Papajon is the penname of a writer currently living in Berlin, Germany.

I have a huge range of interests and try to share some of them here. My job involves writing about finance, so I've learned a bit about it over the years. Most of what I've learned is that large sections of the financial and investment industry are there to look after themselves, not their clients. So I write a bit about personal finance in a way that I hope will protect people from the sharks  out there. Some of the subjects I've covered including ways of taking control of your retirement savings and investments.

I also happen to ride a motorcycle, though I woudn't say it is my main interest in life. For me it is more about getting from A to B, so my current bike is a small 125cc Vespa Scooter. I have shared some of my experience in passing my motorbike rider's test in a few hubs.

I hope you enjoy these and find them useful. Let me know what you think in the comments as i'm a sociable sort of guy.