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Penman Pete

Life looks different depending on where you are standing.  As a middle aged man who is very comfortable being single and prefers to live alone with my large dog, I realize that my prespective may be radically different from others who are married with children and a regular job.

I have been a computer consultant, wildland firefighter, marine mechanic, logistics chief, real estate agent, and several other varied things along the way.  Many years ago, I was even a college student a few times.

I am very happy with my life, while it is not always perfect, I can rarely think of much that I would change.  I might wish that I had more money or was in better shape, etc. but thus far I have not desired those things enough to do anything too serious about it.

I tend to usually be smart, have issues with authority, often sarcastic, enjoy good food, and am not scared easily by conflict, but will avoid drama quickly.

Please checkout my articles (hubs), rate my recipes, leave a few questions or comments, and I will promise to try to read and respond to all of them.