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Humor and Optimism are a way of life - I spend a lot of time encouraging others to laugh at me. I have learned many life lessons the hard way because I seem to have inherited a stubborn nature :) I write as a way to keep life interesting and with the hope that at least one lesson learned the hard way becomes easier for someone else!

I'm intersted in just about anything and everything that offers the opportunity to learn and challenge myself. I grew up in a large, competetive family. In order to feed the competetion without totally alienating everyone in my life, I've channelled it toward my hobbies, health and home. Among the many interests I enjoy are knitting, sewing, crochet, building stuff from leftover building materials, writing, reading, bargain hunting and building websites. My blog is available at:

My homes have offered me the opportunity to learn both valuable skills and patience. My optimism and a little naivete led me to take on projects like replumbing and rewiring my 60+ year old home - yes the whole story is coming. While remodeling my "money pit" house I wrote a few how-to articles, and the saga continues here.

I posess a BA in English and a minor in Editing and Publishing. Employers have enjoyed my professional writing skills for many years in the technical, financial and healthcare arena.