify a model that you like the look of and see what other reviewers had to say about it. Did they find it reliable? Was it easy to maintain? Was it good value for money?

When it comes to the specific things on what to look for. Some of the following might be good to consider:

- What type of ignition does it operate on?

- Does it offer power steering?

- How big is it - in terms of dimensions?

- What fuel capacity does it offer?

- Does it offer a warranty?

(If there are any more options that you think you should be considering before you go ahead and buy an ATV, then please leave them the comments section below and I will be sure to add them in).

Where to Get One? Should You Buy New or Used?

There are of course a few options of where to get one. Your first point of call should be to whether you want to get a used four wheeler for kids or a new one, perhaps even a reconditioned one? Of course, there are pros and cons to both. The main one being price compared to the level of longevity it has. On the whole, I recommend you get a second hand and a relatively new model.

Now getting one online as opposed to offline. There are a whole range of shops you can head to in real life as well as offline. What I recommend doing is going to see the actual model in person in the shop. Then hunt around for the best potential price both online and offline to get the best value overall.

Head to places such as eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon to see if there is anything going particularly cheap. Ring up specialist traders to see if they can strike you up a special deal and so on.

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Is Getting One the Right Choice for You?

Of course, ultimately - you are in the best place to make that decision. Are they a lot of fun? Absolutely. Do they cost a fair amount of cash? Yes. It could be worth renting them for a while, see how often you use it - and then make a decision on whether to buy it or not. Otherwise, you could be looking at a potentially big mistake. You will be able to determine if you like that particular model, whether it's a bit too powerful or not powerful enough.

You can get a much better and more informed decision through renting and trying out the model first - before just going outright and buying it. You might even decide that you don't want one at all - as it costs too much, which is also fair enough.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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