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VNT and MKT are my kids - and what parent is not proud of their kids!

I have been in the investment business for 30 years (Oh my gosh where have all those years gone?). Of course the investment business is very regulated - right down to what we can write on blogs - so if it is investment related, contact me directly.

Business (no matter how passionate we are in our chosen fields) is just one part of our lives - This blog is for the rest of life - to share some thoughts, some writings, and hopefully get some feedback!

Other than my kids and investing my interests would include Golf (yes the clubs are my greatest handicap!), Travel (better with people than alone), Writing (perhpas someday I will write that great novel inside me), Movies (What can i say, I like to be entertained!), Cooking (I still have all of my great grandmothers recipes to test kitchen), and so much more.

Not only is the glass half full, but we have the glass and can always refill it!