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50cc Quad Bikes for Children | Parent's Guide

Updated on August 7, 2014

50cc engines installed in quads are pretty much ideal in terms of powered offered for young kids -- because they can't go fast enough to cause a considerable accident (where your child will always have full control over the vehicle), but they also offer just enough for your kid to get a thrill as well as riding experience of how to properly control a four wheeler. Obviously, higher power generally means more speed and can be unsafe and dangerous (particularly with children who lack experience). Low powered quads -- in the 50cc range -- are safe due to them being relatively slow in comparison to most quad bikes and often come with more controls and safety features.

What to Know About 50cc Quads

- 50cc quads are quite small in size as compared to the larger quads, which makes sense given they are specifically designed for small kids.

- Obviously it depends on the relative size of your kid and their experience, but generally speaking a 50cc quad bike is perfect for the 4 to 9 years old, any more than that usually then you will want to be looking at a slightly larger model.

- Kids can ride on dirt trails without the need of a license in most areas.

- A semi automatic transmission is best for kids which keeps the operation simple without any worry of shifting gears and 'starting it up'.

- Kids must wear safety gear (helmets, jacket, gloves etc.) while riding quads, regardless of their experience, without which can obviously be quite dangerous.

General ATV Maintenance

As is true for most vehicles a 50cc ATV has to get consistent upkeep and maintenance. The better the care, the better the reliability of your 50cc machine and the more you can enjoy riding. Many people assume maintaining a 50cc ATV is hard and difficult however it really isn't all that difficult, just keep to a check list. The only real hard part is learning to do it right; once you've overcome this challenge, everything will be simple and painless. When regular upkeep is carried out, it gets easier and faster each time.

There are some necessary elements of a 50cc quad which require a careful checkup quite often. As an example, the tire pressure, air filter, oil with oil filter, nuts and bolts etc. need to be checked. These are generally some of the significant elements that could impact the performance of your quad (and prevent it from accidents whilst riding). Although this isn't all there is to check when carrying out upkeep in your 50cc ATV, they are the main points to cover that will generally extend its running life significantly.

Note: When buying your new quad, particular from a dealer, they should give you a maintenance schedule to keep to (if not, ask for one) in order to keep your four wheeler running in tip top condition.

Among these the air filter in your 50cc is among the most significant elements in your vehicle. Dirt is everywhere and it also can collect inside the filter. If you don't clean it, it will more than likely become clogged. The air filter is the ATV's lungs and of course if it's clogged up, it will be a challenge for it to breathe and in turn cool down. Thankfully the air filter is among the easiest elements to clean or change. It depends on the brand, quality and materials from the air filter in your quad however most air filters can be removed and modified.

Clean oil is likewise essential towards the general performance from the vehicle - if you don't refresh it & the oil isn't cleaned regularly it could even lead to significant issues inside the vehicle. In order to prevent this from happening, you will require to examine the oil to ensure that the oil isn't contaminated. If you don't, general repair and replacement is going to be the likely expensive outcome.

Top Tip: To be certain the 50cc ATV runs smoothly, here is a suggestion - change the oil and oil filter at the beginning and towards the end of spring and fall. This has to be done before storing it away. This works in the same way as for your car and motorcycles. Simply drain and restore the oil as per the maintenance documentation.

As for tire pressure, ensure that you verify the pressure upon the tire of your respective ATV each month. For a complete maintenance, also ensure that all nuts and bolts in the 50cc ATV are tightened properly. A cursory look isn't sufficient and you must ensure they are really tight since you don't want things falling off whenever your kid is riding it.


Are 50cc quads safe for kids?

As said, 50cc machines are mainly aimed at kids from age 4 to 9 hence usually a lot smaller than your standard ATVs that you will have seen around, moreover because they have much smaller engines they are a lot quieter as well. You will actually find, contemporary 50cc ATVs are typically created so as to grow along with your kid (well to an extent). When your kid grows older and bigger gaining more experience, you are able to add a lot of useful features or even modify it extensively to suit more requirements.

Equipped with four-stroke engines they offer a very high level of performance. 50cc ATVs are typically developed in a manner that also a kid can ride it easily. When you come across buying one you will see that almost all 50cc ATVs include a finger throttle and a child-friendly foot brake to ensure that there is much more than one method to stop it. Most will also be quite simple to start (electrically) by simply pushing a button.

50cc ATVs tend to be quite creatively designed too, often coming with cool graphics and body kit -- making your child feel like they are a motor cross champion. Manufacturers obvously wish to capture the kids market, and so they make them in stylish contours and bright, vibrant colors along with many funky shapes.

Most 50cc ATVs are used by kids, thus, they typically include many safety attributes which enables good parental control. Currently, this is among the most significant issue we'll need to take into account when buying these 50cc ATVs. In case which something untoward occurred, folks can employ these safety attributes to keep kids safe.

A few safety attributes added in many 50cc ATVs embrace additional giant brake, features developed for smaller hands, dual, an automatic clutch, handheld remote control emergency brake and much more (be sure to inspect these aspects with each model you consider though).

50cc Quad Bike Models

Kazuma Meerkat

Beginners can also rely upon the Kazuma Meerkat for any safe and exciting ride. In fact kids as young as six years of age can ride this machine without any issue. You need always be there to supervise all your kidsí rides so that they stay safe. The Kazuma Meerkat is very easy to handle and kids can understand how to manage their Kids ATV very well. The Meerkat 50cc has several safety attributes not found on other Kids ATVs, as well as a handheld remote control kill change and additional giant brakes for tiny feet.

Yamaha Raptor

Yamaha Raptor 50 is an ideal quad for kids. The seat height has been set at a comfortable 24.3 inches and kids can attain a good riding position. The machine is very compact at 60.5 x 32.5 inches and a weight of 237 pounds. It is a single cylinder air cooled engine which is very efficient. The dual sealed drum brake on the Raptor 50 can stop the machine quickly. The tires fitted are Dunlop at the front as well as rear. Automatic transmission makes it simple to ride and kids do not have to worry about shifting gears. A safety feature is the throttle limiter which can restrict the power input to control speed. A safety lanyard can be used to kill the engine in case of an emergency.

Cobra 50cc

The Cobra 50cc is a beginner's quad machine. It weighs only 90 pounds and has a 47cc with enough power to carry a load of 220 pounds. The front as well as rear suspension are very comfortable and the quad also has a very sturdy frame. The automatic centrifugal clutch is as easy to operate as a semi automatic transmission. No oil change is needed and there is hardly any maintenance needed. A gas plus 2-stroke oil premix is needed and nothing else. You will also get an owner’s manual and a detailed quick star guide along with a tool kit.


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