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Andre De Nito works in the Canvas Art Industry as a print, production and trend manager for a leading UK based art production house.

His passions in life are arcitecture,interior design, modern design, street art, technology, cars and skiing.

"I found HubPages randomly one day while searching for something totally off topic and was very impressed with the site, signed up straight away and never looked back!"

Are you an artist? If your interested in selling your art, check out some tips and advice now.

Like your cars, why not see if you agree with my Top 10 Most Popular Porsches hub or check out the concept Dodge Challenger SRT-10 hub. I've also done the Top 50: Fastest Cars, Top 50: Most Memorable Movie Cars, Top 10 Most Expensive Cars and Top 10: most Beautiful Cars. Answering Ryan's requests, I've just finished the Top 10: Muscle Cars and the Top 10: Hot Rods just to prove my love of cars. I've also published an article about the Top 10 Kit Cars which is worth a read as kit cars have come along way in the last 15 years and aren't the rough, badly designed machines they use to be.

Following on from the success of the 2009 Interior Design Trend Predictions Hub I'm now publishing the Interior Trend Predictions for 2011. The first one, Finding The Way is online now and the rest will follow throughout October 2010.

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For those who have asked, my latest avatar is an piece of street art I created under my artist name of Frazier Boyd. It's called "Afro Melt" and is available to buy from WHoArtNow right now!

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